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There is NO PARTY on /jp/.
If you were directed here from another board, it was most likely a troll. Please return to your own board posthaste, or yukkuri will be deployed to the other boards.
We thank you for your cooperation.

Now, it's time for a Yukari thread. You can post Ran and Chen, too.

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Fuck off troll. We've been organizing this for months.

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Can /v/ stay? We could play Touhou.

I miss the touhou threads.

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wuts yukari

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I'll be right back, I have yukkuri to gather...

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Miss Yukari, now that I'm here and there's no party, could you stick your feet in my face instead?

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I will not be denied. I fully intend to conquer this party.

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>27 years old
>finally be invited to first party
>there was no party


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You may stay if, and ONLY if, you truly intend to play Touhou.

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Nah, dude, Yukari sucks. Talk about Aigis at least.

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Wh-why not?

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cute little Waifus you got there, allow me to introduce you to a /v/ favorite. Goes by the name Rance

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>telling us what we can post

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Because you're the scum of the Earth ♥

And I mean that in the nicest way that's possible.

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>Those are some cute waifus you've got there.
>It would be a shame if anything were to happen to them

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Good heavens, man! Being a man and walking into Gensokyo while being naked is like asking to be raped!

by me

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Rance is familiar with the rape concept.

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Well, it seems as if things are calming down some. Time for a tea break!

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Is he familiar with being on the receiving end of it?
I'm just sayin', we got a few youkai with tentacles.

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How long untill this shit stops?
And how many "decent" threads have we lost so far?

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I don't think he's ever been on the receiving end, maybe that one time when he got sex changed via magic.

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Please refrain from posting those sort of pictures while girls are drinking tea. Thank you.

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Did your tentacles have infinite Imperial's jizz?
I don't think so.

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hey whats up /mu/ told me there was a party here
where's the beer? also, can i hook up my mp3 player to your speakers?

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pick one[/spolier]

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Don't let this get to you. They're not worth getting annoyed over.

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Hahaha, oh wow. Idiot. You should only use completely FREE formats such as OGG.

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Well then, he should look forward to some new experiences here in Gensokyo!

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are you retarded

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He can kill more than 300 youkai in one swing and had killed some pretty fucked up demons, Rance might be an actual challenge

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Brotip: Don't get into powerlevel discussions against Yukari

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Gensokyo's got gods in addition to youkai, and even some youkai who are like gods.
But if we have to get rid of him, we can always send him and his libido to the moon. We all know that those WatatSUEki moonbitches need to get put in their place.

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Then he gets one-shot by the optional boss trying to uncurse this big fucker.

Seriously, fuck that guy.

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Oh, we were/are being raided? I knew something was a little bit off, just couldn't put my finger on what.
At least I missed the worst of it. Thank you sleeping!

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this board is mad gay

i'm out, playing video games

stay fat and lonely, weebfags

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>We all know that those WatatSUEki moonbitches need to get put in their place.
Seems like someone is butthurt~

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And Yukari didn't beat a ordinary witch

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If you ever get the chance to meet them, you'll understand why I despise them so.
Actually, go read SSiB (if you haven't already).

Now, time to find a way to get Rance into the Lunar Capitol...

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Rance is an admiral of Mongolias space armada. He'll be back.

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Too late

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Only 9 pages this night. Is it over?
or not ;_;