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Blazblue Rachel vs Touhou Remilia.

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I see a nipple.

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I vote Rachael. Pic related.

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Rachel requesting semen.

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Fuck... her chest is almost concave.

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I would give her all of mine semen.

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Rachel is a higher lvl god in her series but I guess Remillia is too


Rachel can cantrol Space/Time/Wind , Remilia can shoot balls and lasers


Rachel is blond and although that's a boring hair color it brings out the red and black she wears, Remilia's purple doesn't kinda go with pink but it seems off and Flandre is blond and looks better she wears red too ( probably too lessons from Rach )


Rachel wins imo

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Vote for Remilia.

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I don't like either the english or japanese of rachels voice actors,
also she's pretty weak in actual fights, but appears to be extremely powerful in the stories for no reason.
twintails are shit too

basically she's shit

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rachel was high tier in the first game

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Call me conservative, but I'd rather be enslaved through the good old collar than through vampirism.

Please make me your dog, Rachel-sama!

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It was pretty cool when you could literally kill your opponents IRL with Rachel in the first BB.

Now she's just like Sol Badguy and all those other similar characters in fighting games. Eternally "holding back" and lowering their power level 24/7 just so they can give the other characters a fighting chance.

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When your vampire girl is blonde, you know she's just another vampire girl.

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Remilia=B tier vampire

Rachel=shit tier vampire

Remilia wins