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Visual Novel translation status

11eyes - 2nd partial patch out, 2092 lines left to translate and 7444 lines left to edit before the third partial patch
Aiyoku no Eustia - "translation for the first chapter is almost finished"
Akai Ito- Yumei's route released, Nozomi route fully inserted,Uzuki route 40% inserted, 14300/21674 (65.98%) overall inserted, last untranslated arc being translated by original translator
Amaranto - Trial released
Apathy Midnight Collection - fully translated, one arc left to edit
Ayakashibito - 28121/50995 lines translated (55.14%), common route fully translated, 28023/50995 lines edited (54.95%)
Baldr Force Exe - Project starting up
Baldr Sky - Translation ongoing
Cartagra - Initial translation complete, future is unknown
Concerto Note - C&D, continuing, translation at 37%, editing at 16%
Daiteikoku - 25% translated partial patch out
DraKoi- Initial translation complete
>Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 68.2% translated, second partial patch out
>Forest - 3250/11938 (27.22%) lines translated
Fortune Arterial- 52 of 122 scripts translated, 14 of 122 scripts edited, patch for the trial version of the game
>Hanahira - 10 of 50 scripts translated
>Heartful Kareshi - Released
Higanbana no Saku Yoru Ni - 2857 / 8082 (35.35%) lines translated
Higurashi Daybreak - being translated
Hinomaru- 19% translated, main arc editing
Honey Coming- Prologue 100% translated, common route 80% translated. Yuma Shichiri's route 5% translated
Hoshizora no Memoria - prologue patch out, common route fully translated, Isuzu's patch released, overall 37127/55183 (67.28%) translated
Hunks Workshop - Being translated, partial patch out
Ikusa Megami Zero - Project alive again, 5205 lines translated
Imouto Paradise - 5% translated

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>Irotoridori no Sekai - 5,300/51,105 (10.37%) lines translated, teaser patch in December
Kawakaburi No Cherry - Being translated
Koitate - Yukino’s route patch released
>Little Busters - Fully translated and edited, patch out with Haruka's route and Kud's route
>Majikoi- Yukie + Chris + Momoyo + teacher route patch released, Wanko route TL: 45%
M&M Enchanting Magic & Sweet Charms- 92%
Milky Holmes - Being translated
Muv-Luv Chronicles - Work being done on The Day After 00 + 01
>Never 7 - all 113 scripts and 55 of 111 tips through initial translation, 20/113 scripts through final translation
Nursery Rhyme - 9049/34410 lines (26.3%) translated
Ore no Imouto - 9.4% (28/299) scripts translated
>Otomimi Infinity - 6630 /105610 (6.28%) translated
>Period- All image/UI editing complete, game total translation: 72.03% complete, Miyu + Rin + Aoi + Kohane patches released
Princess Lover - 10% translated
Princess Maker 5- 41% translated
Princess Nightmare - Translator said the project is still active, but very slow, nearly 50% translated
Pure Pure The Story of Ears and Tails- Sachi Patch released, 81.69% translated
Rance 3 - 75% translated
Rance 4 - 20% translated
Rance Quest - 2% translated
Real Imouto ga Iru - translation: 4330/16108 (27%) editing: 3910/16108 (24%), demo up
Rewrite - Ixrec's project following Forest
Sensei Da-isuki 2- roughly 25% translated, still active
Serifu de Kanjite! Seiyuu Doushi: Total: 185/5400 translated
Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo - Fully translated, someone has gone through all the scripts for editing
Sin- 65% of episode 1 translated
Shuffle Essence+ - group working on it, nearly non working alpha released

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>Sono Hanabira 7 - Released
Sorairo - 2755/48557 (6%) lines translated
Steins;Gate - Script and TIPS fully translated, being edited. Unedited patch out, all early scripts fixed, system images finished
Suihensei Made Nan Mile - 32% translated, plans to get a patch out "soon"
Tenshi No Inai 12-Gatsu-"status: ~translating:active~"
Tenshin Ranman - 2% translated
The Second Reproduction - Fully translated, 90% edited
Togainu No Chi- 77% translated, partial patch out
To Heart2-63% translated- "The final product is still years away unless I get more help. ", alpha patch with Konomi, Tamaki, Manaka and Yuma routes translated
Tomoyo After - Partial patch released
Toradora Portable - Being translated
Touka Gettan: translation status: ~30% translated
Umineko 8 - Translation: 75% of what was not included in part 1
Under The Moon- 6% translated/checked/programmed, still active
Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 - 1st draft translation complete
Yandere - 20.7% translated
Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na - 100% translated, 5% edited
>Yosuga no Sora - Roughly 40% translated

>Aroduc has been working on something new, though has yet to reveal the title. ~55500 /76302 lines translated

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Official work

>Harem Party- Released
Dear Drops - Translation and editing complete, Feb 2012 planned release
Ef - Scripts back to minori
Harukoi Otome - 6 scripts left to translate
Dengeki Strykers - Translation and editing complete, 2012 release
Sexy magic title from Score- off to testing
Da Capo III - Mentioned at AX
Innocent Grey would also like to bring over an upcoming title related to Kara no Shoujo
Negotiations with age still ongoing
Negotiations for Oretsuba are still ongoing
Games from Denbonosu - "Hopefully in the future with MangaGamer, I can do something in the US too."[president of Denbonosu]
Negotiations ongoing with Clochette, would like to bring over Kamikaze Explorers
Picked up a Circus title with gameplay

>Osananajimi wa Daitouryou - Golden Master, release mid to late December
>Yumina the Ethereal - Final QC/post production, couple thousand more images to translate, before AX 2012
>Moero Downhill Night Blaze- Early 2012
School Days HQ - April/May 2012
>Saya no Uta + Hanachirasu - Release shortly after getting stuff from Nitro+
>Django: Couple more months of translation
>Kikokugai - Working out issues
Sumaga- Spring goal, demo soon, got new staff
Seinarukana- picked up, ~32% translated
>Starless - Work ongoing
Starry Sky- negotations with voice actors
Muramasa - Common route complete, 2 of 5 chapters towards true end translated, uncertain what will come from the project

LUDESIA- English release planned
Hakuoki - Feb 14th, 2012
>Corpse Party - Released
>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

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>LB full patch still not out

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Best thread of the week, etc

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>Wanko route TL: 45%
Every week

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>Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 68.2% translated

Incredible, they're almost managing 1% a week!

