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Question, have any of you ever had a maid or currently have a maid in your household? I know they're common in some asian countries, but are they everything that the fetishes and rumours say they are?

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I used to have a mexican maid when i lived with my parents years ago.
..It was nothing like my chinese cartoons.jpg

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my grandfather is very traditionalist, we have 3 Filipino maids. One to do the cooking, one to do the laundry and cleaning and one to do everything in between

They wear the uniforms, though not quite like sakuya's. However they're all kind of plain in the looks department. They're pretty loyal to my grandfather though since he treats them rather well and they work for a tiny sum without complaint.

Someday, i'd like maids of my own, maybe like sakuya

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You can find a maid in lots of places.
What you can't find is a human with the mentality of the maids portrayed in fictional works, maybe someone can do it for fun some time but then he/she will get tired.

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wait, you're telling me maids still exist in this day and age?

I thought they were a relic of the past

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We used to have a male maid.

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The neighbor I used to play with when I was younger had a black maid. She was very nice, and he told me he was caught masturbating to porn once and she didn't say anything to his parents. Her clothes weren't exactly the cutest, though.

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It's very prevalent in a lot of Asian countries. It's really mostly just paid slavery, though.

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My grandparents used to have a maid for taking care of my aunt.

Don't compare real life maids to French maids.

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maids wear whatever you give them, they actually like the uniform since it's usually the nicest thing they own and is one less decision to make in the morning

we used to treat our maid like she was family though, so she could go casual if she wanted to.

Casual sakuya related

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Most current maids are nothing like what most of your ideas of maids are. For a start I've never heard of any that wear uniforms

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It's pretty common in South Africa too, some will even live in a shed in your gardern

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Although they're pretty much 99% black and don't wear uniforms work for next to nothing though

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do maids have to go to maid school or something before they can be hired? or are they just a bunch of peasants off the street that happen to sweep for food?

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The latter, very much so

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Depends on the wealth and status of their employer, of course.

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Why would somone that can afford school choose to be a maid?

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I have a housekeeper. It's a surly asian woman in her mid-late 20s who cleans the place from top to bottom at my parent's expense twice a week. She reposed my articulated figs once so I shut my room up and I generally avoid contact with her anyway.

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I live alone but sometimes I go to my uncle's house for a month or so. We both live in France, he is rich and has maids.
They do have uniforms, but not the ones I like, and most of them are old hags now.

By the way, when I was younger and had very bad health I lived at his house and I had a nurse for me(+ the maids), but she was fat and not delicate at all. Feels bad.

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Depends on the maid.
There are fulltime house maids that do the cooking, cleaning, and take care of the kids and then there are the ones who just clean your house once a week.

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How is it slavery? They get more pay than if they stayed in their countries.

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I'd prefer doing housework and cooking over a lot of other jobs. If I get a place to live too? Sounds like a hell of a deal to me.

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do they have to do EVERYTHING you say?

are french maids any different from asian maids, mexican maids and african maids?

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A good number of them are abused and treated as lower than dirt by their employer(s). Especially those who work outside their native country.

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Just look for mail order brides, there are hundreds of females out there willing to be your maid/slave/you name it for a small amount of money to send back to their families.

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so how exactly do you get a maid?

is there a formal contract and a maid agency you have to deal with, or is it just something informal, like the kid who comes to cut your grass for 10 bucks or something?

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You are doing it wrong, It doesn't matter where are they from (Outside your tastes) or which is their style, a good maid should have devotion for his owner/employer and be self-efficient.
But then we return to the fact that they are human, and more specifically, women. So fuck it.

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Well if you want to go off on a tangent and list the extreme cases then any job would be slavery.

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Upper class Britfag here, from the last time we had this thread like two years ago. I can't remember the trip I used for that thread so whatever.

I took /jp/'s advice and ran off with the maid who had sex with me that one night. Things have worked out pretty well.

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>>8187461 here

I don't know if what my uncle has are traditional French maids and I don't know how the others are but here is what I think :
First, our maids are not supposed to cook for real, (but they have to know how to) we have a chef for that. They serve the food or make snacks, but don't cook for dinner and such.
There is a main maid, in charge of "everything" she orders the other. There are the average maids, doing the cleansing etc. And there are the personal maids. For instance, when I go to my uncle's house, there is one that will do anything especially for me.

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I had no idea we could still get maids

I now have a goal in life

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I wish i had a 3DPD maid who was a hot as fuck cumslut.
I would love to come after going to the shop only to find her being ravished by her boyfriends in my bedroom.

Their used condoms hanging on my figures and all that.
..Damn slut fetish.

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Yeah, and no, it's not even remotely that neat. Nothing like Sakuya at all...

No, don't do this. If you give them clothes then it's like setting them free of your service, they should already have the uniform if they're any good of a maid at all.

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The fucks wrong with you?

