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I would like to taste Patchy's saliva.

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Saliva doesn't have a noticeable taste.

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Eeeeh majii?
Would you rather not wish to taste my shitto?

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Patchy has bad hygiene, and halitosis affects the taste of saliva.

Do you want to taste her smegma, too? I'm sure she has quite a bit saved up for you.

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I would like to taste Patchy's penisu milk.

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>Do you want to taste her smegma, too? I'm sure she has quite a bit saved up for you.

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That's what you think.

I'm sure it'd taste great to suckle on her tongue and drink her spit.

Has anyone tried any before?

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Tastin Patchys smegma is one of my dream too. I also imagine myself licking her dirty anus.

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It would surely be pleasant, feeling the different textures and forms of her mouth's landscape, but you wouldn't taste anything.

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If she uses an inhaler, she might have a fungal infection in her mouth. I wonder how that makes her saliva taste.

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How can you all say about her such lewdy things?

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I'd gladly eat her shit.

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I would suck her inhaler too.

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Do you think she would feel excitement if i came on her books and made her read it.

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>cum on her books
I think she would kill you.

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After a while the mouthpieces get dried saliva on them and it cause the mouthpiece to be very slippery when wet.

You could scrape the dried saliva off if you wanted.