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I know.

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Think I'll wait until the extra routes from MB/EX are translated. I've got plenty to play while I wait.

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Enjoy your eternal wait.

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Why would it be eternal?

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Dude said he was for sure going to translate the other routes. I mean, I guess if it takes too long I can always give up and AGTH it. The Japanese shouldn't be very hard if Key's previous works are any indication.

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Why do I even look foreward to these threads? My backlog includes Sharnoth, Koihime, Demonbane, Katahane, A Profile (2/3 route done, I can't stand the idea of a non-Miku end so I will never finish it), and YU-NO.

But I look forward to releases so damn much...

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>Baldr Sky - Translation ongoing
Weekly dose of relief, ensuring me that it will take a looong time for it to end up like MuvLuv.

Carry on.

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I know that feel. I've got 21 translated VNs already downloaded in my "to read" folder. I'm only just now finally getting around to Moon, and I'm also hoping to read ef this winter.

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I know what you mean. I still want to finish Higurashi Kai, YU-NO, Swan Song, Inganock, Demonbane, Cross Channel, Symphonic Rain, Clannad, Kara no Shoujo, Kana, Phoenix Wright... and that's just a selection from those that are translated.

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Best thread of the week is here again

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> Ore no Imouto - 9.4% (28/299) scripts translated
> Princess Lover - 10% translated

Stop teasing me by posting translations that will never be finished

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When a new translation is released I like to put aside what I am currently reading for a bit and get started on the new release.

It's more fun when you are playing/reading with other people.

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We should read eroge together on Skype anon~
We can read the same ero scenes at the same time~

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let's all fap together

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where can i find Little Busters scripts? can't find them on TLwiki project page.

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Are you ready for JAST or MG's announcement?

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Hipster faggot.

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No, fuck off, fuck you, there's no fucking way.

>> No.8153847

Not cool. Don't even joke about that.

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Anyone have an update on the progress of the project to translate Homestuck from English into Japanese?

>> No.8153850

no way in hell they could afford it.

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Seriously, I punched a hole in my wall when I heard about MLA. If LB goes down my wall might too.

>> No.8153873

Why? We still got MLA almost immediately after the translation was finished.

>> No.8153877

Explain further.

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There was a huge fiasco with Ixrec wanting to release it officially, a decision that angered almost everybody. (Because of fears of long delays before release.) But the thing wound up getting leaked days after the translation was finished anyway, and then everyone stopped giving a shit. Ixrec still tried to stick with the plan of an official release for a while, but eventually got sick of MangaGamer and Age's attitudes towards it and the lack of information he was getting, so he just decided to fuck it all and release it a few months later.

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You forgot to mention Hatoful Boyfriend was translated. A lovely BL (Bird's Love) vn.

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He announced it when the translation was 2/3 done in January, we had to have 3 months of uncertainty until the leak. The hole in my wall was made in January, long before there was ever a leak.

>> No.8153895

Anyone could make a bot that spiders open/wiki projects and saves it to svn?

>> No.8153896

Read the first post. Again!

>> No.8153898

Someone should translate Gakuen Handsome desu~

>> No.8153912

You are right good sir, i didn't check for the original name. I hope you can forgive my honest mistake.
Still, i was hoping for it to get the OP image.

>> No.8153913

>Super Robot Wars Compact 2 Part 3

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what the hell happened to Steins;Gate,anyway?the guy translated it pretty fast,last time he gave an update progress was to finish editing it,but it's been weeks and he hasn't given any life signs since then...

>> No.8153932

I read somewhere that some people think he went and committed suicide. There's no confirmation of that, but he was saying a lot of worrisome things to his internet friends, and then disappeared completely the next day never to be seen again, so make of that what you will.

>> No.8153933

He died. Some of the other team members are patching up what he didn't finish, but he had all the final files.

>> No.8153941

Or he faked a suicide to discard his online identity so that we wouldn't pester him about translating other stuff.

This is your fault, /jp/.

>> No.8153945

Holy shit, where did you here this?

Do the other team members have a web site?

>> No.8153950

woah. This is a great idea to get out of translating.

>> No.8153955

If that's true, it would be very sad. He did good work, and fast.

Of course, I could also see that happening.

>> No.8153977

yeah,I've been hearing this story for some days that he might have died,but I think it will be better if somebody who personally knew him could confirm it,which I find unlikely to happen...
or maybe it was all trolling...who,knows?

>> No.8154006

>Or he faked a suicide to discard his online identity so that we wouldn't pester him about translating other stuff
The original Katahane translator did this and then changed her mind and resumed her identity. It'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

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The Steins;Gate project gets C&D'd because of the official Phoenix-Wright style localization. Here's the cast from the official site:

Leonardo Oakes (Patrick Seitz)
The protagonist, a self proclaimed mad scientist. Since he doesn't like the sound of his name, he uses the pseudonym, Phoenix Revil. The 'Revil' means he wants to REVeal the EVIL in the world.
However, his friends call him Oakley instead, taking the first syllable of his first and last names.

Mary Shiner (Cristina Valenzuela)
Leonardo's childhood friend. She likes to make costumes. When she's working at the local Hooters with her friend, Fairy, she goes by the name Marshi.
Her catchphrase is "Toodle-oo!"

Darryl Hatita (Vic Mignogna)
Leonardo's classmate, and a genius 133t hacker.

Kristal Marx (Julie Ann Taylor)
A child prodigy who got her thesis published in Science Magazine at only age 17. Leonardo likes to tease her by calling her 'Kristina' instead of 'Kristal.'

