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Patch and no-weather and weather-text and anything else you might want are probably on the wiki: swr.mizuumi.net
Now post some IPs.

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Wouldn't it be great if 4chan had a board for video games?

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No port...

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Wouldn't it be great if trolling was allowed outside of /b/?

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Top-Row Amateur (and slipping...)
Weather ON

Today's Blue Light Special: 20% MORE REIMU!

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Canada EC, Low-Intermediate Yuyuko.
Let's get this trainwreck going.

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You again...

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Oh god, let me wake up here. First game of the day.

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Look forward to me playing here on /jp/ again soon.

I have been playing against the greatest SWR players and hikikomoris in Japan, and I wish to pass on the things I've learned to my /jp/-friends.

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I love how Reimu has better projectiles than SAKUYA OF ALL FUCKIN PEOPLE. I'm done with SWR for today, I guess. Probably till Tasofro comes out with another patch, actually.

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I was doing pretty badly with anyone else, so I had to resort to Reimu, sorry.

Japanese people fly a lot. Like, a lot. That's obviously a good thing, but it's different from fighting Americans.

Actually, Sakuya's C projectile has as much priority as Yukari's C, both of which are better than Reimu's.

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Better, not more priority. If our projectiles hit straight on, I might have 1 knife left after they hit, so it's almost as good as canceling it out. 2 of his C projectiles cancels out any of my projectiles. Youkai Buster goes through all of my projectiles except for 236B/C from what I saw. Add in that his are HOMING, and I think we can conclude that his are better.

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Hey. How do I killed Aya?

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You must become Aya.

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Memorize all her moves and their ranges, start-up times, and frame advantages/disadvantages, and what the best counter to each is for your character.

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Better as a move, yeah, Sakuya's knives lose out, But Yukari's C is still better.

She tends to lose spamming battles, and she can't chain any good strings together without multiple projectiles in a row, so they're easy to get out of. Don't try to beat her in close air combat, don't expect to trade damage, her attack will almost always overprioritize yours. She doesn't chase well in short distances, either, because she can't cancel out her flying recovery like most other characters can.

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I'm starting to lose it. Was ok for a bit, but I can't think anymore.
Also I lol'd so hard at the exact mirror Yuyuko move there.

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GGs, Icekin. I suggest being a little more aggresive after your 2b 2c combos. Half the time your dash away rather than towards.

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And then Anonymous was a slut.

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This is the kind of thing I'm aware of, but I only think about it after I made the mistake.
"Oh right, aggresive, forgot."
5 seconds later
"Oh right, aggresive, forgot."

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Goo games, E-man.

Goddamn Aya is so much better than Reisen what have I been doing this whole time >_>

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Ha, I myself have a problem with acting before I know whats going on. If you review our matches, you'll notice I wasted at least 100 spell cards because you blocked my dial a, which of course didn't register until after I hit the spellcard button.

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GGs, Kil.


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I do the same. Just in this last match with Kilgamayan, I kept throwing Marisa's bomb underneath me with registering my damn opponent is on the other side right in front of me...

LOL, habits

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Really? I didn't notice that many spellcards wasted. There was Youmu's blue sword, and you wasted a tornado with Aya. And Remilia's Scarlet Devil. And...
Yeah, alright, nevermind.

I kinda suck with Spellcards altogether. The butterfly ring is always a good corner defense ability, and aside from a few braincramps, hits like everytime, and I can "usually" land a poison/timebomb, but aside from that, the rest are filler. I am clueless.

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On the subject of the bomb. I raged when it hit me during the typhoon and I realized that hitting you wouldn't make it go away.
East Coast, USA
Intermediate, practicing Tenshi.

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/r/ porns of dickgirl Mauller and Kebinu DPing a female Kilgamayan.

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No Ausfags happen to be hosting today, do they? My internet is fail enough until it's unshaped that I can't leave the country.

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God help me, I lol'd.

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Nothing can make me rage now. ec

btw, did you know Eternity Cut can whiff on the way up?

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>I raged when it hit me during the typhoon and I realized that hitting you wouldn't make it go away.

I was giggling in glee like a little girl, then I /justasplanned when it went off.
My one shining moment in the ocean of fail.

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I still can't unsee how similar her spellcard is to an Angel's laser.

>> No.819866

Get ready to shit bricks: They're both shaped after a cross.

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Wow, I never realized that.

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They're both crosses, of course they're similar.

