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So I was putting my images in order and I need some help with identifying some characters.

Who is the one far right?

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The one in the middle? Medicine?

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Left one, also Medicine?

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There's only 3 Touhou with black hair (Reimu, Kaguya, Aya), so it's either an artist self-insertion or PC-98 character.

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The only two blondes with red hair accessories. Medicine it is.

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Medicine thread?

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Judging from the long hair, regular pitless-miko clothes, and the fact that she's the only one other than Reimu carrying a gohei, that's probably PC-98 Reimu.

Just a guess though.

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This one? I don't know the first and second from the left. Also third is Sakuya right?

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Reimu in center

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I believe that's Mokou, actually.

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Mokou/Keine, Eirin, Sakuya, Youmu, Momizi.

It's weird that both Mokou and Keine have bluish-silver hair and red eyes. Coincidence?

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The cigarettes make it look like Mokou, but those bangs look far too familiar.


It's Keine. Lacks the ribbon charms on her head, and she's holding a Bible.

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Based on the haircut I say Eirin too.

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Guess you're right. Mokou does have straight cut bangs while Keine's are uneven and a bit messy.

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I was always wondering. Is this from Touhou?

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Yes! That's Smaug

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Dragon thread?

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Oh, what large teeth you have...

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I'm going to go with badly drawn kaguya given that she's pictured with a laptop.

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how about learning to separate right from left first?

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...oops... my bad, Mistress of Darkness.

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But you wouldn't find her on a bright day taking a walk under a semi-pink cloudy sky.

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Somebody said dragons?

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>>816528 pink clouds
Those are cherry trees

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She doesn't really fit in with Shiki and Komachi there either, just pointing out he forgot about poor little Rumia's head ornament

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She does though, Medicine, Shiki and Komachi were all new characters in PoFV

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I was talking about Rumia not medicine

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>>816253 Who is the one far right?

i say its reimu's mom

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From the left:

Lord Tenma, Tewi, Mushibito, Yukari, Hakurei Maiden one generation before Reimu, Shinki, Kuuko, Douji.

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From left to right:
Kaguya, Eirin, Reimu, Yuyuko, Youmu, Yukari, Marisa, Alice, Suika, Sakuya, Remilia, Reimu(PC-98), Aya

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Where can I find more info about them? Touhou wikia doesn't help.

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>Mushibito, Kuuko, Douji.

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Hm, difficult. All information we have about them through standard Touhou channels is analysis of that picture. If they're based on other sources, we'd have to go there.

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Those names showed up with the image on coolier.

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Mushibito is an insect Youkai if I recall correctly.

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>Hakurei Maiden one generation before Reimu

I doubt Reimu's mom was around for the creation of gensokyo.

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Yukari, Shinki and Tewi with the enormous dragon in the background give a surreal feeling.

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What's the source? Fan-made?

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