Monica Kira (Lauren Landa)
A quiet girl who's been searching all over California for the famed phantom PC, the IBN 5100. Since she texts really fast instead of talking, Leonardo likes to call her 'Flautist,' as in a flute player. And you gotta admit, flautist is a really funny word.

Lucas Ulysses (Johnny Yong Bosch)
For some reason, Lucas' father makes him dress in girl clothes -even though his gender is male.
He looks really feminine -even though his gender is male.
Leonardo likes to call him Luca -even though his gender is male.

Fairy Meowmeow (Cindy Robinson)
Mary's best friend, the most popular waitress at Hooters. While she seems like a regular sexy lady, she has an interesting secret.
Her real name is Remilia Hollyworth, lone daughter of the Hollyworth family, who secretly owns all of Hollywood.

Susana Armani (Laura Bailey )
An odd girl who comes to work part time at CRTsR'US downstairs.

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>Baldr Force Exe - Project starting up
????? If you mean that hongfire thread that died months ago, sure.

>> No.8154026


>I can't stand the idea of a non-Miku end so I will never finish it

You stay the fuck away from my waifu faggot!

But you're not missing much. Mio's route was very lackluster and anti-climatic. Not to mention it was like half as long as the others.

>> No.8154029

Seriously? Seriously?!

I realize a houou is kinda like a phoenix, but naming him Phoenix, seriously?


>> No.8154049

Every time I think that I've seen the stupidest person on the board, someone else comes along to trump them.

>> No.8154061

But, it's a message from John Titor.
He's warning us of the future!

>> No.8154065

I know what you mean, bro. I have like 10 VNs on my backlog but I started reading Little Busters! today, anyway. I guess I'll try to finish G-senjou, since I started reading it when the full patch got released last christmas and I'm still on Kanon's route.

>> No.8154066

You seriously hadn't seen that before?

>> No.8154068

They set Mio up as the true heroine so that sucks that it is anti-climatic. Miku is light years ahead of the other girls, it is amazing how big the gap actually is.

>> No.8154082

I have installed A Profile, Chaos;Head, Clannad, Steins;Gate, Cross Channel, Demonbane, Higurashi (first and Kai), ML and MLA, Little Busters!, G-Senjou and Majikoi and Tsukihime (though I did finish Arc's route, at least).
I just can't seem to get time to read them, even when I have. I probably spend more time weekly on this thread than actually reading shit.

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Incest end is the only end

>> No.8154094


Mio wasn't bad as a character ... when she wasn't being loldeep and dramatic.

Miku > Kaine >> Mio >>> Rizu

>> No.8154100

manipulative cunt, worthless burden of a sister
Bitches and Whores; needy
Good girl and the only time that a twin as a red herring fooled me

>> No.8154120

mother was the only good character.

>> No.8154122

it was obvious she was faking it, I don't know what else to say about Miku, as she played no part in the main storyline

Mio was overtly dramatic, her Sakura-like jealousy-antics was infuriating.
Sure, Rizu was also a part of Mio's shenanigans, but I enjoyed the whole "protagonist tried to turn a new page for his sister" thing. There were weak parts too, but I'm a sucker for forbidden love.
What did Mio have going for her, besides getting cock blocked by Rizu's bipolar?

>> No.8154147

>Yosuga no Sora - Roughly 40% translated

Yay progress, can anyone tell me the group doing the translation?

>> No.8154151


>> No.8154153

Do you have to know Japanese to translate a VN, or is good knowledge of how to use a dictionary/google translate enough?

>> No.8154162

...Really? REALLY?

>> No.8154172

Well obviously I'm going to edit it extensively so that it makes sense afterwards. Most of this shit you can just infer from context anyway, 90% of translation is in the rewriting to make it fit the English language.

>> No.8154197

Depends on what you're trying to translate.
If it's something I don't care about, go right ahead.

>> No.8154201

Well I was thinking of picking up Baldr Sky, since the project hasn't moved in a long time.

>> No.8154202

I concur: OP confirmed for shit taste.

>> No.8154205

All you people complaining about large backlogs are lucky you're limited to translations.

Alright, you trolled me.

>> No.8154206

Just leave.

>> No.8154208

>Well obviously I'm going to edit it extensively so that it makes sense afterwards.
Go to bed Cudder.

>> No.8154209

Why? I'm not asking you to help me or anything, I just wanted advice before I start this big project.

>> No.8154218


>Mio was overtly dramatic, her Sakura-like jealousy-antics was infuriating.

But you have to admit the bitch Rizu deserved it. Sakura's jealousy was very broad and she just wanted to lock Shirou in a cage. On the other hand Mio just hated Rizu. Remember she supported Miku's and MC's relationship.

>What did Mio have going for her, besides getting cock blocked by Rizu's bipolar?

She had the whole cute, innocent, child-hood friend thing going on.

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>Wanko route TL: 45%

>> No.8154254

I'm going to assume you're not trolling. The thing is, machine translations and even dictionary translations lose too much of the original. I've seen some anime where 4-kanji compounds get dictionary'd and they completely lose the gist of what was said. And what's worse is that when somebody picks something up, nobody cares anymore because there's no point in over-translating when there's so much left to translate and each translation is a huge project in itself.

Well, that and, it seems Baldr Sky *might* still be alive, just not getting updated. Emphasis on "might". Emphasis on "emphasis".

>> No.8154259

But the problem is that people are ALREADY not translating it because of that project that the guy most likely lost interest in ages ago. Even if my translation isn't exactly ideal, isn't it better than nothing? (Assuming you need a translation, anyway, and if you don't you have no reason to give a shit.)

>> No.8154263

>Harem Party- Released
>Corpse Party - Released

looks like it's gonna be a pretty festive weekend

>> No.8154264

Not quite. I have some untranslated ones on the backlog too, to be AGTH'd when I get a little faster with common Kanji.

>> No.8154279

My advice is to not. You can't properly translate with google and a dictionary. Even if you edit it afterwards to make it readable, that won't change the fact that it will be horribly mistranslated in many parts. Translate a chapter of a manga or something using your method and see how you do.

