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Yo, /jp/. I'm going to make a adult-oriented Touhou flash with the deadline set on christmas. However, I am not sure of which Touhou to use, so I'm asking people to vote on the Touhou they would like to see getting bum-fukt.

I am not sure of what the theme of the flash will be, as I will choose something fitting to the character that turns out to be the most popular one.
(If it turns out to be Alice, her partner will be futa Marisa, Cirno = Tentacles, Yamame = Egglaying with a spider, etc etc)

So, yeah, please vote on the Touhou you would like to see getting it in the butt in swf-format.

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Tokiko is a good one

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> not just using your favorite Touhou
Don't have a favorite Touhou? You're not a real Toubro.

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Neko Scarlet.

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Why Touhou?

Do Fire Emblem.

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I do have, it's Meiling.
But I don't wanna use her tho, I don't like her that way.

Why Touhou?
'cause I'm more interested in Touhou than Fire Emblem.

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make a video of tokiko being raped by a burly /jp/er

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Rinnosuke. He seems like an uke

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This would be a good flash. I think we have plenty of black /jp/'ers, so make it a burly black guy with a beard. Preferably like the one in the dexters lab image where he beats up a pony.

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Reisen (the one that's still on the moon)

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Nue please.

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Eirin. BDSM raping futa Reisen.

Bonus points if Kaguya is in the background asleep and not noticing anything.

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Not sure if serious...
But if it turns out to be Tokiko, I'm probably going to pair her up with Rinnosuke.

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Do Yukari with dicks or tentacles coming out of gaps

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This man has good taste. Do Neko Scarlet.

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It's just a tripfriend spamming

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Fucking THIS. Yukari x Gap Tentacles. Consensual tentacles is best

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Sanae with as many cocks as possible.

Also I like most of your work.

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I already did something similiar about a year ago.
It's not very good tho, I got tired of it...

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Why is this anal obsessed furry faggot on /jp/?

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seems you've answered your own question

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Neko Scarlet

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Give tokiko a cock and have her fuck Rinnosuke.

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yamaxanadu please, she doesn't get enough love (or cock)

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Not Tokiko, it's just a new namefag here and he just post attached with a tokiko picture on every fucking thread.
i don't even know who to choose, anything without tentacles will be nice, futa would be cool

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You'll never get serious replies here..

Voting Shikieiki anyway.

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The fuck does Cirno have to do with tentacles?

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Nue has the best butt.

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Ah, I see. I suspected something like that.

I don't know where else to ask. If you know a better place, please link me there, and I'll give it a try.

Dunno, when I think Cirno, I think she and tentacles would go good together.

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Nue has the best butt and tentacles to appease the tentacle loving anon who keeps spamming this thread.

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I think by 'tentacles' you mean 'ice dildos'.

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Dom Eirin is love. Violent forceful possibly one-sided love

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Tentacles are more fun though.

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Holy shit! Patchy uses a seth killian stick!

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But tentacles are more of a Yuuka thing...

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Shikieiki, just because.

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Nue tentacle raping Yuuka. Make it happen OP!

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Well, I don't wanna make a solo-masturbation flash. And I don't really think there's anyone that makes a good pairing with Cirno.

At the moment, I think Cirno and Shikieiki has the most votes.

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I don't want my favorite Touhou in such a lewd flashgame so I won't say.

However I will add that Eirin has the greatest ass, so if you are making an anal game, I say go for her.

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>rock candy
Oh boy, here we go

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Cirno ice-dildo raping Lily. Or Cirno and Letty dildo-spit roasting Lily.

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That's more like it!
But I'm not deciding for anything yet, there's still chances that other characters will get more votes.

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Reimu is the only choice.

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Nue + Cirno

Ice + tentacles

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>Rock Candy.
Go away, your shit is terrible.

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lol, your a moral fag that don't like anal sex

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Now a flash with both Cirno and Letty would be something I would really like to see.

If you use Cirno, OP, please try to include Letty somehow. Or vice versa.

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Btw, thank you for the Ran flash.

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How the fuck did you possibly come to that conclusion?

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Fucking Orin

>> No.8158375

I'm not forcing you to watch it!

I think Daiyousei is more fitting in a Cirno flash though.
It all really depends on if Cirno is giving or taking.

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I want to ask something
Why only anal? I mean, it's filthy in there...
Also, voting for >>8158092 this guy is a genius.

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>ask for suggestions
>end up using cirno

Might as well have gone to >>>/a/ where your flash will be better received.

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2D filth is beautiful.

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Cirno is boring /a/ shit. Go with Nue.

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Nothing is decided yet, but by the looks of it, She seems to be the most popular one. But I wont decide on anything until december 1. As Cirno is too popular, I might take the number 2 in voting numbers instead.

Dunno, just don't like vaginas. I find buttsex more interesting in many ways.