It's like saying you can't unsee how similar Marisa's 6c is to a Kamehameha. They're just beams.

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They're also both pink.

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Again, so is Marisa's 6C and a Kamehameha. Still is dumb to point out, the similarity is far too obvious.

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Is it just me or are ALL of Sakuya's spell cards ass? Time stop is decent but isn't worth the cost for the low damage. Her random knife throwing one used to work decently for me because it did a lot of damage for the number of cards it required, but I haven't hit anyone with it in ages..so, basically, I want to know which of Sakuya's alt. skills are good so that I can replace the spell cards in my deck or if I'm wrong about one of her spell cards being terrible, tell me.

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Same color? Again, so is Marisa's 6C and a Kamehameha. Still is dumb to point out, the similarity is far too obvious.

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Canada West, trying to practice a Youmu unblockable combo with great difficulty. Anyone welcome but take it easy.

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GGs. Really, really wish Tasofro let Yukari keep her fan poke j.a instead of replacing it with her old j.2b. Fourteen frame startup is AUGH.

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Her slashy ones are the only two I really find useful, and even then only as combo enders. Her one mid-air one is occasionally helpful as well.

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GG, Kyon. That damn Aya...had to turtle to figure a way to pick apart your strat, and when I did, you devised another one on the spot.

I don't know whether to congratulate you or hate you dead.

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GGs, Carl.

Perfect Maid is good in general. Also, most people don't use it, but the single knife that flies at SUPERSPEED is VERY annoying. It's basically guaranteed cover for quite a while. And Sakuya's World may cost a lot, but it's GUARANTEED DAMAGE. There's no turning that down. If they've got less than 1.7k HP or so, they are DEAD, no questions asked.


>> No.819909 ec

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Hey, I use that knife. It's fun.

As an added bonus, Sakuya has that flip knife thing. When you run at someone and attack with C it shoots them in the air; doing that into the knife when it has bounced above you is fun.

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Perfect maid makes most sakuyas eat a bullet in the face in my experience. Not that it's a bad skill.

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Hate me. I'm like Shirou, no strategy but still has that lucky shot. Although if I had to tell you one of my many weaknesses...I tend to use my spirit bar pretty fast so you just have to endure my rush until I'm drained.

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You need to use it rarely. Most players I know tend to spam melee when you're doing a combo on them, so before you knock them down, use it quickly. Well, that's just my experience.

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Perfect Maid is situational, but it's the only helpful card. Haven't found the timefreeze knives of any use except wasting an orb on being hit setting them. He DP alt is trash for only utilized on the ground. The single knife bounces around and is more likely to catch opponents off guard better than her regular 214 knives, but doubt sacrificing the extra damage from the missing knives is worth it, she doesn't do much to begin with.

I've seen only one player effectively use her Clock SC, by simply stopping them on the ground and 6Aing them back into the clocks. May seem pointless, but free damage is free damage. The Slow/Stop SCs should only be used on knockdown, and by time opponent gets up, it'll activate. I haven't seen any players use them, let alone effectively. It seems the Slash SCs are the only most used cards, and they're the most painful on whiffs. I, myself, use the Knives SC more than anything since it covers most of the screen.

You could always use 8 Killer Doll SCs...

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I am highly distraught at seeing a Reisen notably better than mine. >_>

>> No.819961

> >_>

>> No.819967

Not really much of a weakness if you can bait your opponent into a PSYCHO CRUSHER with the last one.

...my poor face...

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GGs, Zakeri. I noticed that it seems no one will join my games if I host with my name. Mildly saddening.

>> No.819988

Many don't feel like having their face raped, that's why.

You hosting?

>> No.819990

I didn't realize it was you until I quit. I probably would have stayed longer if I had known.

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>> No.820001

Maybe you should pick up Alice or Aya. Your characters weren't quite annoying enough.

>> No.820002

Thanks and good game Vector, sorry for the predictable Youmu but I was trying to get that combo off as soon as I got her alt 623 card. The only time I landed the beginnings of it was during the no melee weather which meant i couldn't follow up with her dial A, so it was less than impressive

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Ah yeah...for example charged 5B might bait into dodging forward, which calls for jump cancel + AYA CRUSHER. I think I discovered that today...

>> No.820010

Damn you, couldn't let me take that one round with Reisen. ggs.

>> No.820015

I died a little inside.

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Whew, goddamn LBG, you're one of two crazy good Reisens I've played. Too many people underrate her, even if she's played so much. Aruhori makes for one scary sunnuvabitch.

