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I know that this probably belongs on /soc/ or /jp/, but I really need to get this off my chest.

I've been on 4chan a very long time. I started lurking in 2004 with a few posts here and there, but I didn't start posting a lot until around 2008. I watched what was once a good board devolve into the dump that it is today. I remember a time when /b/ used to move slower than /a/ currently moves. I remember when Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece threads weren't spammed or dubs bombed - They were IGNORED. A few staple tripfaggots discussed them every week, the threads got to the bump limit, and they fell off the board. Nobody argued and complained because they were IGNORED. But I digress; that is not what I'm ranting about.

Tripfags have existed since the dawn of 4chan. Very few tripfags from the past remain on /a/ today. They come, have their few minutes of fame, and they leave. Likewise, spam also isn't too annoying. A guy spams the board and threads for a few days, and he leaves. You think today's Accelerator spam is bad? Then you weren't here during the times of Wikispam, gore spam, multi-colored pic spam, etc. Accelerator spam is NOTHING in comparison.

What I'm here to complain about today is KoG. I used to think KoG was one of those kids who would be around for a couple of months and then die off. I thought he was going to be a flash in the pan. Sure, he got a couple of 5s, and he got quints maybe ONCE a month, but that was no big deal. He did eventually retire mid-2008, and I thought it was over. But he came back. He came back, got quints more frequently, did some other things, and eventually retired again at the start of 2010. Again, I naively thought that it was all over. How could KoG POSSIBLY come back after he's accomplished all there is to do? Apparently, I was wrong. Let me take a brief moment and explain what KoG does and why it is so effective.

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yeah, yeah, read it before.

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Ever see a post end in 777 with something like "Wow, that sure was lucky!" or a post ending in 223 with "223.jpg"? This is what is known as GET Contexting. By contexting, KoG can go for GETs without you even realizing it. Say KoG says something like, "Dude, that's plain evil." and has the post end in 668. The untrained eye will completely ignore this post unless you know what to look for. On the other hand, if it ends in 666, KoG can samefag reply with ">evil, >666", and then people will believe this to be either a coincidence or a clever response. It is NOT clever. 99% of the time, all replies like this are completely planned. Finally, another method KoG uses is GET Spamming.

I'm not talking about people who spam Bateman images into a thread with very little success. I'm talking about targeted, successful triples in a row. Ever see a thread where it's full of triples, yet most of the posts don't seem to be relating to GETs at all? Then, KoG will magically come into the thread, quote those posts, and delete them. This, in turn, completely DESTROYS a thread. Everybody's so focused on the fact that any post in the thread can be KoG that they just shut down the discussion altogether. This is an effective tool that KoG uses to kill any threads that he doesn't like, although he also makes threads on subjects he doesn't like, pretend to discuss them, then kill his own thread and turn it into a GET thread.

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In order to last on 4chan, you need to be successful. SHiN has been able to stay for years because you all won't shut up about his waifu, Kagami. SHiN "betrayed" Kagami? Nonsense. He simply does that to get you to talk about him. Every time you sage his threads with a betrayal message, all it does is give him attention. Likewise, KoG has survived time and time again because you all give him attention. I once thought that KoG did nothing but samefag his thread with reaction images every time he got a GET, and that is indeed the case in the majority of his threads, but I also see many posts that are timed too close together. ALL the posts reacting to KoG aren't KoG samefagging. There are actually people who egg KoG on and beg him to get consecutive numbers. KoG has been able to gain attention using something I like to call the Baka Effect.

The Baka Effect is simple: Increase the odds of getting a reaction by making it as favorable as possible of obtaining a desirable number. What this means is that if you can trick /a/ into thinking that you can get 554, 555, or 556 and think it means something, you should do it at your discretion. KoG has this board tricked into thinking that Cirno getting a 776 or a 112 actually MEANS something. It means that she's a baka. "Look at that baka," "BAKA BAKA", "cirno_crying.jpg", etc. This used to only be restricted to a string of 0s. Now, KoG has you believing that ANY time Cirno is off by 1, it warrants reaction. Also, KoG has mastered the art of contexting.

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I have been on /a/ longer than most. I have seen multiple forms, shapes, and sizes of cancer. I've seen cancer that has hit this board hard and be gone in less than a week, and I've seen cancer linger for months on end. KoG isn't a cancer. KoG is the flu. He comes on /a/ at random intervals, does his thing, and leaves. You can vaccinate yourself by hiding his threads, but since he uses new images per day with different file names and sizes, there's no way to block him completely. Unlike cancer that kills its target and then vanishes, KoG doesn't kill. He sticks around, day after day, making /a/ sicker and sicker. I know none of you want to admit this, but KoG is now a BOARD CULTURE. Nobody outside of /a/ really cares much about KoG. Most of the people you see on /b/, /v/, /sp/, etc., that overreact to any GETs KoG gets there go to /a/ to begin with.

