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Moshi moshi?

What!? Anon-san did WHAT!? Not again!

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moshi moshi king desu

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He is such a ass! i told him to suck my cock dude and he refused!

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Why is that blue ball thingy connected to the telephone?

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He wasn't gay that's why.

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Answering da phone

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It bypasses the switching mechanism by simulating an operator's dialing console.

Basically, she is making long-distance calls for free, the thief.

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That's her eye. She could read other's minds with it, if she didn't close it.

Oh wait, she is reading your minds by telephone!

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Huh? Since when sucking cock is gay?

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Slurping on cocks is perfectly straight.
Just look at your favourite touhou, i bet she is sucking on a few right now and you dont hear her complaining about it being gay.

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My favorite touhou is a woman. Not a gay man like you.

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But all 2hu's are gay!

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Anoooon come over to my place, i'm gonna take day off tomorrow. Let's get wasteeeed.

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Oh Komachi rude as always

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Yamaxanadu doesn't look very thrilled about your day off.