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What would you make a contract for /jp/?

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Like he'd want my worthless soul, or whatever.

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Becoming a little girl, what else.

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I wish I could just take it easy forever.

The better question is how that wish is going to get corrupted and what kind of witch I'd become.

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Your contract is complete and has helped the entropy. You now have shapeshifting powers

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I want Yukari's ability.
This way i could summon a million cocks to suck on without ever leaving the house~

Take all my souls.jpg

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/jp/ souls are probably worth ten times that of little girls. So much suffering concentrated in a single board of a website.

I would make a contract just for the sake of being a magical girl, even knowing the whole deal behind it. I have absolutely nothing else worth doing in life.

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If I asked for it, etc etc

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If I wished for it, etc etc

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The collective sacrificing of all the souls on /jp/ would create one hell of a witch.

Either that or she ends up a powerless NEET witch

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I don't believe he could grant my wish.

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/jp/ the witch is the bonus boss of Madoka

Stronger than Walpurgis, but the real challenge is finding that barrier she's holed herself up in so that she can troll people on the internet in peace.

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One 71 Hemicuda in Plum Crazy, mr qb

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You, sir, have good taste.

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Hear, hear. That would be an infinitely better way to live whatever is left of my miserable life.

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