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What do you think of this character design?

The jagged edges, low quality shadows, and any other graphics issues are courtesy of my terrible laptop.

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did you lag through the opening cutscene like I did?

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Also >>>/v/shit

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It is a very bad laptop, I lag at all times. I usually play on my desktop, which is less bad.

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It's impossible to make a cute girl in Skyrim.

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Least you have a desktop to play on. I'm saving to build my own computer but I can't do it yet. My laptop is good as far as laptops go, and I've found ways to cut most of the lag, but I still get spikes in game. I find if I go into the pause menu for 20-30sec it'll go away. This will happen 2 or 3 times in quick succession then the game will usually run great for a a few hours and then the cycle usually repeats.
I usually run on medium settings.

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I wouldn't call her cute, but she's not entirely unattractive. The face paint is kinda weird, though.

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>doing anything on a laptop

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Looks like Clann of the Cave Burr / Conan the Durrbarian caveman shit, but that was the point I'm sure.

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No, no she is pretty unattractive alright. Especially those nigger lips and that horrible lipstick shit.

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Someone threw strawberry jam at your waifu, bro.

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worst race ever, even if you put horns on a retard helmet it's still a retard helmet

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>be a Nord
>awesome resistance to the cold

u mad bro?

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My helmet is awesome, you shut your whore mouth!

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Be a Breton and resist all magic.

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Breton 4 life

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I found Skyrim's character creation system to be very underwhelming. Perhaps it was because there are many races, but still the options were very lacking when you compare it to, say, Mass Effect. I'm just angry because all the women all wind up looking old or butch with big heads.

Still didn't keep me from enjoying the game though.

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because clothes sure weren't invented ever, heat resistance it's where it's at

don't believe me? what's the best starter pokemon? charmander. and not some fjordmon

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I'd pick fjordmon, sounds badass.

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broad nose
heavy brow
wide jaw

maybe attractive if you're into transwomen. why do western developers seem to have so much trouble making attractive female characters?

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And that's why I dropped this game after less than 3 hours.

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This is why we have the Japanese to provide us with visually appealing loli mods.

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I did not realise that was a fucking girl until someone pointed it out later in the thread.

I still don't see it.
That shit is a fucking man.

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Manly looking women are considered attractive apparently. Just look at half of America's celebrities.

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In this case the design fits with the setting.

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Should've just been like Record of Lodoss Wars in its character designs. Would've popped a nostalgia boner.

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I for one like that they picked designs that fit into the setting.
Getting kind of tired of female characters who consist of two huge tits on legs wielding house-sized swords.

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I would prefer they drop the manface. Don't care about tits, I'm a dfc guy anyways.

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They got indigenous BR UEHUEHUAHUEHU girl makeup? Man, i miss always the good stuff.

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I'm waiting for the Beautiful People mod to come over to Skyrim. Then Ren's Hair and maybe Elegant Eyes.

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Don't you get tired of playing the same plastic whore in every bethesda game?

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Not really. I've only heavily modded Oblivion's races. Morrowind was modded with the improved start scene and the graphics overhaul.

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You guys are pussies. Can't handle a tough woman? Well, up here in Skyrim, we take what we can get and we learn to like it!

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She needs a smaller nose. And a smaller mouth. And a smaller chin.

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What manner of -tan is this?

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and chest...height.. ect ect
You just want her to be like Babette

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does anyone remember the name of that vagina belt that traditional BR women wear as their only clothing?

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Isn't that the same that Rinnosuke uses?

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I don't think so. it's this string sort of thing that they tie around the vagina bones.

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still ugly but real mods rnt out yet.

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Wait,what would BRs speak if not Portuguese?

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Still waiting for the loli patch. If this game let you resize the heads, then I would just be waiting for the beauty patch, as a DFC with a large head is pretty much a loli.

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Wait... that's a girl?

I wish I wasn't being serious.

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Someone already did that joke. Like, 50 posts ago.

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That is kawaii as fuck. Have any more?

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In America, manly men aren't allowed to be homosexual. So there's a huge demand for female celebrities with male faces, who are stealth marketed to all the American manly men who are closeted gay.

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people started to convert armor from oblivion to Skyrim now ?

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This is hot. For some reason.

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*Getting banned uehuehue!*

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Why would you get banned for posting a picture of a small boy?

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Boy. Yes, boy. Let's go with that.

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Keep posting her.

Don't you dare stop.

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You are all horrible people.

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This bring up an interesting question. If a boy undergoes treatment to become female, at what point does his nipples become NSFW?

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>A attractive BR
Now i have seen it all.

That delicious brown skin..That hair..

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you could, you know, play as a male for a change.

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Anything can be attractive in 2D.

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Who are you quoting? Also Sanae loves cocks not cunts

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That is a little boy, it does have a cock.

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fuck that

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Sanae fucks anything that breathes.

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What exactly would make that a joke? That's a standard reaction, the only thing remotely feminine about that is the hair length. And that's nullified by the medieval/caveman look.

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Huahue, pleaaase!

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What is her tag on pixiv?

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I am uehuing for real.

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>Not playing as an anime

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Greentext? Fuck off please

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Why you mad bro?

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Because, I hate you Tokiko!!!

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ITT: bad english

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how did you mine by dad?

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So I just learned the Creation Kit is being released in January now? Wow, just wow. Fuck you Bethesda. That shit was supposed to be out days ago.

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I've heard people say that you should play as a nord for your first play through, I went along and did just that. Haven't regretted it much.

Then again, I hardly play the game to do the quests. I'm a level 40 nord with no skill in any armor or weapons, I just run around naked with a bag on my head and hide bees in peoples housed.

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u mad?

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Kuruminha so good.

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>not making as naked loli
>not murdering all the lolis and stealing their clothes

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Children nude mod where?

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You should be put on some kind of medication

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normalfag? What are you doing on /jp/?

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I'm going to need that mod anon.
Is there also a mod so that you can marry children.
And mods for non-human children.
I want an elven loli waifu.

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Começar! UAHUEAHUAHUEHUAHUA------------

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The gods gave you two hands, and you use both of them to masturbate. I can respect that.

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Why are children so sexy?

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Do you like my character, /jp/?

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That manly as fuck jaw.
Great character if you are going for the transvestite look.

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There is a mod fixing those jaws, download it

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It would be a shame to stop jungle fever just now.

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OP is more like Kurwaminha

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