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Hey /jp/, I hope you remember to wash yourself. Don't underestimate the importance of personal hygiene...plus, it's fun!

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I am posting in this thread right now, everyone better start talking about me or leave.

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Hey you. Don't hijack my thread.
Washing is a very important thing to do, you know.

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I shouldn't even be replying to you. You're just a nobody. You better feel glad for this.

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I took a shower yesterday but after a hard day of work my anus smells and is itching
what is wrong with me

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Tokiko likes cleaning ugh

Me Tokiko ugh

Look at Tokiko ugh

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If I feel like it later, I might tell you about my washing habits. But for now, kindly fuck off.

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oh my.
Someone certainly doesn't like our resident avatarfag.

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I love showers, I can take hour long showers without getting bored. I like to close my eyes and pretend I'm in the jungle, or underneath a waterfall. I also like to masturbate under there.

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He was never good to begin with. Guess I'll just filter him now.

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Are you me?
I just sit and let the hot water fall on me.
I used to stand and do that, but I once passed out from the heat, hit my head on the wall and got a concussion, so now I sit.

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I never said he was good.
Just don't see why people hate him so much.

Sure there's the "LOOK AT ME"-ism that's present in all trip/avatarfags, but that doesn't stop them from contributing to the community.

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Tokiko made me hate Tokiko.

It's a damn shame, she's so cute.

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Except he doesn't, all his posts are about himself.

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Why would she not use a tripcode, anyway?

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Yes, sitting in indeed best. It took my over half my life to realise that if you're gonna be in one place for 30 minutes with your eyes closed, you might as well do it sitting down. It also helps with the masturbating.

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>I like to close my eyes and pretend I'm in the jungle, or underneath a waterfall
Me too, it's awesome. I have a few animal and nature sounds I like to put on for maximum illusions, I really recommend it!

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It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't post in every thread on the frontpage.
Whenever I open /jp/, I always see his avatarfagging in multiple threads.

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>sitting naked as HELL on your ass
them japs sure are bored these days =/

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It's been my experience that washing is a much more enjoyable experience when you have someone to share it with.

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Too bad for most of us then. I mean, unless you're talking about your mother washing you when you were a kid.

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No no.
You were right with your first assumption.