>> No.820020

Alice is pretty fun I admit, and I've toyed with the idea of picking up Aya. I just don't like Aya as a character.

>> No.820026

My memory is about 3 letters long

>> No.820028

That was sarcasm. I hate Youmu and Yuyuko.

>> No.820041

I would gladly join, but you're the only person I've played in the last 3 days, change is nice.

Well, and some other bad reisen player. Why do so many people use her anyway? I wasn't aware Reisen was so popular before SWR hit, and I don't think people use her for her amazing in-game prowess. I know she CAN be good, but the overwhelming majority are bad @ reisen.


>> No.820043


I have a feeling we were desyncing like crazy.

>> No.820047

Alice can be fun if you resist the urge to abuse her 6A the whole match. She has some fun alternate moves, like the yo-yo doll and the Bob-omb doll.

>> No.820049

Yeah, I was wondering why you stood there quite a few times. Are you using no weather?

>> No.820056

Yeah building projectile traps is satisfying when they work. How would you use her alt cards?

>> No.820058

But spamming 6A is by far the smartest thing to do if you're looking to win. Even abba does it, though not as much as some of the scrubs.

>> No.820059

Because Reisen is moe.

>> No.820069


No. I assume you were?

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Nope, I always use weather. In that case, that's pretty strange...

Rehosting regardless.

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This happened to a friend and mine; we kept being desynced for no reason at all, and apparantly restarting SWR itself fixed it. Odd.

>> No.820133

Magister, where are you hosting from? I can't play with 200 ping in the corner.

>> No.820146


Bah, I can't believe I let that last one get away.

Well played.

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GGs, I forgot to get your name.


>> No.820152

West Coast. I forgot to add that. I usually just post the IP now.

>> No.820165

I should've checked before I joined. Just can't play against good lockdown with bad ping, sorry to drop out on ya.

>> No.820169

Feedback post to come, Kil.

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I don't think I like how long this is taking.

>> No.820300


Dinner time, sorry. Well played.

Still don't know why I bother.

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GGs, Kilg.

It was kind of frustrating doing pressure, because I WANT people to wrongblock everything, yet you blocked correctly 95% of the time, so things were really off.


>> No.820324


Dumb luck, I assure you. Besides, it's not like I can do anything remotely close to whatever the hell 2.5K you were pulling out at will, so it's academic anyway.

But if there is one thing I know how to do, it's how to not attack, so that might have helped!

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>> No.820338

GG, Jetm. RAGE inducing Tenshin you've got there now...

>> No.820345

Good games. And fuck you random, fuck you

>> No.820346

I know, what the shit.

>> No.820348

I've been practicing with her lately. I'm learning to use her advanced BnB and blockstring. I usually mess up on the j.A though.

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>> No.820357

In any case, your Yuyuko is great defending against close range strategies. I hate getting stuck dashing in that mess of 2c where if I stop I will eat the bullets or if keep going i'll be smacked with the spinning hit.

>> No.820360

I was having a hell of a time trying to BE it. Stupid me, I knew you had to j.2B to keep it going, but every time it came around, I kept trying to jump out of it.

>> No.820363

Nah, I was just busy at the time.
Point is, going to work, and I detest Aya. Seriously rage-inducing.

Every. Fucking. Time we both charged and hit, your attacks are always faster. Anytime we mirror something, Aya comes out on top. It's a challenge, but I was just gonna burst a vessel there.

Thanks for the games, going to work now.

>> No.820369


Yeah, I noticed that myself. I found it odd that my 66C beat your butterfly spin every single time, especially since I always always always lose air priority battles no matter who I'm using.

>> No.820383

>>especially since I always always always lose air priority battles no matter who I'm using.
Protip: The one who's higher up usually wins.

>> No.820544

I'm done, thanks for the games Magister. I'll work on my Marisa some more so I can stand more of a chance against your Reimu.

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Oh god, Bench. What the fuck. We got around 20 Typhoons, 15 bursts of Spring Haze, and 10 or so River Mist flare-ups. You are the king of detestable weather. Still, GGs. You're the first good Marisa I've played.


>> No.820564

I wanted to test my Marisa on your Reimu so I was playing characters I didn't know against your Remilia. I'll play you again sometime once I change my deck and learn to use them.

>> No.820570

Ouch, GG. But very laggy, sorry for that.

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Did we lag that badly the last time we fought?

