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I know there are several Latin Americans and Germans around here. And I guess the rest can make opinions too.

I was visiting the spanish interface of nico nico douga this weekend when I met this notice, they made it very visible indeed. It is in English, you will be able to undestand it, but in brief, it says, the Spanish and German prototypes are closing the December 8th.


So, I would like any information, opinions, or impresions. It's very easy to tell, at least the Spanish version, had been abandoned little after it was opened, but for me was useful for browsing the videos. I know they has opened the English version in niconico.com, but it seem like just a simple layer for youtube, and it's hard to tell which videos are from youtube and which ones from nico nico douga, I tried it and couldn't browse as easy like the others interfaces.

What do you say?

Picture: MFW.

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God, why
German here. I rarely used the German prototype ico nicovideo if at all, since it never seemed to be really complete... it was a beta still, or something, right?

However, seeing it cancelled makes me sad. Why are they doing this? I doubt the translations make up so much space on their webservers...

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Good riddance.

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I used the German version because I could understand it since there was no English at the time, guess there won't be any need to use it anymore to find touhou remixes.

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I don't know any German or Spanish, so I used the Japanese version since that's the language I know the most of.

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How now I'm going to use japanese video website now?
Will I be able to still use German version to view videos after it will be closed?

niconico.com is terrible I don't want to go there.

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Why did I just save this picture to my fap folder? What is wrong with me?

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well it is pretty hot