Even if KoG were to leave tomorrow, he is so embedded into /a/ that people will be talking about him for years and years. Just look at what happened in summer of 2010. Bateman's faggotry was so bad that people on /a/ WANTED KoG back. When he did come back, /a/ was literally OVERJOYED by the fact that he was back (check /a/'s archive if you don't believe me). Then, as soon as KoG assimilated Bateman into his repertoire, he became a flu stronger and more vibrant than ever. As I post here today on /a/, I type with a heavy heart that KoG, at least, as the concept of GETs, is never going to go away. 57777777 in less than 24 hours, 66666666, 99999999 many years from now; /a/ will STILL cream their pantsu every time a bunch of consecutive or pattern-based numbers come around.

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You know what the saddest part about all of this is? moot can stop it at any time he wants. He wouldn't even have to ban a single person. There are many methods to be used to accomplish this goal - implementing the same numbering system as the text board /anime/, making the post numbers completely random, having 10x as many mods/janitors, etc. - while retaining the number of posts /a/ has had in total with some sort of counter updated every 10 minutes or so so that people could never tell what number it was on. If you look at other boards, moot also engages in GET faggotry. He even stickied a KoG thread on /b/ at one time. No, moot will do NOTHING to save /a/, and the very few mods and janitors can only do so much thanks to moot's inability to get more mods despite an overwhelming supply of free labor available.

All of this GET faggotry can literally STOP TOMORROW. It doesn't have to last ONE SINGLE DAY LONGER. It can all be fixed overnight, but it won't be. People may call me mad, but they're wrong. I'm beyond mad at this point. I've become so apathetic of GETs that I, too, sometimes participate in them by posting reaction and dubs images. If there's nothing I can do to stop it and moot won't take logical action, why not? Why fight the inevitable?


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i am thoroughly frustrated

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KoG is my friend you better not be bullying my friends.

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Whoever made that copypasta sounds really mad.

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Does anyone remember the Gendo Ikari tripfag?

Wonder what he's doing these days.

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Whoever that tripfag was claims to have been on 4chan since 2004, yet speaks as if GETs in general weren't already part of 4chan's culture and generally encouraged by Moot since the beginning.

If whoever made this is reading this thread, the reason KoG isn't gone is because he is affiliated with GETs.

So I guess I was trolled or you are a complete fuckwit.

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people on /a/ are saying kog made that copypasta, but i don't think kog can type that fluently.

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Finished reading it. The entire thing is actually arguing against KoG and explaining how people who give him any attention at all are the cancer, which is funny since people at first glance will sage the thread without realizing they are doing exactly what the copypasta says. The delicious irony.

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His tripcode was leaked.

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I see Yuyuko, so why isn't OP talking about her?

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I wish I could be this shitty.

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I wouldn't doubt it, since that copypasta makes no sense.

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now that's autistic

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Have you read KoG's 55 page fanfic? Something this short is no problem for him.

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KoG = mugen = kamS

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It makes perfect sense.

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who is kamS?

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Those were small pages, though.

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Not going to read all that especially after skimming it enough to see it's about that one autist.

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Get out of /jp/.

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Why would this possibly make us frustrated?

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Why do you expect us to care about your shitty tripfags?

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Double get out of /jp/.

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>spend 40 seconds reading all that
>people whining about it being too long

The hell is wrong with you all? And I read SLOW.

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Oh man oh man.

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Look, I can't remember every tripfag on /jp/, okay? Give me a break.

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Remember when gets used to mean something? Consecutive post numbers didn't happen everyday.
Fucking dubs bullshit is the reason I don't even touch the other boards anymore.

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You would have gotten a triple get out of /jp/ if you had been hostile, but kamS probably doesn't even know /jp/ exists.

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They never meant anything.


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No it doesn't. Those who have actually been here long enough knows that GETs were accepted as funny and Moot liked them as well. Moot still gets excited for the really big /b/ gets even today.

My point is anyone who actually was here around 2004 and is still here now would never use the phrase "GET faggotry", and would be able to understand why everyone gives KoG so much attention--because he gets quite a lot of GETs, and since GETs have and will always be part of this boards culture he will continue to live on.

You could say KoG is ruining GETs since most of his GETs are quite stupid and aren't really funny or original.

The creator of the pasta is either a troll, lying retard, KoG, or a pius servant hyping up KoG.

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Why do I like OP image so much?

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Because you have good taste.

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Wrong. moot is also the cancer killing 4chan. GETs have NEVER been accepted on 4chan. In just about every GET thread you see archived pre-2008, they are all filled with people saging and spamming. NOBODY LIKES GETS. Only the most vile /b/ scum likes that crap. Saying KoG is a part of /a/'s culture is like saying Flanfly at 2 o'clock is a part of ours. IT'S NOT, IT'S ONE PERSON DOING THE SAME AUTISTIC THING EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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KoG is the equivalent of the player who shows up to a casual gathering of Magic the Gathering running jank shit like dragons tribal and budget enchantress with some hideously overpowered vintage monstrosity that wins on turn two half the time.

It's just not interesting and nobody gives a fuck anymore.

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Pink hair.

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Fuck you, don't go talking shit about flanfly like you do anything better than bitch.

