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If Mokou wants to die that badly why just doesn't she ask Eirin for a drug that puts her to sleep for very long periods of time.

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I don't think there's a drug that can make you sleep for 100¹⁰⁰⁰⁰+ years.

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If there's stuff that makes you reform after being blown to pieces there's should be something to put you to sleep, also this is somewhat implied in Eirin power

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Just make a drug that erases her consciousness and mind and stuff. Easy.

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Strikes me that anything would just be quickly metabolized out.

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Well, it's all irrelevant anyway, because "soon" the universe will be dead and unchanging for eternity.

Can you comprehend true eternity? Her awakening is inevitable.

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Is there any drug that Eirin can't do?
This along with Yukari portals should be the most exploitable powers

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If she made a potion which makes you immortal forever, she can make a potion that makes you sleep forever.

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>“The elixir of life? Of course I’d use it. Do you know why in stories and such ageless immortality is portrayed as an emotionally painful thing? It was just a warning against everyone’s greed and rebellion against authority. But on the other hand, its mere existence has become a curse. Ageless immortality doesn’t mean that you don’t die, but rather that the boundary between life and death ceases to exist; it’s a state of neither living nor dying. Really, it’s just a realization of “necrophantasia”, a world that exists in the apparent world and in the world of the dead.”

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Maybe. It doesn't seem like she can make something that can kill or adversely affect true immortals, but that too is unclear at best.

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Oh snap.

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>Traditional thermodynamic laws
>Entropy heat dying universe

Girls spamming lasers, portals, fire, creation of matter out of nowhere at no cost.

Doesn't compute

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When in canon did Mokou ever state that she wanted to die?

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Eh, according to buddhist belief a "world" will cease to exist once nobody is alive there anymore and since Mokou and everyone else who drank the elixir are neither alive or dead according to Magical Astronomy (>>8124040) they'd just vanish. No drifting through space or something.

Hell, Renko even said she'd drink the elixir and that is just after she mentioned that scientific progress is coming to an halt.

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All things could possibly compute if Cirno was revealed to be some kind of new black hole.

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As someone who has enough mass to be a black hole, is this possible?

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No, it's not possible.
Yet. We just need to discover a couple of hundreds of unknown yet fundamental secrets of the universe first.

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I find black holes to be such nonsense. I don't even believe any of those things exist.

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It's just a creation of gravity. Just like the stars.

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I doubt that they are true immortals, that's something reserved for omnipotent beings, even if their bodies are reforming again and again there will be a point when their minds just break and they are no longer humans but containers of what once was a human.

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That already has happened. Sort of. The hourai elixir makes the soul immortal, not the body. The body just happens to come back as a side effect.

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Suwako is a loli terraformer.
Yukari could create infinite loops of water falling and generating energy
Mokou can create fire, not ignite things, fire itself, what energy created out of nowhere.
And not to mention that almost everyone can spam a laser.

Or maybe just turn a bunch of touhous into Puella magi :D

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If she can make any potion or medicine, why can't she make the ultimate poison, one that could kill Mokou?

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She doesn't want to make Medicine Melancholy feel useless.

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Because unstoppable object hitting a immovable object.

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Well, Cirno does have manipulation and power over entropy.
She could end all life as we know it.

She just uses it for "LOL COLD" because she is stupid.

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You need to repost that question with a Frodo picture.

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Nope, she doesn't have the energy consumption power to counteract the energic creation output of allmost all other girls.

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Maybe stupid, maybe just having the mind of a semi-feral ten year old and enjoying tormenting frogs.

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I looked at that picture and thought that Cirno had been transformed into an ice machine. I'm been looking at to much transformation porn.

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There is a medicine for that. In Eirin we trust.

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I want to be in between them. Held by Eirin and holding Kaguya.
Would be so warm and soft. They both must smell wonderfully fragrant. Feeling their rising breaths would lull me into a peaceful sleep.

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I don't think sleeping is the same as being dead