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>Rock Candy !6B.msYdiz6
>[I] just don't like vaginas

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Shikieiki seems like the type to enjoy buttsex far more than straight sex.

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Nue has a great outfit that shows off the shape of her fine butt. Also enough tentacles to rape 6 other touhous or 5 others and herself.

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>Shikieiki seems like the type to enjoy giving buttsex with her rod of remorse far more than receiving any form of sex.

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please stop

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Think outside the box. Do something with Super Marisa Land style Marisa

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more of these kinds of pictures

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Don't you mean, three tentacles and three scythes?

Like, what?

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Remilia Scarlet. Please. I'm asking nicely.

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Reimarisa shooting the yinyan balls out of her butt I don't know.

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Farming tools on a biological creature? That's just silly. They're probably as soft as flesh and just look like that to scare away predators (both animal and pedophile).

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Just divide the number of votes for Cirno by 9.

>> No.8158574

Those things look really sharp though. I always imagined them as such.

As much fun it would be to make NSML Marisa shoot various projectiles out her butt, I don't think I will ever make that... Or will I?

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One of the things that makes touhou so popular is the freedom to change stuff around with OC. That said, feel free to change the ends of her wings to vibrating dildos or something.

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I guess so.

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Never heard of a praying mantis?

>> No.8158614

Yeah man, she's pretty hot.

>> No.8158612

I would really love to see Mokou getting butt loved.

>> No.8158620

Futa Kaguya repeatedly fucking her to death

>> No.8158626

I'm voting this as well. Eientei greatness.

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They're more like sickles than scythes.

There's already a flash of Mokou getting loved by Keine.

It's been done.

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>There's already a flash of Mokou getting loved by Keine.

That one is horrible.

>> No.8158645

I never said futa kaguya. And should not involve any other touhous

>> No.8158671

>There's already a flash of Mokou getting loved by Keine.

I'd like to see that flash. Where can I find it?

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It's from c79 or c80. It really is horrible though and just goes to show how bad Mokou would be as the featured girl.

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3/10 rank

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Is it named something? I don't know where to search for such things, I usually just come here around the Comicons to grab some music.
Even though it's shitty, I like to see them.

>> No.8158751

Oh, thanks.

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Make one of either Tewi or Reisen with an option to fluff their tails.

A Ran is fine too.

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Why did I just watch the whole thing?
I could've been doing my homework...

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erin or one of the hags please

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I was going to suggest something of my own, but whoever's pushing Nue has really convinced me. I mean, not only is she cute and small and have a nice butt, but she also has oh so exploitable tentacle/wing things. She's basically a shape shifter so I don't see why she couldn't change them. She's also in the two most recent games.

>> No.8159227

patchouli footjob
enough said

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i hope you don't count all these Nue post since it's a pretty obvious samefagging,
Letty would be cool

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Wriggle x Yamame
Wasp > Spider style.

>> No.8160069

Wriggle x Tokiko

>> No.8160077

I'm fine with whatever but seriously Rock Candy... please do not waste your time drawing a man. I can't believe how terrible your christmas flash was because of Santa Clauses ass in the way.

Floating dicks, candy canes or other toys is fine, just don't waste effort that could be spent on other things like more options or extra characters.

>> No.8160098

sakuya and remilia definitly

who doesn't like loli futa vampires

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You should do something with oral in it.

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Go with a small girl for the sub. Cirno, Remilia, Tokiko, maybe Nue if you manipulate it enough. Fat dicks look awesome in tiny, tight assholes. If you're going futa, make it a medium-sized girl, not a giant titty monster -Nue, Sakuya, Marisa, Reimu, Shikieiki.

If you want really, *really* rough anal, like "his-thighs-slap-into-her-ass" rough, Tenshi is as far as you'll get.

>> No.8160489

Anal is great and I agree with all of your choices.

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but if not, then in nue/tokiko vote I go for tokiko

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Futa Minamitsu with Nue
Make it so.

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Kaguya, Mokou, chainsaw (or red-hot iron rod).
Kaguya on top, obviously.

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Your halloween flash was bad. Don't care about the snuff or gore, it was just boring as fuck.

just putting that out there

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>> No.8160692

Ugh, that wasn't very good... Kinda rigid...

I wont do that again, promise.

That's understandable, I didn't expect it to be much anyway. I was just experimenting a little.

So far, Eirin has the most votes, not counting Cirno.

>> No.8160697

Thoughts about Tokiko?

>> No.8160698

No votes for futa Mamizou on top? Come on, guys, there is a great lack of futa Futatsuiwa out there already.

>> No.8160734

Eh? I dunno what to think about it, such an obscure character...

>> No.8160771

>If you want really, *really* rough anal, like "his-thighs-slap-into-her-ass" rough, Tenshi is as far as you'll get.

1 Vote for this.