>> No.8154280

>lose too much of the original
That happens when you skip too many words you don't know and try to assemble a sentence from what's left over.

At least get Translation Aggregator and give http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_grammar a good reading if you're going to try. Google Translate is the butt end of jokes for a reason, use ATLAS or OCN instead. JParser and Mecab will also help and you'll end up learning Japanese too.

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File: 127 KB, 452x388, party_hard.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8154283

Hey, Little Busters, fuck yeah.

>> No.8154285

Alright, I'll look into the Translation Aggregator thing.

>> No.8154292

if you wanna translate something,do something that nobody will probably ever bother to work on it,like those nukige by Jin Happoubi(the Boin series,KanojoxKanojoxKanojo...)or SexFriends.I would play them in a heartbeat if they would get a translation.

>> No.8154297

>That happens when you skip too many words you don't know and try to assemble a sentence from what's left over.
Not quite. Dictionary translation can only go so far. long compounds will 90% of the time lose information with that method.

>> No.8154302

Seconded. Baldr Sky is much too long anyway, and someone is bound to pick it up if nobody else does given some time.

>> No.8154304

No. For something like Baldr Sky, that would be worse than nothing. Translate some shitty nukige instead, no one cares if the translation is shit.

>> No.8154311

If somebody were really going to pick it up they would have done so already.
Personally I think I can do a bit better than "shit".

>> No.8154312

Ixrec probably will pick it up after Rewrite if that guy is still dead. God bless his attention whoring.

>> No.8154325

>Personally I think I can do a bit better than "shit".

If you use the method you are describing, it will without question be shit.

>> No.8154330

You are seriously underestimating translating if you can provide a decent translation armed with only a dictionary and machine translator. De geso.

>> No.8154334

Stick 食べない into Google Translate and see what you get.

>> No.8154339

>If somebody were really going to pick it up they would have done so already.
There's a limit to how much people can keep waiting without updates. Someone will snipe that project if nothing is heard of it sooner or later.
>Personally I think I can do a bit better than "shit".
If you're using that time consuming method to translate such a long VN, I'd suggest you'd rather use that time to learn Japanese and do a much, much better work in just a little more time.

>> No.8154357

>I'd suggest you'd rather use that time to learn Japanese and do a much, much better work in just a little more time.
>implying he can't learn Japanese at the same time (which he will, that's how language immersion programs work)

>> No.8154358

Oh my god. I don't know that kanji but I guessed what it was because of べ. Google translate really is more retarded than someone with just passing knowledge of Kana.

>> No.8154371

Yes, but then the translation would be shit at the beginning, just getting less shitty as time passes unless he scrapped everything, because there's a limit to how much you can fix a script.

If he's going to do that, he should start translating lots of nukige to get a grasp of the language, then get a mid-level mid-length VN, and THEN go ahead and try Baldr Sky.

>> No.8154374

Well, you guys are free to disagree, but you don't have to read my translation if you don't want to.

>> No.8154384

Or just retranslate Flyable Heart.

>> No.8154386

Let's do this. Start learning Japanese right now (it'll be useful in the future regardless) and wait till Ixrec finishes Rewrite. If he or anyone else doesn't pick it up, go ahead. If he does, enjoy reading VN's in glorious nihongo or translate something else.
Before you call me a faggot, I am learning Japanese myself.

>> No.8154387

I'm not that guy, but I'm thinking about doing just that, the goal being to eventually work myself up to finishing the Air translation once and for all. I, at least, do already have some knowledge of Japanese, though.

>> No.8154388

Why say
>Do you have to know Japanese to translate a VN, or is good knowledge of how to use a dictionary/google translate enough?
If you've already made up your mind then? You just want people to agree with you and say that you totally can or something?

>> No.8154393

>hasn't done anything yet
>already complaining/whining
I see you're another drama queen; you'll fit perfectly with "vn translation scene".

>> No.8154396

An untranslated game may get a good translation eventually
A poorly translated game has a horrible translation forever.

At the very least though, if you have not read through the material you are planning to translate, and understood it, you have no business translating it.

>> No.8154397

>vn translation scene
You mean ANY translation scene.

>> No.8154416

Good luck. If you pass through KxKxK as practice, I will suck your cock, dude.

>> No.8154435

>A poorly translated game has a horrible translation forever.
Only if no one wants to do a better job.

>> No.8154453

Which is 99% of the time the case.

>> No.8154456

>no daiteikoku
>no rance

>> No.8154482

Baldr Sky is massive and very complicated in select places, broham. If you think you can machine translate it accurately and quickly with zero knowledge of Japanese and just on a whim for something to do, you are deluding yourself. If you're committed to this folly, at least pick something that wouldn't require even the fastest VN translators to work for a year to finish.

Rule One: Do no harm.
Rule Two: Start small.

>> No.8154488

wow,I completely forgot about Air too,that's another suggestion if you don't want to translate some nukige.

>> No.8154489

You would need a legendary bad translation for someone to pick it up. Anything that passes the "readable, but retarded" grade will get stuck with that forever. It mostly depends on the VN's popularity though, since most people willing to redo a work would be attention whores.

>> No.8154494

Only 99%? When has it ever not been true for anything but doujins which take only 20 minutes or so tops?

>> No.8154500

I'll look into it, assuming no one picks it up by then. That was one I was interested in reading anyhow.

>> No.8154507

its not like machine translation will be worse than ixrecs. what is the problem

>> No.8154513

You seriously underestimate the work required for even short nukige. If you haven't even played the game yet, don't even bother committing to months of work.

>> No.8154514

In other words, no one really cares. Doesn't stop them from bitching like crazy though.


>> No.8154516

I'm not committing to anything yet. I just said I'd look into it.

>> No.8154528

Even if this guy is serious now I doubt he'll make it through machine translating a whole game once he realizes how much work it is for a terrible product. I'm still surprised the Flyable Heart project finished.

He's probably just trolling though.

>> No.8154534

Correction: No one with working knowledge of Japanese cares enough.

