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Do you ever hold your poop in your butt as long as you can, so it feels sooo good when you let it out?

I'm doing that right now, been drinking coffee and getting ready for pooping.

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It hurts to shit when you've held it in.

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anal play does feel good

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Share with us your experience. I wish you an ahegao.

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That helps with diarrhea a lot. Something about letting it sit in your colon helps it dry out more.

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No, but I take a lot enemas.

There's just something about pooping out warm relaxing liquid, after which you can do some anal play without having to worry about getting shit everywhere.

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What do you use for enemas?

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I can't hold it in too long but sounds like a bad idea if you do it. I some times think how my poop slightly tickles my prostate. Also I have long poohs.

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What do you mean what?

What liquid? I make my own solution with aquaglide lube (which I have more than enough), soap and tap water.

I made my own enemakit from a pet-bottle and some surgical tube I had around.

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Yes, but only because I'm too lazy to get up and shit. It doesn't feel good either. It feels like I'm constipated.

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I thought an enema was where you shoved food up your ass and then ate it.

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No that's "maruchan noodles". Common mistake, don't worry about it.

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What do you do with it afteryou shit, OP?

I like to place the shit on my body, it feels really warm and comforting for a while, especially on my thigh and leg area. I would recommend shitting on a paper towel and use it as a buffer so you don't get shit everywhere on yourself and elsewhere.

Unless you want to. I'd envy that, I don't have the balls to get shit everywhere, I really want to try.

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I want to smell Ai's butt too, OP.

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>/jp/-Enemas, ass sniffing and anal play

I love this board

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+ sucking cock

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>worry about getting shit everywhere.

B-but that's what like the most about anal play

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ah /jp/ is the only place I don't get judged for peeing into a bottle and shitting into plastic shopping-bag.

Toilet is just too much effort.

Gotta be careful where I place the drink bottle almost drank my own piss.

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Miya's butt is best butt.

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I remember when I found out my brother was shitting on the garage roof, because his room was second floor and a window with access to the roof was closer then the bathroom. He also pissed in bottles. This was in 1995. We lived on a farm, and it was only several months after the fact we realized his room smelled like shit and the vicinity of it when I drove a tractor out back towards the soybean field and had the unfortunate chance of hearing a bird on the roof. I looked... "Oh look a pretty bird" *looks at roof automatically, notices tons of large turds* Then my friend noticed I was looking at the roof and also saw. We were in awe of the awesomeness of the artwork my brother made with shit. The whole roof was covered.

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I'm pretty sure you could fit right in at /d/

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Thanks to your /v/ pics, yes, yes it is.

Get the fuck out of /jp/ and never come back.

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Rim my ass, dude

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Not after being consistently constipated for 8+ months. Just like any other veteran of anal play would probably tell you, there comes a point when your butt just loosens up and the process is no longer painful. Though I like to believe myself reaching these circumstances is not the result of perpetuated actualization of homoerotic urges but simply a culmination of active laziness/poor diet.

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/jp/ really needs to get over this, "xD look at me i'm weird O_O i like to sniff poop and lick reimu's vag sweat xD" phase.

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I think you really need to get out of this not sucking my cock, dude phase

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Get out.

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Would you prefer cocks?

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I bet non of you guys had been on the toilet for a week shitting out white diarrhea. I lost 4 kilos.

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"all fetishes that I don't like no one else likes either, they're just trying to be edgy!"

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White? Did you get that checked out?

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Not, him. But yes.
Cock > Butt

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are you a bird?

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Facesitting is so erotic.
Too bad real people would literally smell like shit.

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Did you shit out your brain?

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I like doing that becausse it presses against my prostate

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No one cares what you think, cretin.

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I love taking big shits.
I tend to precum like crazy when i do that, must be due to all the training i give my butt with the dildo, its sensitive enough to let me cum from anal stimulation only :3

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Is this you?

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Hey look, it's some typical /jp/ shitposting.

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..But i do the same thing more or less.

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Oh! ♥ Your pregnant asspussy will give birth to a big wonderful baby

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Can you train me too?

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please let me take care of you

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How can you give a baby from your ass...

Hoping someone posts binta san and his giraffe loli.

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>Too bad real people would literally smell like shit

Isn't this a large part of the appeal?

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Some people just don't understand.