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Why is Ran so perfect?

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Now that you came to say. I'd like her to have only one tail.

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A foxy lady Ran is.

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Nice, fluffy tails.

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Mama is the best!

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Plus that hat is stupid.

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>nice breasts
>possible lesbian with the sexiest in Gensokyo
>mentor to an adorable cat
>fluffy tails

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Because fox.
Japanese mythology just is like that.

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I like Yukari.

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When YOU'RE a genius level mathematician like Ran, I'll consider listening to your choice in hats. In the meantime, be silent and get back to your math homework.

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You mean chinese?

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No, Japanese. Chinese and Korean fox myths are older, but only Japanese added the aspect of foxes being able to take on a "perfect" form.


Could've been worse.

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She's an old hag

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That sounds like a compliment.

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>but only Japanese added the aspect of foxes being able to take on a "perfect" form.

Didn't they also believe that a fox would have sex with you if you caught it?

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Uh, it is the same story. Nine tails and so, on all sides.

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Not sure. May be either Japanese or Korean. Doesn't seem to exist in China.


Not quite. Same basis, different evolutions.

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Home wrecker

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Oh, that last part.
Yes, Chinese fox spirits can be seductresses and can appear in the houses of those who aid or capture them, but not in the same context. For example, in the Chinese take on Kuzunoha (which in some variation or another is probably older than Kuzunoha, but whatever...), she doesn't become her saviour's wife and lover, but helps him start a business.
Then she gets eaten by pet dogs.

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Sounds like if somebody was writing a story and got fed up with it near the end.

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Maybe, maybe not. The version I read was almost as long after her death as before, with her human partner contemplating and praising her qualities. Although he complains that for whatever reason she couldn't sew, which he considers a most embarassing flaw.

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>>having sex with Mama Ran


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Foxy Lady is playing in my head automatically.

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I want to cum in her tails, and leave patches of crusty dried semen.
Then when she's ever bored, she can just shuffle through her tails and eat my cum crusts that were left in there. Little snacks for mama~

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furry shit

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Does Ran have human ears under her hair? They seem redundant.. if not then, is the side of her head flat?

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I've never seen anyone draw the side of a catgirls head. Same applies for dogs or foxes.

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Orin has human ears as well as cat ears.

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Curse you, I have just now returned after watching waaaaay too many cute animal videos on youtube

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So does Horo.

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Ran without tails is a tragedy

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what happened to rans' slippers

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Gay chat

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The artist just wanted to show off her butt. Nothing wrong with that.

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You can still do that while having the tails.

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100% furry Ran? Do not want.

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Ran is better! Also her theme!
Yukari's theme is a shitty and cheap Ran theme copy!

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oh god my heart

damn you

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gross hag.

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wrong thread.

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Hag status in Gensokyo is only acquired once you hit age 1000. She doesn't qualify yet.

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Why are image dump threads always so bad? I prefer shitposts to this. At least they are creative.

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Borderline furry.

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Choke on my penis.

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Seriously now, what are you doing here then?

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>49 replies, 21 images
>most of the imaged replies also have text
>image dump thread

That's not an image dump.

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9 tails is the limit on the number of tails she can have. 900 is only the MINIMUM age she's at.

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So Yukari, Eirin, Mokou, Kaguya, and anyone else?

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I want to slap her bottom so hard my hand would leave burn scars.
She would break out in spasms and screams.

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Dat laugh. Dat theme.

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The entire cast of UFO

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Tewi is fucking ANCIENT. Probably older than most hags.

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Just so long as the tails end up somewhere fun it's ok.

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I'm going to pretend I didn't read that

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You can't ignore the truth, anon.

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iirc Tewi is around 4000 years old, which puts her loosely in the range of... Suwako maybe? Still older than Kanako Byakuren and Mokou, while younger than the moonbitches and elder youkai.
Thats my estimation, anyway.

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Sexy bunny doesn't work with multiple tails.

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Sexy bunny typically works best with actual bunnies.

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PajamaRan, why you so adorable?

I wish there were more pictures of Ran in pajamas. I love this artist.

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>Does Ran have human ears under her hair? They seem redundant.. if not then, is the side of her head flat?

Kugen fox also has both human and fox ears. She also has both male and female sex organs but that is something else altogether...

The majority of kemonomimi have both sets of ears, and their hair just covers their human ears.

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Ran is beautiful

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