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Holy shit, this place really kicked the bucket.
I think even the normal users left, there is not even one normal /jp/ thread on the first page, everything is /b/ shit now. Everybody is acting like /v/ also.
this place is done for, I know im only talking to the shitposters right now but just wanted too see if anybody decent is even here anymore. This board is just a huge waste of time now.

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Way to add another terrible metathread to the front page instead of bumping an on topic one.

See the problem here?

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Quit getting mad at the internet, nerd.

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>This board is just a huge waste of time now.

Nah just have a look at the site were on dumbass.

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i want to steal yukari's panties

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what are you going to do? Its not like we have another meeting place.

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We own this place now

Let's wreck this thread /b/oys!

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We at least had topics and good threads for info, now its just nothing but shit everywhere.

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Way ahead of you.

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i eim op hu feget

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We're waiting for you all at tohno~!

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Jesus fuck Yukari is hot!

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Move out to /th/ and forget that you even was here.
/jp/ is a pile of shit, nothing more.

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And then my whining post didn't go through... I guess that's a sign.
Anyway, OP, you can find a semblance of what /jp/ used to be like during the earlier hours of the day, or something like that. If you still haven't given up, unlike everyone else, feel free to come back during that time.
Also, what scares me the most is how dedicated these guys are. /a/ and /v/ have a bunch of trolls and retards, sure, but not even those people spend 18+ hours making nothing but contentless threads. Seriously, what the fuck?

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It really is fucking crazy, you might think its a bunch of people, but even if it is... Why would they waste their time? I mean for what reason?

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Autistic kids using /jp/ as their playground, that's what.

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But where did they come from? Why did they start doing it here in the first place? I mean they must of just recently have started coming here.

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I wonder just how long these people are gonna do this, Are they really gonna waste even years of there time?

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Guess what I'm wearing~

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And then my whining post didn't go through... I guess that's a sign.
Anyway, OP, you can find a semblance of what /jp/ used to be like during the earlier hours of the day, or something like that. If you still haven't given up, unlike everyone else, feel free to come back during that time.
Also, what scares me the most is how dedicated these guys are. /a/ and /v/ have a bunch of bitchy little girls and autists, sure, but not even those people spend 18+ hours making nothing but metathreads. Seriously, what the fuck?

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HELL yeah

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Now that I think about it, these guys might as well be bots.

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How about you go fuck yourself back to where you came from.
Where did you even fucking come from?

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I really can't believe what happened to /jp/, it's like /a/ and /v/ decided to come over here just to piss of people with unrelated stuff to /jp/.
Everything was fine during 2010 and bam, everyone shitpost for a full year.
Just look at the increased number of tripfags and shitty threads, if i hide and filter everything i will get nothing but an empty page.
I wonder if there's really a mod on /jp/, he must be one lazy ass for sure.

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Worst thing is they are probably from /jp/'s oldest userbase, I know for a fact that most of the shitposters are /jp/ tripfags posting as anonymous and samefagging like hell.

It's kind of an habit now for them to post unrelated /b/ shit, since they are autistic kids who have nothing better to do but playing around for the whole day and night.

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I have to agree.
There are so many newfriends and people from the summer that have stayed that it doesn't really feel like the good old /jp/.
Though, I only follow certain threads nowadays, so it's fine.
But it still pains me to see people on here obsessing over big breasts.

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Nah, it just has its ups and downs, like always.

Get a filter or, if you feel like doing something else, take a break for a while, it really does help.

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We have no moderation, they all quit.

They are shit part of the old userbase, the people who would spam and get banned/their threads deleted.

2d big breast are fine, it a lot better than the /soc/ threads about cocks we have been getting.

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All of them have a trip or name so just filter them.

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holy shit yukari can't be this lewd

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The best thing is that the filter doesn't work (for OPs) on 4chan X.

Anyway, even if there were any kind of moderations, they'd just spam hard because their threads were deleted. Isn't that how it's always been?

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Yes, she can.

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kicked the bucket..? HELL i had like 30 tabs open just from /jp/ alone!