I can bitch 24/7 about a machine translation of a VN I was interested in, but it'll take months before I can even read it in Japanese, and years before I can start a project to retranslate it. If I still had the interest in translating that particular VN by then, I would be a saint.

>> No.8154540

Assuming you are serious, before you do anything, play through it, and at the end, ask yourself "did I understand this?" As if you can't, how can you expect that anyone else who is reading your translation to be able to.

>> No.8154545

That was before people started insulting me for no reason.

>> No.8154598

You're being a little to sensitive. The guy who said it would be shit wasn't talking about your work but the method. And I'm actually surprised people didn't start flaming you left and right from the beginning from even suggesting it.

In any case, read >>8154482 and >>8154396. That is pretty much what everyone here really thinks. I'm not either of them, by the way. I'm >>8154339

>> No.8154615

>Start small
This. Even Ixrec didn't suddenly decide to just pick up MLA.

>> No.8154617

I'll keep that in mind, but I'm thinking about doing it anyway. I just think it would be such a shame if this never got translated.

>> No.8154623

He picked up a title that interested him, same as I'd be doing. And he didn't really know a lot about VNs at the time. The guy hadn't even read Fate/Stay Night until long after he translated Cross Channel.

>> No.8154635

I dropped A Profile when i found out you can't bang the milf, am I missing out on anything.

>> No.8154643

Yeah, bitch.

>> No.8154659

But he had working knowledge of Japanese and started with a short VN. This is what everyone here is telling you to start with.

Don't get me wrong, I'm killing for that translation, but for that same reason I want it to be picked up by someone who will do the best work possible.

Relatedly, which current translator would you guys want to pick up Baldr Sky? And who's "doing it" at the moment?

>> No.8154673

Go away.

>> No.8154675

You can whine 24/7 but it won't make any difference. In other words: you're ungrateful AND lazy.

>> No.8154692

It was also very short, to the point where he was able to translate it in a month, not a work which is one of the longest stories in the VN medium. He also knew Japanese to the point where his translation was passable, instead of trying to do a machine translation.

And you said it is something he liked, indeed it is something he played through and enjoyed, and decided his Japanese was sufficient to translate it. Have you played through Baldr Sky and enjoyed it and are you confident that you can maintain the meaning with bringing it into English?

>> No.8154695
File: 185 KB, 515x600, 18705621_m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I caught at least two Gakuen Handsome references in Hatoful ('sexy luxury', and I could have sworn that the protagonist/Ryouta mentioning someone talking about the greatness of Calorie Mates was said by Gakuen's Saotome).

>> No.8154700

Nah I don't want to spoil myself. I think I'll be more motivated to translate if I do it in my first reading.

>> No.8154706

I bought Gakuen Handsome. Best purchase I've made on a doujin site.

>> No.8154709

Cool trolling.

>> No.8154722

You cannot accurately translate a title without knowing the full material, even if you are fluent in both languages.

>> No.8154724

Quicker test of Japanese: Go to any Japanese news site and see if you can translate any of the articles to English.

>> No.8154726

I'll go back and edit it after I'm done of course.

>> No.8154737


>> No.8154740

I did too. Bought it off of Alice Books a couple of months back.

>> No.8154745

You won't even enjoy the game if you do that. Thrust me, I've tried that for editing LNs in baka-tsuki, shit distracts from the story so much.

And translating is a whole different matter. In fact, I'm pretty sure it'll be impossible to do so before you finish it at least once. Specially if you don't even know the language.

>> No.8154753 [DELETED] 

Actually, he should do both. Understanding a long/hard VN and having the ability to translate text are two different abilities.

>> No.8154780

how do you figure? besides MOON., he jumped right into Cross Channel and fucked that up.

>> No.8154796

That came out retarded. Once again:
Actually, he should do both. Understanding a long/hard VN in a foreign language and being able to translate text are two different abilities.

>> No.8154805

You cannot do that in Japanese. It's a heavily context driven language, both for immediate references and distant ones and it is literally impossible to translate lines in English in isolation.

>> No.8154809

Why not? It would be easy to accidentally spoil things like forshadowing if you already knew what was going to happen later.

>Thrust me
Sure! *grabs dick*

>> No.8154820

>besides MOON.
Yeah, no, you can't just ignore it when that's the point of the post.
>he jumped right into Cross Channel and fucked that up.
Really? I haven't read it, but I thought it had been an average translation. I mean, everyone who read it enjoyed it that way right? ..Right?

>> No.8154830


>> No.8154952

SERN got him! ;_;

>> No.8154955

>Aiyoku no Eustia
>Concerto Note
>Fortune Arterial
>Honey Coming
>Imouto Paradise
>Otomimi Infinity
>Real Imouto ga Iru
>Sensei Da-isuki 2
>Serifu de Kanjite! Seiyuu Doushi
>Tenshin Ranman
>The Second Reproduction
>Under The Moon
>Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na
>Yosuga no Sora
>Harukoi Otome
>Dengeki Strykers
>Kamikaze Explorers
>Yumina the Ethereal

Waiting warmly

>Heartful Kareshi
>Sono Hanabira 7
>Harem Party

Downloading joyfully

>> No.8155188
File: 213 KB, 150x150, FluttershyYay.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yosuga no Sora - Roughly 40% translated

Way to go!

> Yandere - 20.7% translated

>> No.8155742

please do sir, assuming you're not trolling. I'll be delighted if you're translating it (I'm not hoping too much anyway, with so many vn translation is stoopped midway now ;_;)

>> No.8155944
File: 61 KB, 189x248, Rance_6_-_Rance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is absolutely hilarious wtf are you thinking translating a visual novel with auto-translate google/ATLAS whatever.

Have you ever tried reading a visual novel using a text hooker and auto-translate. All nuance is lost, all context is lost; to be honest your better off just reading a book its horrible, truly horrible.

I bet you couldn't do the hours of eye-bleeding excruciating annoyance as wall-after-wall of incomprehensible text is thrown at you, enjoy your rewrite and your hand for that matter.


