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You can't censor their love.

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Get this excessively lewd shit out of here.

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I like lolis, I like incest, I like Remi, and I like Flan. But for some reason I can't stand the shipping of or any yuri implications between Flan and Remi.

They're sisters on good terms, that's it.

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that's gross

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Sibling love is the best kind of love.

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Girls touching is creepy and unnatural as fuck.

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>You can't censor their love.


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Why would I want to censor nice, non-sexual sisterly love?

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> 4chan Expert (has written a book about 4chan)
> a book
> not 1+ books
> 4chan Expert

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By whose text art thou making a reference to?

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>Nail polish


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I love the little lady

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That image is fascinating, and I don't know why.

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Stop embarrassing yourself.

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I don't like how the artist gave Sakuya such an androgynous face. She's a beautiful and proper woman.

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Androgyny is perfection. All humans should be androgynous.

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Only if they had a neutral gender too.
I'd prefer to know what i'm up against.
My apologies, I didn't know I had an image to uphold.

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Like so?

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>neutral gender
My dream.
That's a manly man with a "wig". An androgynous person is more like this.

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Is that Justin Beiber?

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So, a faggot?

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He looks nothing like Justin Bieber.
Not necessarily.

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There is no way a guy who is 18 or older can look like this.

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Stop posting underaged gays, you underage gay.

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Why the fuck do you save these pictures? He isn't even wearing pretty dresses.

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Your dream is for everybody to look like a soulless asshole with dead stares?

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Androgyny is beautiful.

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This is because we live in a shitty, imperfect, corrupt world full of hormones.
Because they're beautiful.
As I said, they aren't necessarily gay.
What the fuck are you talking about?

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Just report it as CP. The boy in that photo is obviously naked.

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You can be shirtless without being naked. Nudity isn't porn, anyway.

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You've elevated effeminate shota to some sort of aesthetic ideal to try to cope with your nascent homosexuality.

Just go suck a cock, dude. You'll feel better.

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Sorry theres nothing neutral about those.
They're quite obviously boys.
Just admit you're a filthy boylover.

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Are you a wizard/psychologist?

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No, I don't care whether it's male or female, kid or adult. It doesn't matter as long as they look like both genders. It just so happens that young boys tend to be the best at it.
If you dressed them like a girl, they would easily pass as one. They are androgynous. It's only their style that is manly in those pictures.

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Please stop posting CP stars.

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Self-admitted pederast. Reported directly to WT Snacks via IRC.

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Why bother idolizing children that take the time to style their hair every morning but can still be insufferable shits? Oh, you're a deluded pedophile, that's why.

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Snacks isn't even in IRC right now, you fool.

Also what this guy said >>8122850

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As far as I know, they are models and normal kids taking pictures of themselves, not CP stars.
No, I never said that. I just love androgyny.
I admit that their personality is probably awful. It's their beauty that I'm fascinated by.

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There isn't anything beautiful about these kids.

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There isn't anything beautiful about 3D.

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I disagree. What's your ideal of beauty?

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you don't need to fuckin adopt them just because you like a picture

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Samefaggot is a faggot.

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3D can be pretty. Faggot little boys aren't though.

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>little boys
Please don't say "little boys", it makes me feel uncomfortable. Use "young boys", instead. And as I said, they aren't necessarily fags. I've seen plenty of faggy-looking adult men fucking women.

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>Please don't say "little boys", it makes me feel uncomfortable. Use "young boys", instead.
You need to embrace who you are, not try to rationalize yourself away with meaningless semantic games.

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got any pictures of androgynous boys wearing girls' clothing?

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>Please don't say "little boys", it makes me feel uncomfortable. Use "young boys", instead.
>Please don't call me a "Con Man", I am a "Con Artist".
You are a pedophile, do not deny it.

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>Please don't say "little boys", it makes me feel uncomfortable.
So you're fond of the precocius BIGGER kids, huh? Go away, whore.

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No, I don't. Sorry.
As I already said, I don't really care about age and gender, as long as they are androgynous, and old enough (about 9+).

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Sorry, I only regard people as people instead of objects. It's a serious problem I have.

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If you're planning to further spread these disturbing images will you please kindly use a name so I can filter you? Thanks.

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You have serious problems if the sight of boys disturb you.

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Well, this thread went from a perfectly good start to 3DPD trash. What a shame.

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He's obviously a closet pedophile.

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I merely pointed that since you're pretty much derailing the thread.

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And you should ask that question to yourself. Only a faggot is willing to save those pics.

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I'm not a faggot. I'm actually pansexual with a fixation on androgyny.

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Maybe he gets sickened at the sight of people. So would you please consider his feelings? Not the right board for that crap.

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Good for you. Point is: Its fine if you like sexually ambiguous boys, we don't. Stop posting them.

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>we don't
Speak for yourself.

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Didn't I just tell you that its fine if you do?

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My point was that just because you don't, doesn't mean that I'm the only person on /jp/ who does like them.

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My point is that you're in the minority, and you should figure and should have already known /jp/'s general feelings towards 3D

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Since when is /jp/ Androgynous Boys/General?

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There, better?

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>This thread

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Nice point, but check this one out.

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See? That wasn't so hard, was it?

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Why haven't his posts been deleted yet?

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It's not hard, but it's really meaningless. It's very easy to just draw an androgyne character. It doesn't actually show the human potential like my 3D pictures do.

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You really don't belong here, then.

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Fixed for me.