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>Our pals at J-List are having a Black Friday sale through Sunday night. Peter has supported and been a friend to 4chan for over 7 years—J-List and 4chan even share a birthday (October 1st).
>Be a bro and check it out if you like the animes and all things Japanese ^_^ Or life-like texture ;_;
Be a bro, dude. Check this out.

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Get fucked.

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My face when Peter Payne was a Jew near me.

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Who is 4chan? I myself don't know any Peter. So, no.

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I'm not your bro, Peter.

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Oh hey cool its not like theres already a big red announcement about it.

Reported for advertising.
I'm glad moot remembered life like texture though ;_;

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This has got to be the worst sale in existence.

Nothing is even on sale, you just get credit when you buy their still overpriced crap?

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Suburbanite anime boom scrubs will pay it.

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I only have $5 because I spent all of my money buying people in the shitposter Steam group games.

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True 4chan patriots will pay it.

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Wow, looks like I missed out.

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I bought an oppai ball already years ago, I've paid my dues.

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I'm Kuroneko-level poor. Although I don't have much interest in niche Jappo stuff anyway.

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funny article: http://weblog.ceicher.com/archives/2008/06/peter_payne_pornographer.html
> If you asked Japanese who they considered the most respected "military heroes"
> of the country were, you might find some who would answer Amuro Rei or Bright
> Noah or Captain Okita/Captain Avatar, the legendary characters from these
> war-oriented anime series.
> When I ask my Japanese friends who are the greatest Japanese war heroes, they
> tell me stories of Oda Nobunaga, Toyoyomi Hideyoshi, Takeda Shingen etc. Not a
> single one of them has ever cited imaginary warriors from anime.

> I suppose it depends on who you hang out with. I suppose it's only natural that
> if you peddle porn and manga, you have lowbrow friends. But don't let that warp
> your perceptions of Japanese society as a whole.

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>Oda Nobunaga, Toyoyomi Hideyoshi, Takeda Shingen etc. Not
>warriors from anime.

I find this hilarious because there are like 500 billion anime about them; so many that even if you didn't care about Japanese history at all, you'd probably be able to list off a few of them. And then I wish America had as many cartoons about its heroes as Japan does.

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Closest thing you'll get http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7iVsdRbhnc

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That bitch isn't poor, she has her own fucking room. I grew up living in a single room with 2 brothers and my dad in two beds. That's fucking poor.

Spoiled bitch.

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That's not poor, your dad just didn't know how to use a condom.

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He was vice president of an x-ray company and could easily support us. My mom had a good divorce lawyer and is a ruthless bitch.

You work out who the bad guy is here.

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Can you still buy life like texture ;_;?

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The divorce laywer of course.

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Naw, blame society for allowing it to be like this, she's only doing it because she can, the lawyer is doing it because he/she can.

If America had sane laws about this stuff it wouldn't happen.

And remember, have separate accounts, don't buy things together, it will only end up like that.

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I should've mentioned that she slept with another guy and divorced my dad because he found out and she felt threatened.

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America is such a great country to be a woman in, don't you think?

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* by America I mean the U.S, of course.

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Buy my stuff, dude

in b4 he uses this line on his next advertisements

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Their Black Friday sale is a bit of cash back when you buy their overpriced merchandise? How can that even be called a sale?

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I support J-List because they pay for our bandwidth.
Why do you guys hate them? It's because of them that websites like 4chan stay afloat.

I buy stuff from them occasionally, so I've done my part.
I usually go to amiami and stuff though. Maybe they can put ads on 4chan too.

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If only they didn't overprice so much I'd consider it, I mean, really? $90 for Project Diva 2nd?

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Well that kind of stuff you can find for cheaper on other parts of the internet.

Their books are priced alright. You should only really buy stuff that you can't easily find elsewhere there, or if it's cheaper there than to import.

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You're already importing 90% of the stuff from their site as is. The markup comes before shipping, hence, you might as well just buy everything off of amazon JP and save yourself some money.

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>Their books are priced alright.
No they aren't. For example, a volume of Ore no Imouto manga in Japan is ¥599($7.71US) and on J-List they are charging $12US.

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Peter, your store caters to ignorant consumers. You can't trick a well-informed userbase like /jp/ into buying your stuff as we're aware of the superior alternatives. The only thing you could possibly get us to buy is JAST and MangaGamer visual novels since they're not widely available elsewhere.

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I actually didn't know there was a red announcement about it until this thread as I filtered those with adblock the other day when those huge flashing message kinda bothered me.

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/jp/ is just jealous that they'll never be as successful as Peter

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This can't be removed soon enough.

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Reported for advertising.

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I hate the animes and all things Japanese, though. :-\
He must be mistaking us for someone else.

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