>> No.8155950

Maybe he's actually done that and understood it.

>> No.8156293

oh,I remember other suggestions:you should try and translate Tony Taka nukige since nobody is going to bother with them either...

>> No.8156331

>Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na - 100% translated, 5% edited
I just went to their site & they said that they're in need for an editor. is editing a translated script really that hard so it need more ppl?

>> No.8156733

There's a reason no one botehrs with them, they are horrible.
Godly art, bad everything else.

>> No.8156762

>Godly art,
Enjoy your reverse toes.

>> No.8157060

>Little Busters - Fully translated and edited

http://tlwiki.tsukuru.info/index.php?title=Little_Busters! says otherwise...

>> No.8157166

what's mla?

>> No.8157173


A terrible overrated VN.

>> No.8157177

Just leave.

>> No.8157208


>> No.8157242

greatest vn know to humankind

>> No.8157596

Why the hell are they translating anything other than the Sora route? The rest sucks, might as well just take generic h-game X and c&p that translation over the other routes, no one would notice the difference anyway.

>> No.8157618

they are going to translate the whole VN,they even said they might work on the fandisc after finishing Yosuga.

>> No.8157632

Fuck you, I want Akira's route finished at least.

>> No.8157640

Fucking name field.

>> No.8157918 [DELETED] 

it seems LB's translator is started to EX with Sasami's route.

>> No.8157928

it seems LB's translator started Ex with sasami's route.

>> No.8157935

Tears of joy

>> No.8157936

For real? I'd like a source, just in case.

>> No.8157948

Sorry i deleted other post by mistake,For source you can look at their twitter,its %0 though.

>> No.8157953

OK then.

>> No.8158193

So Blick is dead, right?
What's becoming of his S;G translation?

>> No.8158210

I would like to know also, who is editing it?

>> No.8158225

He was.

>> No.8158226

Nobody. It's like Clannad.

>> No.8158316

In what way?

>> No.8158327

>Blick is dead
He probably sold his script to JAST and faked internet suicide. Don't expect to hear from him again.

>> No.8158418


>> No.8158506

Speaking of people who claimed to be dead to get out of projects...

>> No.8158681

What project did aaerul participate in?

>> No.8159142

Katahane. Disappeared for two months, posted about how he (she?) was dying and therefore no longer had any time for VNs, then returned to the internet about four months later after deleting the page claiming death was imminent and apparently has all the time in the world for VNs again.
The link's still floating around, some search engine probably has it cached.

>> No.8159166

Katahane, I think.

>> No.8159910

I don't think JAST are interested in Steins;Gate.
If it's not porn then they don't see much point.

>> No.8159920

Aaeru didn't actually do jack shit for the Katahane project anyway. It's being generous to say he participated.

>> No.8159951

> Disappeared for two months, posted about how he (she?) was dying and therefore no longer had any time for VNs
I couldn't find a cached version of the death post (someone should have saved it). Anyway, Aeru seems to be a she according to the comments on the "About" page of the website.

>> No.8160175

Source on this?
What will happen if steins;gate falls to JAST?

>> No.8160265
File: 277 KB, 800x800, touhou-ffffffffffffffffffff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The unedited patch is more than playable. (It's even compatible with the cosplay patch, for god's sake.) People screaming "ATLAS" have no idea what they're talking about.

Also, unless you have proof to post, shut up about Blick being dead until finals time is done. I cannot believe so many people are overreacting so hard over something like a three-week delay. I'm disappointed in you, /jp/.

>> No.8160296

>Corpse Party - Released
>PSP only


>> No.8160378

Hey Blick.
Why are you hiding from us?

>> No.8161977


He's disappeared for three weeks. Vanished off the face of the Internet. People don't do that without warning unless they're dead or quit.

>> No.8161997

>Blic is from Doki
>Doki is dying, late with their chineese anime translations
>Side project that will get them very little cocksucking gets scrapped

>> No.8162003

Didn't he say he didn't even know who / what Doki was?

>> No.8162122

Reading Steiner, the other translator working on it, was the one who first started saying that he may have killed himself.

>> No.8162194
File: 456 KB, 620x504, 38ad29cfc671993451c82484f1a023c33ba53a0d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm disappointed in you, /jp/.

>> No.8162305

No he didn't.

That was already confirmed to be a different guy going by that name.

>> No.8162330

Aaeru is a girl, guys. Not that it matters.

>> No.8162340

Yeah, he just said that nobody's seen him online for a long time, that he was saying some really worrying stuff before he disappeared, and they're worried about what might have happened. No implications there at all.

>> No.8162344

Where did he mention Blick said anything worrying?
He just said in a comment that it was "a little worrying" in regards to him being gone so long, which is a reaction most co-workers would have.

>> No.8162360

I read it because it was linked on /jp/ at the time, it was basically an explanation about how she found out she had a congenital illness that wouldn't allow her to live past 30 or something, and she didn't want to dedicate the rest of it to translations and awesome projects like that translation groups interview circlejerk. Now she's all about the eroge "blogosphere", compiling blog lists where her own is usually up there at the top and making omochikaeri-like posts about release dates, merchandise and such.

>> No.8162375

Maybe the guy just wanted a break from the internet and needed some time to cool his head.

>> No.8162383

I can just see it now!
"Support JAST USA's official localizations of Nitro+ games!" plastered on his blog.

>> No.8162413

Funny you should say that...


Look that the last line on his page

>> No.8162415

>three weeks
>little time to cool his head

He probably got laid and was all WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE.

>> No.8162511

I've got a psp but no money. Any chance corpse party has a torrent available? I'm willing to pay for it later, when I get paid, I just need something to do on the go when I am stressed.

>> No.8162519


>> No.8162520

If you aren't capable of finding it yourself then you don't deserve to play it.

>> No.8162543 [DELETED] 


Also Corpse Party isn't a game that you play to release stress. Quite the opposite.

>> No.8162547


He was one of the image editors for C;H.