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No they aren't fine T_T

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Nice metathread dude.

/jp/ - blogs, metathreads, and shitposting general.

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It does work. There's an edited version of the 4chan filter on userscripts and if that doesn't work you're probably using greasemonkey instead of scriptish

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Shame on you for replying replying this person. This guy makes every meta thread with a touhou picture. Stop falling for his shit people from /a/.

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Go back to shitposting.

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Nah cocks thread are fine, it's just pure comedy

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Pretty much, I remember when we had less moderation than we do today and bad threads stayed on the front page for hours.
Well, the filter is the best choice anyway, it starves name/tripcancer from attention and reduces the time they stay.

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Unfortunately, he's right.
OP is a shitposter too.

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You're the biggest shitposter on the board, kid. You make which touhou fuck threads. You're stupid, your posts are shit, you're a shitposter. Go make 10 more meta threads so you can get banned. Why did you drop your trip code? It would be easier for everyone to laugh at you and ignore you if you kept it, TeaMaster

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Moderation vacuum. With the chain of meidos broken we've been discovering what it is to be without constant moderation for a year. And since the previous one was so aggressive, the garbage posts came rushing in.
The dam burst, now we're up to our hips in dick threads and whatever the kids want to spam this week.
Sorry, but that's how it went. At least we have more freedom now, off topic threads to explore and what not.

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Yeah,no, go to /soc/.
I dont laugh at that shit at all.

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Haha nope, you're acting like an /a/non, stop liking what I hate shit. Grow up dude.
Are you this guy?

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Tripcodes go against the purpose of an anonymous imageboard a little, don't you think?

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You know what...
Metathreads aren't better than shitposters.

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No, im not asshat.
go back to your shitty 3d boards.
/jp/ is 2d only.

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And spamming multiple meta threads so they're all floating around page 0 and 1 isn't? You're only validating this person and proving you're a bunch of shitposters from /v/ and /a/ if you're so stupid you keep replying to his daily meta threads.

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2d hitori ka? xD
so if i post 3d...i'll be one HELL of a shitposter?! :O

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Go fuck yourself, hipstersshit scum.

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wich 2hu u fuk?

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You know, wtH, I still want to see a post of yours where you have a brief moment of clarity and type properly, producing some interesting and complex discourse.

I know that's boring as HELL, but think how lulzy it will seem amidst all this chaos.

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The new wTH is just a boring shitposter. He doesn't even try to emulate the old ones.

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3D? You think everyone takes it seriously?

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why the HELL would i do that? it's not like i'm being graded or anything '-'

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I told you already, nowadays that everyone is trying to imitate you, this would be fucking hilarious.

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We dont post 3d shit in /jp/ regardless of your taste. And yes the userbase once followed it 100%, newshit.

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wtH has been shitty as HELL since his trip changed

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This is OTAKU-CULTURE, not anime-manga or Nijikon-only.
And you can't make fun of people for their fetish

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Stop replying to shitposter!

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Don't let the board drama get to you. It'll pass, as long as we don't feed them attention. They're all stupid anyways. Besides, this happens on /jp/ like every month or something.

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hmm..hm..naw...that'll b just liek real life n thats boring as HELL

being shitty is what i was aiming for....

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>They're all stupid anyways.
That's include you, stupid.

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I've been shagging your waifu, faggot.

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Nonono, it won't! Think about it! This won't be like real life, since you don't see pretty much anyone in real life, so you never get to speak formally! But here! Here you talk all the time and your HELLish way of posting is your normal one. Think how lulzy it will be for you to, -get this- to, are you ready, to talk like a normal boring-as-HELL person!!

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Sure, but only if you join in.

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but i do get to talk normal as HELL in real life, i have to restrain myself so it sucks but i do get the chance

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gawd damn it to HELL, capctha ate my parker, but i too would like to eat out parker heh heh heh

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yukari + shitposting thread?? hell yeah i'm in!!

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Are you kidding OP, /jp/ is better than ever! It got rid of all the boring stuff now this place is funny as hell!

oops I mean funny as HELL, lol!

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