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Post more sakuya please

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That's not a maid but a full time hooker without shame.

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Its a shame real maids are not cute at all.
In any way shape or form.

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Sounds like your average wife.

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I'd take in /jp/ as a maid, but only if he added cream to my coffee.

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In my experience with Chinese maids, they are usually your poor family members trying to move out of the boonies. My aunt's maid is actually a distant cousin that's the same age as me. My aunt is also really strict on presentation sonshe has to wear her uniform and do her hair and wear makeup and all that. Even though she's hot as fuck, i still unfortunately can't fuck her.

If I ever got my own maid, I'd get her to dress up as sakuya

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The root of this problem is the fact that 3D maids are 3D women.

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You get a girl that either cosplays as a maid or works as a maid, but not both

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You can't just hire anyone though, otherwise they might rob you blind or cut your throat in your sleep

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Until we get robot maids, we are stuck with them

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Never had a live-in maid, but had several live-in nannies while I was growing up. (I lived near some school for nannies, is the reason.)

I have no idea what rumors surround maids, however.

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What if you are into fat chicks

All the Asian maids I've seen are heavy as fuck

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Dont despair! if you can stay alive for a few more decades your dreams may still come true.

100% faithful robot/android maids that are programmed to be usefull and cute.

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If there are any NYC /jp/sies looking for a live-in trap meido, shoot me a line...

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That is what i am aiming for.
I hope i may one day meet my beloved meido.

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I think the appeal of the maid is the subservient nature, but also because she's forced female contact that is not family. Most of /jp/ is bad around 3dpd, so we're basically more interested in paying a girl to talk to us, and that we have some degree of control over

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Mahoro or sakuya, decisions decisions

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I just want a maid that would boss me around because she knows what is the best for me.
Infact i think i would like to be the maid she be the master.
She must still wear the maid outfit however.

I guess that means i still have control over her as i pay her to do it..

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Yep, my family had one 10 years ago.

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The only place we will meet our perfect meido is in gensokyo

Race you there ;_;

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I think their appeal comes from the fact that maids are women who will love you loyally no matter what, the most pure and strong form of love is someone deciding to give all her life to serve and be near you, extra points if she is skilled/stylished/smart/beautiful so she could live without you a comfortable life yet she stays with her master.

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Can you have sex with your maid? Are they like prostitutes that service you and your house?

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Wouldn't a yandere be just as good then?

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Less psycho.
But a Yandere would be a good maid tbh.

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Fund it

I can't think of any yandere maids

Sakuya is loyal to remi but I don't think she counts as yandere

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A yandere is just a maid who works for free.

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A maid that values money more than his master?, I'd suggest you to kick her in the cunt and look for a new one.

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Stop spouting bullshit. Unless you are living in a hellhole even by third world standards then maids are treated very respectfully. And it isn't slavery when they have a choice to leave anytime they want.

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I live in an Asian country where Filipino and Indonesian maids are common.

And I have never seen a fat maid

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Semen in hot water is nothing like semen that is exposed to air. For instance, my semen clumps and becomes extremely sticky when exposed to hot water.

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Do I want to know how you found that out?

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Masturbating in the bath tub. I ran a hose from the shower head so it went into the water and put my penis by it. When I eventually came, the water pressure caused my semen to break up into small flecks and it got pushed away due to the water pressure. I had semen all over my body, and it was sticky. Not like when it's exposed to air at all. It was like super glue. It stuck everywhere too, even places with no hair. The only way to get it out was to use soap.

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Maid Suit: +100 breast

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What the hell are you talking about, they're not house elves.

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ZUN said that maids are beings of fantasy. No maid suit, no maid, no servitude.

It's like ripping the wings off a fairy.

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I remember you.
How's life been?

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Hey, I remember you too! Good job, man!

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A maid, ya that'd be cool. A dedicated lady that would cook, clean, handle affairs and telephone, dress me up in the morning and follow me as a shadow of high-class to social events if needed. And be top-notch looking herself. Sweet dreams....

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That sounds exciting. Do you have an archive link?

Unfortunately I'm a very lower class Briton, perhaps I can be somebody's maid some day.

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I had a lot of maidos since the day I was born
My parents used to work all day
Most of them were young girls when I was little, but after my 12yo my parents changed them for old women
I think they did it so nothing perverted would happen between me and then
Also my mother told me that I once had a maid that used to walk completely naked around the house
Shame that I dont really remember, nothing like my anime.jpeg
>mfw it was cool to have maidos to order around anyway

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Maybe Rika...

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There are five people on /jp/. Twelve of them have maids.

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I tried to rape my maid one time when I was younger...

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There are five people on /jp/. Fifty more come from /a/, /g/, & /v/ to talk about themselves.

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> /g/
Damn it, busted.

C-can I stay? /g/ is very /v/ these days. I'll be good, honest!

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Post techloligy.