>> No.8162555 [DELETED] 

Just another 3D whore on her period, and complaining about having to actually work. Nothing special.

>> No.8162569


>> No.8162600

I am afraid of crowds, anything I can focus on helps me relieve stress.

Also, yes, I am quite capable of looking for it myself, but why bother digging if it doesn't exist yet? I was just asking. Calm down. I'll go searching now.

>> No.8162647

what is this, I don't even http://gmrusaku.blogspot.com/2011/11/corpse-party-usa.html

use isotool and patch with 6beta1

>> No.8162665

also buy it afterwards you fags

>> No.8162700 [DELETED] 

It is on bitgamer, peasant.

>> No.8162755

Are there any H-scenes?

>> No.8162790

Is it bad that I'm willing to pay for it if it's a physical copy?

>> No.8162795

Tons of BL sex

>> No.8162835

No, people like you feed those companies so they can continue translating stuff. Keep at it.

>> No.8162897

Yeah, but I heard they were going to release it on PSN and not IRL, so I don't know what I'll do since my PSP is full of pirate stuff.

Or did they make possible to buy from it even though I'm pirating everything else?

>> No.8163013

/jp/ I know you're going to play Starless when it gets translated.

>> No.8163032

sure. i fucking love horses

>> No.8163036


oh, are there horses?

I just saw some of the cg. Thought it looked pretty good, despite the women sometimes being a little TOO thick.

>> No.8163336

their thickness is perfect.

>> No.8163474

anybody know where i can the english patch for this vn

>> No.8163477

You can just buy it and play the pirated version. It's the same thing, anyways.

Also, I believe emulating was perfectly legal when you've paid otherwise for what you're using, is that correct?

>> No.8165749

As far as I know it's only legal if you use it with the game you own or a dump of it. It's not when you play other people's dumps even if it's the same game.

>> No.8166223

Dumping commercial software is, with a few specific exceptions, almost never legal. When you buy a game, you don't own it, you just own the disc it came on, and a licence to use the game itself. The terms of that licence might include that you can only access the game via the disc it came on. They could make you agree to pretty much anything, really. That's why games can be licensed "for Japan only." Obviously they can't sue someone outside of Japan who is playing it, but it's still a breach of contract (which is illegal in any country where real people live).

I sell a game the licence of which stipulates that you must only play the game on Sunday while wearing cat ears, and if you want to use it, you'd have to follow my stipulations or risk litigation.

>> No.8166366

Awesome. If I ever pick up any kind of distribution-related job, I'll make conditions like that and then sue everyone who obviously isn't following them. On the other hand, shit distributed will be dirt cheap so that I can sue more people.

I know this wouldn't work, but why exactly wouldn't it?

>> No.8166379

Because the legal fees would cost more than you'd get from the people you're suing.

>> No.8166395

Sorry, but this is almost entirely untrue.

The copyright law is primarily concerned with distribution, not use (well, in general terms. And if you're in the US of A, God help you.)

No matter how many pseudo-legal EULAs they dump on your screen, you bought a copy of the product. You can do essentially whatever the hell you want with it (things like access to their game servers notwithstanding), including selling it (as much as certain companies try to challenge this) or giving it to someone else.

Sure, they'd *like* you to use it a certain way, and may even try to bully you into following it. That doesn't change the fact that it goes against the whole idea of copyright laws.

>> No.8166399

Can't you just stamp "breach of this agreement will be charged with X amount of money"?

>> No.8166400

Courts shit all over distribution schemes like that whenever they actually come to trial. If you own the media, you can copy the media for yourself. Distribution of the media to other people is the only illegality.

Well, courts used to, when they were actually concerned with rule of law.

>> No.8166433

By reading this post, you agree to pay me $5.

>> No.8166498

>Little Busters out

Neat, also is A Profile good enough if I happened to like G-Senjou and Sharin or is it as shit as everyone seem to say it is ?

>> No.8166507

So what is holding up the Little Busters final patch if they've finished editing? Testing?

>> No.8166524

Peter Payne

>> No.8166557

You're forcing me to agree, while the agreement thing everyone skips doesn't.

>> No.8166561

Yes it does, you have to click "I Agree" to continue.

>> No.8166571

Their twitter conversation still seems nonsensical with no mention of it being finished.

Are we seeing the birth of another Message?

>> No.8166588

Proofreading, wordwrap, OP subtitles, and the EX/ME patches still aren't quite behaving, I think.

The twitter conversation tends to be out of context, as much of it is following up on/referring to things said on IRC.

>> No.8166594

You can put whatever you like in your contract, but if you tried to bring anything to trial, you wouldn't be able to enforce anything that breached people's standing rights, or broke trade laws, etc.
Games that can only be played on a Sunday whilst wearing cat ears would no doubt fall under this, not being able to play a game outside of Japan likely too.
At least, it's like that in Europe. You Americans don't have consumer rights, I seem to understand?

>> No.8166615


>> No.8166622

..and you only continue if you want to use their product.

>> No.8166637


> Fortuna
nobody ever uploaded the patch, translation lost for ever

> Juusou Koujo Metal Princess
nobody ever uploaded the patch, translation lost for ever

> Nineteen
nobody ever uploaded the patch, translation lost for ever

> Words Worth
check k1

>> No.8166682

I'm sure someone here has it.

Pretty sure we discussed this in one of the 'old eroge threads'

>> No.8166691

>not being able to play a game outside of Japan

I'm sure they don't have any illusions about being able to enforce this.

More than likely, it's just an attempt to limit liability. They know perfectly well that people in, say, the US are going to play it.

But it would be pretty difficult for someone to argue that their product is intended to "harm US kids" when they explicitly state that no one in the US should even lay their eyes on the title screen.

>> No.8166700
File: 232 KB, 800x600, moondoggie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Support JAST USA's official localizations!

>> No.8166717

>Pretty sure we discussed this in one of the 'old eroge threads'
yeah it's been discussed to death, and sadly thats how it will remain for ever, as a discussion.