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The sage and the spam is also part of the culture.

Things that genuinely aren't part of the culture get left alone and forgotten.

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If you think that flanfly at 02:00 is bad, you probably think that I am, too

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I don't even have a trip, I also love to suck big cocks.

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And who the fuck are you two? Go take your flanfly back to gaia.

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>Only the most vile /b/ scum likes that crap

And who do you suppose the majority of 4chan users are?

Where do you think they all go after they realize /b/ is a shithole and a shell of what it once was? Mainly to /a/ and /v/.

It is only natural for faggots on /a/ to eat KoG's shit up on a GETly basis.

Fanfly will die eventually by the way, at best it will become something like /a/'s "overrated shit" thing and show up once in a blue moon.

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Flanfly will remain in /jp/ as long as there remains a single person who wants to keep the flan flying.

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Why are you so obsessed with Gaia Online? Did you just come to /jp/ from there, and are now under the impression that we're superior? I won't disagree that /jp/ and 4chan as a whole tends to have a more mature userbase than Gaia Online, but I've heard rumors that Gaia Online's moderators understand its userbase and can be frequently seen there. Don't take my word on it though.

Of course I don't use a tripcode.

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I hope this doesn't happen anytime soon, flanfly poster is one of the few anon poster that you gotta to respect their dedication to something.
It will be a sad day when it happens.

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I don't think original flanfly poster is the one doing it these days.

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The person who posts Flanfly is the same person who used to post Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti. The only way Flanfly will die is if the person posting it moves on or changes to a different image.

>> No.8168198

I'm pretty sure the person posting it has already changed several times.

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It comes down to who wants to carry the torch in his place. There will always be a KoG, his fanbase is filled with dutiful retards. Fanfly doesn't have this luxury, actually it seems quite the opposite.

The only reason this is the case is because KoG is something associated with GETs which will be eternally part of 4chan's culture.

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How is Flanfly any different than KoG? Both autistically do the exactly same thing every single day.

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One does nothing special in particular, the other gets GETs often.

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Flanfly has a special place on /jp/ now.

Also who else misses chubby.jpg, what happened to that guy.

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Not everybody who likes to see gets likes KoG. Many of them think he is a tremendous attention whore and retard.

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Hurr durr 4chan is serious business.

The only way I can stand these threads is imagining you are all roleplaying countries and playing polititcs.
Have fun then.

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KoG is a double edged sword. He's great when getting stuff like this, but bad when getting dub and dub in a row. If KoG only did this and got one major GET once or twice a month, he'd be pretty cool. The problem is that he over saturates everything.

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Everything must be serious business in /jp/. Fun is banned.

A little blood became a lot of blood and he died from exsanguination.

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GETs threads and post are just annoying and attention whoring.
flanfly have a deeper meaning to it.
You will say it doesn't, but hell, it brightens my days (nights actually) that I browse /jp/ for hours before sleeping.

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If by "deeper meaning" you mean the person who posts it has no life whatsoever, then yeah.

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>Many of them think he is a tremendous attention whore and retard.

Sadly there will always be more who support than hate.

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That's just not true. It's just that the people who think that he is a retard aren't as loud because they choose not to give him attention, negative or otherwise.

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I actually like to imagine 4chan as a serious place with serious people in it, because it is the only thing that fills the void of my useless existence. If 4chan were just a forum filled with losers, some wanting attention, the rest not caring, my life would truly be pathetic, my friend.

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Good. People who legitimately HATE KoG for getting sequential numbers on a message board on the Internet REALLY need to go outside.

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You call others "attention whore" yet you use a trip, such hipocrisy.

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also, I jerked off to this picture today, and came buckets

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Um, guys?

I hate to be a downer, but isn't one of the Pokémon in KoG's Touhoumon DS Tokiko? Doesn't that make KoG a Tokiko fan?


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Ah, a wonderful point. Perhaps I should have said he gets more visible support than hate.

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He would just be one of many annoying people in /jp/ if all he did was come for gets, but he is more irritating than just that.

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Bird-tan, in b4 trolls, that's kinda ironic even for you, by this time you should already know what's going on in here.

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If you're implying that the Tokiko namefag is KoG, you are mistaken. KoG just has good tastes.

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I use it for backtracking purposes, and every time on a while I look back to see if I need to change something about how I am acting and for download links of uploads threads.

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Every now and then when he feels underappreciated he encourages other boards to raid /jp/.

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tokiko is a beautiful youkai that every intelligent person appreciates. KoG may not be appreciated, but he has to be intelligent to pull off the gets that he does. Appreciating Tokiko is another sign of his intelligence

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When was the last time any other board raided /jp/?

Can you point to a specific date in 2011?

>> No.8168250

He hasn't done it in a while.

>> No.8168256

itt, civil conversation

>> No.8168259

Also, I think the moderators shut down his attempts a few times this year. Can't be sure, though.

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I used to play minecraft with KoG. He is a pretty cool guy. Had good taste in anime, hated umineko (never played the VN's). Dubs faggotry is worse though, thank god there's none of that here.