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Life has been interesting. To keep to the topic of thread though: I don't have any maids anymore. I have a wife.

I pretty much just took /jp/'s advice and told her how I feel, which went well. Although it was rather difficult sneaking around at night to see each other. Then I financially outmaneuvered my father over the course of several months, and me my meido eloped together to another country. I don't wanna say exactly where, just in case.

I'm not sure if the thread was archived.

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Kill yourself.

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>Most of them were young girls when I was little, but after my 12yo my parents changed them for old women

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That happens to everyone because of the protein in semen. It comparable to cooking eggs.

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Australian maids are a bloody rip off, they are just glorified house cleaners that expect an hourly wage, complain and winge as they roughly vacuum around the room, and then expect you to help them do things when they can't manage alone

Bloody tall poppy syndrome, it ruins the fantasy

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>expect an hourly wage
You should really be paying them at least minimum wage for their services...

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most maids in the us are fat guatemalen women in thier 50's

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not when it's 50 bucks an hour, i've seen plumbers and electricians who work for cheaper

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>complain and winge

sounds like you found Madoi, congrats, you have a 2chan meido

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I had old Polish women come clean my house once a month, I just called them the cleaning ladies.

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That's the right term, calling them maids is like calling cheap booze cognac.

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I had a friend who had a family of maids living with him back when I was a teenager.
It was weird having a teenage girl in a maid outfit tell you where the secrets were hidden in Doom.
I masturbate furiously to thoughts of that every night.

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/jp/, I got it. I just fucking got it! How I will get a maid.

Lately, I have been mulling over the similarities between maids and nurses due to the influx of Eirin threads. I mean, nurses can totally be caretakers, and many of them are to older or disabled people. Some normal people employ nurses after they have a serious injury and are recovering.
It finally hit me, nurses are pretty much the modern maid.

They are pretty much educated maids, many get training and education on how to take care of people. They can look after your nutrition and help you with anything medical related. Many nurses wouldn't mind the life of a maid and they are also burdened with huge amounts of debt from college.

My plan, if I ever get rich (which I now have motivation to do so), is to search Universities all over the country to find a cute nurse with huge amounts of debt to be a caretaker at my house after she graduates. I will offer to gradually (preferably over a large amount of time) pay off her debts and offer her a full time position after it is all payed off. She will be tasked with stuff like looking after my health, monitoring my nutrition, taking care of any medical related issues, and cooking me healthy meals. If she doesn't know much about cooking, no prob I will teach her. She will also have some cleaning duties and I will slowly introduce more over time, probably with more pay or reward or something. Of course, she will have to wear a cute, frilly outfit. Hopefully I will be able to win her over to stay with me throughout out time together, maybe with the promise of career stability as my maid as well.

It's crazy enough to work, /jp/.
Wish me luck

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medfag here, I came to this conclusion a long time ago myself, it seems like the perfect plan in theory, but i'll tell you, most nurses are still old enough to be your grandma, wide enough to block your garage or incompetent enough to put an artery needle in a vein

here's to hoping though, never lose hope

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ill-fag here, most nurses are horrible in every ways.
The worst are probably the ones in charge of the old or mentally ill people.

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Well the plan is to find a cute young girl that just graduated or is about to graduate from medical school. Maybe they have no job offerings but plenty of debt. or they don't have the experience/GPA to get their desired position. I would probably go through an interviewing process to find the best fit. Some might not like the idea of having their career become being a subservient maid after they went through the troubles of college while other may like the idea of a simple, enjoyable career with job security.

It will be my Maid Quest.

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If you guys just want a cute cleaning lady you could post an ad on Craigslist specifying you're looking for a student to do some part-time work around your home for minimum wage.

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Constant work with the mentally ill will quickly wear you down. It's why special ed teachers who've been in the business for years are usually so bitter and short-tempered.

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Actually the best way would be to find someone from a poor country/region. Probably from Asia. (I wouldn't recommend Africa)
But since it's 3D you will probably end up in trouble, she will steal you or whatever.

>> No.8189278

I wish you all of the luck in the world.

>> No.8189284

>She will steal you
I'd get kidnapped?

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Of course, they have their reasons. But it doesn't change anything for me.
I have seen so many horrible nurses. And in my country a lot of shit happened in nursing home.
I don't care if they have reasons, if it's not suited for them, they should quit.

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I don't know if call that a maid, but good luck in your quest anyway anon.

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steal your heart perhaps

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i have a house cleaner come over every friday. she is Portuguese and has a kid and a husband.
she wears her normal clothes and clean all the rooms but bedrooms.

so answer... not really. if you want to have a maid for sex get your non-existant girlfriend to dress up as one

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While at a renaissance festival hotel we had a lovely group of cleaning ninjas, we left them some sprite and kit kats because the vending machine spit out 7 of them when we only bought one.

Unfortunately due to their stealth, we never saw them.