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Yukari is the sexiest tohou

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and the loosest

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just when i came back from a fapping session avoiding images of Yukari-sama

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Tokiko is the cutest Touhou.

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The loosest is Sanae

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Can't we have a lewn-free Yukari thread? Is that all she is to you?

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>Saten is the sexiest touhou

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I meant to say lewd obviously. Don't make a bigger deal out of it than it already is.

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Agree. She doesnt even need to undress herself to be sexy.

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That's still awfully lewd.

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Yukari emanates an aura of very-lewdness all the time

but we should endure

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I like this picture too much.

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That powerlevel hiding

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Thank you, now please contribute something to this thread other than your ego.

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Japanese ghost and youkai eating dango

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>yukari opens up a portal
>to the inside of your asshole
>she plays with your prostate in just the right way
>your face when

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Stfu fagstorm, do wat i want when i want!
You mad?

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My facial expression is that one of frustration and eternal sadness

cause i was saving my anal virginity and i don't know who are you quoting

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>mfw that

I wish I could be Yukari's sexslave forever

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Fuck off imposter. I have to take a break from sucking a dick to see you impostering me

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Shut the fuck up and suck my cock, dude.

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Stop derailing this thread, it's about me, like every other thread.

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Don't let the faggotry stain this thread

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>yukari opens up portals
>to the inside of your lungs
>she slowly fills them with semen from a million cocks
>your face when you die a slow and painful death as you drown in semen

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>yukari opens up portals
>to the front of your crotch
>she slowly fills your ass with a big strapon and begins fucking you while you suck on your own cock
>your face when you cum in your own mouth

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I am okay with both of these fates, a death by dicks would be a happy one.

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oh my god i cannot stop the giggling

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Everyone knows Yukari is the best.

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Yukari in elegant Euro ladies dress>>>>> Yukari in ching chong yin yang dress

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I have to agree but i gotta redirect you to /int/ or /pol/ if you keep that lolsuperioreuro actitute.

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>Yukari opens a portal exit into her vagina
>she put her head into the portal enter
>she enjoys her headfucking

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If you say so...

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>I make a made up shitty greentext story
>i take a cup of tea with Yukari-sama as i touch Ran-sama's fluffy tail and Chen's cat ears
>who are we jewnin'

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i need pictures
pictures of yukari in dresses

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Yukari is so beautifiul, what is this feeling of intense desire burning in my chest for her?

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I like it when powerful, high-class people like Yukari get thrown off balance.

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You're horny. Whack off or something.

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too much vodka?

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Suck my pepto bismal, dude.

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Why is my penis hard as a rock?

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Why not?

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How lewd.

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That feel when old hags wearing cotton pantsu that accentuate their delicous hips and ass.

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This feel better.

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Disagree. Fuck off.

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Thanks you, Hong.

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Kind of Yukari threads.

-Lewd ones.



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Personal preferences are fine. But don't be an asshole about them please.

Cute ones too.

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have you ever thought that every time you fap you can be watched by Yukari from the corner of your room?

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Why would she watch an ugly neckbeard like me when she could be watching anyone else?

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No. Primarily because she isn't real.

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Because she is a slut and thats her fetish

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I want to marry yukari

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If you have a cat in the house, you will experience this exactly at one point or another. Even a kitten has a way of making itself feel like a bowling ball when it wants to.

Not even the crawling chaos herself is immune.

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Better than appearing IN Reimu, all things considered.

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I just want to make a lampshade out of her skin.