You can always just select and cancel on Reimu repeatedly. Unless I'm completely out of it, I'll be able to tell you want to fight her instead.


>> No.820604

Nope. But you know how the internet works...at least I took 1/4 of your health bar this time, haha.

>> No.820631

haven't played for 3 days ;_;

>> No.820659

GG, sorry but too slow to play

>> No.820660

Dammit, whats with my connection now? I was playing fine a few hours ago. GG nonetheless.

>> No.820728

GGs E-man


>> No.820765


>> No.820768

Sorry Abba, I have to go do something real quick.

>> No.820773

No problem.
I amazed at how you get better everytime I play you; I don't, yet you still keep falling for the same tricks.

>> No.820791


>> No.820793

I'm sorry, but that delay is horrendous. Almost a whole second. I could barely block, let alone combo.

>> No.820810

Now you know how I feel when I play against you when YOU host. It's really unplayable.

>> No.820825

Simply put: How do I get advanced?

>> No.820826

Touche, but no one has ever complained of delay against me as far as I recall. Delay and lag is supposed to be shared between clients, and I've never gotten delay when hosting. Did they lie about delay and lag being shared?

>> No.820836

The client's not perfect. Just blame it on distance and move on. It's been done before.

>> No.820843

I never said anything about games against other players.
Just that I had the same experience against you. I mentioned the lag to you before.

I'm sorry for shitting up the thread.

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File: 116 KB, 500x484, Concealed Weapons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I learned a few things from TMN, who is a much better Reimu than I am, even though he doesn't really main her. I learned(read:stole) that MUCH easier variation of her 3k+ corner combo, and better chases in the air. I've yet to learn to use 2A instead of 5A, as it's better in virtually all situations, but that's force of habit, and difficult to change. Still, those things are only offensive boosts, so my defense still sucks. That first match against Alice was eerily close to TMN's play style, so eerie I surprised myself.

Given a bit more time, I'll probably start thinking in zones and effective ranges more naturally.

>> No.820859

Where do you live?

>> No.820860


>> No.820865



>> No.820871

Ah, I don't remember that. Was likely distance.


>> No.820872

Then yes, distance is a faggot.

>> No.820905


>> No.820983

Did the connection die? GGs, Rabbit.

>> No.820984

Fuuuck! Good games but random is making me rage

>> No.820994

I really am trying to practice a specific Youmu combo on live players, but playing her too many times in a row gets boring for everyone involved. I don't know if random is weighted or something but I keep getting Youmu over and over.

>> No.821007

I was going to practice Marisa in the first match, mainly her 3.2k combo, but she has a pretty bad matchup against Youmu. No graze frames at all, so it's either run into a wall of bullets while attacking you, or get hit by you + wall of bullets by shooting at you.

>> No.821010

US East. Amateur Patch/Iku/Marisa/Alice.

>> No.821039

Ah, what I'm trying to do is coax the opponent into blocking instead of jumping or countering at a charge. What I've found out is that with Youmu, C canceled into her grab is unblockable and will throw them right into the projectiles behind you, allowing you to bash them for about 1.7k damage no matter the position. I can pull it off readily in practice but against real players they end up evading very well and I end up doing my old habits.

>> No.821076

GGs, bomb.

>> No.821380

Lets play Super Wobot Rars!

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File: 121 KB, 600x480, 921872.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.821730


This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

>> No.822872


>> No.822902

no hosts?

>> No.822926

hosting,, US

>> No.823062

needs moar internet

>> No.823132


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off by a frame? 3000 damage
one pixel short? 3000 damage

>> No.823212

Play cheesier characters. Seriously. This isn't a balanced competitive game. Tasofro said themselves this isn't a serious fighter, it's aimed at casuals. If you have fun with it, then great. Have fun with it. If you're 'playing to win', then I strongly suggest getting better at a real fighting game.

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>> No.823232

They're not changing the weather, not they don't care about balance. At least put in some effort. 0/10

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File: 335 KB, 558x789, c29aa7b0c08e0c5a3d21e26269d75f02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.823923


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west coast player

>> No.823941


>> No.823954

Gee, sure is tourneyfag here.

>> No.823990


Fight you two! Stop grazing!

>> No.823995

I thought most people played fullscreen.

>> No.824001

Fuck no. The pixels would gouge my eyes out.

Plus I like to browse and shit between matches.

>> No.824005

Can someone tell me how to fuck can you play this on lan

>> No.824006

Window's too small for me. I wish mauve would make a res changer like he did with the iamp caster.

