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Alice reclining on the bed. Her body looks frail, her eyes aloof.

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Having her relaxed makes it easier for me to slit her throat.

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>take book

>use book on frail body


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Eh, she wouldn't know what to do with a cock in her face. Tenshi on the other hand...

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I could never do anything lewd to Alice. I would feel dirty for the rest of my life.

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Alice makes lewd acts pure.

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She isn't human so that isn't possible.

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You're thinking of this all wrong, Anon. Don't do lewd things *to* Alice, do lewd things *with* Alice!

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Something about her doesn't seem kosher. At least she can cook.

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How is that possible? Alice is a pile of lewdness

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Alice is pretty cute.

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dem legs

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She's a damn fine touhou. If I didn't have a waifu and she didn't have those horrible rumors about her, then I'd make her mine in an instant.

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I would think twice about killing her and then I would kill her. One less worthless Touhou.

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This thread needs more Alice.

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Alice seems like the type that would be a sadist.

Who else tries to play god.

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Who exactly uses yellow lipstick?

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Alice looks like the type who would try to be a sadist at first, but would easily succumb once you turned the tables and started abusing her.

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/jp/ needs this kind of threads to relax. I am glad to often see at least one of this kind of threads around here.

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I can't relax around a bitch like Alice unless I am killing her.

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Maybe that's because she hasn't fondled your dick with her feet yet. Now, that's relaxing.

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You are visibly upset. You can go ahead and post something rule breaking so I can report you.

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Alice is so erotic.

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Not really. Her hair reminds me of a crackwhore.

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You should tell them, when we met them, they were already sexual.

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why is everyone always so mean to Alice?

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You can stop that awful trolling right now.

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I'm not trolling, I really do think that she's a horrible bitch.

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Maybe that's the way she likes it. Do you think we should try it too?

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I bet she would be a bondage enthusiast. Or at least enjoy restraining and controlling movement

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Who is this wonderful artist?

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Can't bother to find a name now, but I'll post another image and you can iqdb it.

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Gensokyo portal is open. Kill yourself for entrance.

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Fancy a shag?

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"I-I'm so happy, Anonymous!"

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What's with artists and drawing Alice taking off her legwear?

Not that I'm complaining here.

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Photographic evidence that Alice is a horrible monster.

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Double the Alice!

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>puking shoujo.jpg

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Requesting pictures of that new wavy-arms Alice monster that keeps getting posted on 2chan.

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Stop that.

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What wavy-arms monster? Does it look like this one?

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I'm sorry but I just can't be happy knowing there is an Alice thread and it doesn't involve abusing her.

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You already said that before. And I already said to you, post something rule breaking so I can report you to death.

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I never said anything like that before.

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Well you sounded like that other fag.

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Alice is ready for mating

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>stop liking what I don't like, etc.

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Plenty of people hate Alice on here, it's never (usually) a single person.

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What a foolish thought, you think that's true then you better scram.

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Define "abusing".

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I had a dream last week that Alice basically raped me with her dolls.
I was okay with it, though, so I guess its not rape.

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The only good Alice is a dead Alice.

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Oh, that's your answer to everything.

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Well, I wouldn't mind some soft abuse on her, but death sounds too sad ;_;

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You forget that nobody would miss her.


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Well, I would.

But let's get on with that soft abuse thing.

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I can't report you that way. Try again.

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Alice is a good girl.

Whenever I see this picture I have to wonder who I am and why I'm watching Alice put on pantyhose. I think I concluded a while ago that it's probably Marisa walking in on her at a bad time.

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I clicked through that thing and got no porn.


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Are you sure you don't just have a crush on me?

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With those kind of pics you would be out your fucking mind.

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Alice looks like the type of person that thoroughly enjoys abuse deep down.

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What, you don't like Alice making pancakes

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I like Alice.

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>Alice reclining on the bed. Her body looks frail, her eyes aloof.
Her book looks hard, her vagina wet.

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I'll receive the undying rage of a million suns for saying this;

X character is defined by Y apparel/hairstyle/posture, if you remove Y apparel and/or hairstyle all characters looks and 'feels' the same.

By promoting a defining part of the character it gets personality and emotion.

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Well, I'm not going to flame you for this point, but I don't think Alice's defining point is her legwear.

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me on the bottom left

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I'm saying you, me, the people drawing these pretty pictures have decided that it is indeed one of X's defining characteristics.

-I think this is a magical approach to sharing and creating a character by making it more vivid then it already is. I don't see it as a negative thing at all, it's beyond awesome.

At least that's my direct experience of the 'phenomena' across all fandoms where the fanbase is given the reigns.. (all other characters in this particular fandom have similar attributes that are promoted and focused on in artworks with or without visual encouragement from official artists, I'd make a massive thread with OC but I'd get reported in a heartbeat)

TL;DR Think of it as a meme, but with less cancer. A burger made of love and win.

-I'm not trying to be a smartass, just sharing my thoughts. I'm as pathetic as anyone else of you, perhaps I'm just a lot dumber.-

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Oh, I see your point now. In that case, I agree it's a very charming defining characteristic.

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I thought it was the headband she wears.

You know, the alice band.

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May i have a link please?

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You say I'm slow and you've been showing me your affection all this time?
You want to be a couple?
I'm sorry Alice, I just got out of abusive relationship.
Soo you think you can take a punch?

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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

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I need to save them more often.

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Alice smiling after you hand her a cup of coffee. She's already awake having woken up much earlier, but she appreciates the thought, and you.

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Best pantyhose fetish material.

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Yeah this ain't working. Greasemonkey fail.

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Install 4chan X.

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Install this first. I didn't know there was people on 4chan who weren't using 4chanX.

Just in case you can't make it work, have the doujin:

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/jp/ - Spoon feeding/General

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I keep getting a jpeg of sad panda.

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Google it. I can't be bothered to explain it anymore.

>> No.8183220

aaaand.... google fail

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That's not our problem.

>> No.8183224

Because I feel like it.

Create an account on e-hentai.org, log in to said account.

Now try and access exhentai

>> No.8183231

Apparently exhentai is down, cause I still keep getting that damn panda. Is it listed somewhere in one of the touhou wiki's?

>> No.8183232

Clear your cookies and try logging in again.

Beyond that, you're on your own.

>> No.8183233

Search on the archive, jeez.

>> No.8183236

Dare I ask..... what archive.

>> No.8183240

This calls for a "Shut up, stop posting and lurk always".

Who referred you to 4chan anyway?

>> No.8183248

Yeah, don't have the time to lurk like that anymore. Because RL sucks. Sorry for not being on the chans 24/7.

>> No.8183256

To the newb: Read this for goodness sake.


>> No.8183262

Thank you kindly, stranger.

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/jp/ - assholery

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