>> No.8166720

yes it's on PSN, there are plugins wich lets you browse and buy stuff even with modded firmware but it's a risk that could get you banned.

>> No.8166727

Dam Nineteen really is loast forever? was thinking of playing it.

>> No.8166730

Or you could buy it via MediaGo on your PC and just transfer it to your PSP. I assume, I haven't actually got around to buying it yet.

>> No.8166746

I guess but if you are on a psp with cfw I would do like anon earlier said.

Buy it but play the pirated version, no risks to get your psp/ps3/psn account banned and you still support the company.

>> No.8166757

what game is that,dude?

>> No.8166783

So what year will we ever see I/0 translated?

>> No.8166794

Great, another VN that will never get translated thay I know of, thank you.

>> No.8166804


>> No.8166812

The never 7 guy is gonna take forever on it.

>> No.8166961

And nothing of value was lost.

>> No.8166992

Translation on the Doruji-Route of Little Busters! EX/ME has started~

>> No.8167795

And this coming from a faggot who visits a VN status thread and who's always whining about the status of his shitty VNs. Well no one asked you looser!

>> No.8167799

You sound extremely angry about someone making fun of very old and very bad nukige. One has to wonder why.

>> No.8167817

Would anyone happen to have links to Chinese translations? I found a lot of sites that say there are an asston of Chinese-translated VNs (maybe more than English translated), but I can't find any sites that actually give download links to them.

>> No.8167822

You really don't want them anyway. Chinese translations are almost all horrendously bad.

>> No.8167847

Really? And here I was thinking of learning Chinese to play those translations...

>> No.8167856


And why not learn Japanese, in the first place?

>> No.8167867

chinese translations are not bad...

whoever posted that probably doesn't understand chinese very fluently (hardly any non-native speakers do)

>> No.8167873

Chinese translations are speed and nothing else so they can turn around and repackage shit to sell pirated copies ASAP. It bleeds down into the entire translation scene there. Almost everything gets translated, but it's all Cudder level gibberish.

>> No.8167875

and how would you know if they're bad?
don't tell me let me guess, you can read Kanji but come here to a status thread of all places just for a laugh.

>> No.8167880


I still see no reason why you should learn an equally (or even more) difficult language just to read second hand stuff. Shit makes no sense.

>> No.8167890

agreed entirely

chinese is, like, 5000x more difficult to get used to than japanese...but the writing is easier thanks to the commies

>> No.8167893

japanese is harder asshat

>> No.8167904

Don't you have to memorize ~1000 characters more to be considered literate?

On the plus side, they all have just one reading.

>> No.8167908

2000 is the basic standard for educated people in china

true lol. i don't really understand japanese readings >:O

>> No.8167914

japanese grammar is super fucked up

admittedly for reading/translation purposes it may not be necessary to have it nailed perfectly

>> No.8167918


Thank you for your valuabel opinion, retard.


Thought it was 3000. Well, but there are still the tones.

Dem tones, mang.

>> No.8167922

Original guy who asked that here.

I know Japanese. I could play them in the original if I wanted (and I frequently do). I just wanted to practice my Chinese, and it's a lot easier to practice for long stretches of time with an eroge than with flashcards or a textbook.

>> No.8167924

you're welcome. valuabel opinions are helpful

>> No.8167928

>japanese grammar is super fucked up

Eh? Specify that, plos. You can learn that shit in 3 weaks if you are eager. It has almost no exceptions. Piss easy.

>> No.8167988

It was a joke, obviously (or nor so obviously, as it seems..).
And I am learning Japanese, I should be able to read a short one with text aggregator by now.

>> No.8168070

And you're qualified to remark on this by your clear mastery of English.

>> No.8168125

Corpse Party question here:

Do your choices throughout the game affect something later?

>> No.8168134

I haven't finished it, but what you do in each chapter decides what ending for that chapter you will get. I don't think theres any long term effect.

>> No.8168167


Hm. Well, I hope I'm not screwing anything up. I was reading a spoiler-free ending guide and it mentioned some things like:

- Not examining certain corpses or I'll be cursed. I'm sure I did examine them, but nothing happened to me. Unless they're talking about the Victim's Memoirs?

- I apparently missed a scene between Naomi and Seiko in Chapter 4 because I got the latter's cell phone too soon or something.

Still I was able to proceed with the chapter as normal. Now I'm on Chapter 5. Hope I didn't mess myself up...

>> No.8168171

I'm not as far as you, but I am pretty sure each chapter has no effect on the others.

>> No.8168191

Update on my search for Chinese translations.

Turns out vndb lists all the Chinese translations. This only tantalizes me because it includes no links. I've been using google and baidu trying to find the fucking things but all I get is a bunch of shitty forum posts, not the actual patch. Eventually I tried to narrow my search down to just one game at a time, but I keep getting shit results like the chinese equivalent of yahoo answers and other useless sites. I mean damn, if I type "Tsukihime translation patch" into google, it will bring me right to the fucking thing, but the Chinese internet is apparently a bitch to navigate.

>> No.8168194

are you searching in chinese...?
using baidu?? lol

>> No.8168252

Obviously. I also tried using google.

>> No.8168312

I wish there was a psp emulator that could play commercial games.


>> No.8168321

There is.

>> No.8168378

But I already played Tetris as a child.

>> No.8168398

Then play Corpse Party on it.

>> No.8168450

It's called having a psp. Works almost flawlessly.

>> No.8170290

Not yet end of the week etc.

>> No.8170485

On Chapter 5 in Corpse Party.

How do I trigger the "wincest" bad end? Last save is before Satoshi and party view the second tape. Yuka's in the party.

>> No.8170488

>>8170485 here

Also, does what you say to Yuka in the room after the closet matter?

>> No.8170588


Also on Chapter 5. Stuck in the LOL TIME LOOP WRONG END. Any way to avoid this?

>> No.8170603
File: 22 KB, 500x400, pantsonheadretarded4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8172333

Is there a reason why you're trolling like that?

>> No.8172817

Wincest has always been used on /jp/, child.

>> No.8173064


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