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How does this image make you feel?

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Like deja vu.

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Very lazy job on Reimu and Youmu. Also, on the female version, Yukari doesn't look feminine enough.

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>>814110 Yukari doesn't look feminine enough
I don't think you understand this thread

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Considering I am a girl, this makes me ridiculously happy.

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Originals are obv better, but I'm pretty sure that everything has a gender swapped variation is a rule or something.

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>I am a girl

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Like I've seen this image many many many many times before.

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Like it has every other time I've seen it.


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I am so all about male Alice

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I don't think you understand that there is also a female (normal) version of the OP picture, and that is what I was referring to.

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I like to sometimes think I am a girl too, but I don't go THAT far as to posting about it.

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I'll take male Marisa then. Man, he is hot.

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I'm gay for butler Sakuya.

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male youmu is a fucking badass.

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I take male Shanghai

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normally I'm all for this kind of thing, but this pic does nothing for me... does this mean I'm not gay? Manrisa is kinda hot with that top hat

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Have fun waking up to find that it wearing your skin in an attempt to become a 'real boy' to obtain the love of its master.

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I'm all for the perfect butler

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I tend to think of Youmu as a boy most of the time anyway...

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I think of Myon as a boy most of the time.

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Maridude looks awesome.

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makes my nutbladder hurt

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sup Laharl

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Perfect Elegant Butler and Rémy are the best out of all of those.

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go away you dirty hetero, I like my Touhous female

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Considering I am a lesbian, this makes me ridiculously sage

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You're not a moron because you're a lesbian, you're a moron because you think you can sage men because you're a lesbian.

Thank god you're out of the gene pool. I hope.

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you're doing it wrong, Anonymous.

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I don't know about the other girl, but I was saging this post:
>Considering I am a girl, this makes me ridiculously happy.
not the man-hous. But I suppose I was a little clearer.

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this is the best cirnosuke

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