>> No.824011

I only do so when playing with friends, not when netplaying.

>> No.824026

any hosts?

>> No.824032

Attempting to improve my Tenshi.

>> No.824054

Who is the best for any of the characters for SWR?
Just so I know who I need to play against.

>> No.824057
File: 190 KB, 520x736, Hidamari Grafitti.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.824074

how does one host

>> No.824080

Open your port really wide and wait for someone to stick it in.

>> No.824081

find your IP, open port, post IP & port in a thread wait in the first option of network for someone to join.

>> No.824089

marisa is getting pwnd!

>> No.824106
File: 307 KB, 800x600, 1208555378852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.824108

Had to go, ggs.

>> No.824119

lol good games Magister, I've gotta go for now so I'll play you again tonight if you're on.

>> No.824122

US West Coast

haven't played in over a week... but my difficulty should be above average, maybe

>> No.824123
File: 47 KB, 400x400, Brainfreeze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GGs, Bench.

I think the deck change is pretty obvious; I hated it at first, but it's growing on me. I've got a headache of astronomic proportions, but I think I'm actually fighting better because of it.


>> No.824140

far too much delay.. my bad, let's see if I can fix that.

>> No.824141

Sorry for the lag, dude.

>> No.824143

ggs. Gotta do something real quick.

>> No.824144

GGs abba, I suppose I need to work a lot more on Tenshi.

>> No.824154


>> No.824155
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shitty lag rehosting

>> No.824166

>> No.824208

Good games magister, those sure were some painful matches. However my life is now complete now that I've won once.

>> No.824211

US West Coast

out of practice reisen, alice, yukari, komachi

>> No.824216
File: 91 KB, 350x500, Impossible Game.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha, GGs, Rabbit-Box. After that first game, I was thinking "Maybe this headache IS screwing me over after all." I should probably lie down.

>> No.824226

needs more hosts

>> No.824227

Man, the lag! A shame.

>> No.824228

Any Ausfags happen to be up at 9am?

Huh, I think I asked that in this exact thread a day ago. Too lazy to scroll that far up though.

>> No.824239



>> No.824247

Your projectile game with Reimu has really changed since the last time I remember playing you. No melee weather against it is just death, but, did one of your alternate cards replace the teleport kick? Usually you end up capitalizing on all my mistakes with that.

>> No.824272

One more try, hostan':
US West Coast

never had any problems with lag, but I did just install the 1.02 patch...

>> No.824275

Only the Barriermines and Spread Amulet, which replaced Youkai Buster. I'll never get rid of the teleport kick, even though her counter counters everything.

>> No.824281

Close any other applications that may be consuming your bandwith, like the Torrent clients, any P2P client, etc.

>> No.824292


>> No.824327

Not enough hostan gaems going on in this thread, guys.

>> No.824339


>> No.824395

Yeah, done all this of course. Lots of smooth fightan' with /jp/ the last time I've played this, then things go laggy when I install version 1.02. Oddly enough, connecting to others produces no lag or delay.

Guess I'll figure it out eventually; need to play some Touhou fightan'. If anyone has some tips, then I thank ya in advance.

>> No.824422

Oh man, you did a kickass comeback on that second Marisa v Marisa round. You had like no health and I had half or something and you owned me.

>> No.824459
Canada East Coast. Low-Intermediate Yuyuko, might switch to Remilia/Tenshi, but I am super bad at both.

>> No.824506
File: 1 KB, 50x50, 1213488042635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
824506 EC Hostan

Where's my playable Suwako?

>> No.824531

>Where's my playable Ran?

>> No.824544

you're pretty good profile 2.
but there's too much lag.

>> No.824560

GGs abba

>> No.824563

Sorry, had to get the door.

>> No.824597

Hosting, US West

>> No.824612
File: 87 KB, 569x800, 1212091253536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Uhhh, I guess something is wrong with our connections now? GGs, fighting Alices with Iku is a ton of fun. Long range character vs long range character

>> No.824630

J.2A J.2A J.2A J.2A
J.2A J.2A J.2A J.2A
J.2A J.2A J.2A J.2A

>> No.824631

>>824597 here
I guess I should've mentioned I'm playing with weather on (unless there's another reason that desync just happened?)


>> No.824642



>> No.824666
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Hahaha, this is pretty funny coming from Alice

6A 6A 6A 6A 6A fA j.6A j.6A 6A 6A

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