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Where the fuck has the janitor been?
there are shitposts and /v/ threads everywhere.
its just bringing /v/ and /b/ here more and more.
/jp/ is just fucked up and be on repair now..

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The janitor is a shitposter anon.

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The janitor is one of the shitposters and he is at school right now

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if i ever saw you irl i would fucking pound your face in. the janitor caused all the problems we have now. before trolls from /b/ would come and we would just troll them so bad they would raid the board. now you little fucking gaia faggots cry for the janitor to wipe your ass. fuck you, you killed /jp/.

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Sad to say, the only thing that can save /jp/ now is kanji captchas, and moot will be too lazy to implement it anyway.

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It's funny because it's the truth, before even the shitposters would get embarrassed and stop for a while, now that they are constantly given attention by the moderation team they keep coming back for more.

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Why the fuck are we putting up with him?
Why did we get such a fucking shitty janitor, when most of the /jp/ers back then would of been at home all day and cleaned everything up? just why did this guy even become janitor? just to fuck everything up? Out of all of /jp/, our new jaintor becomes some little fucking kid.

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Kanji captchas are not going to save /jp/.

If anything it will only attract more japanophiles.

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I don't know, maybe he writes well. Fuck, I remember I was too shy to even send my application.

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He must have stated on his applications that he loved cocks.

moot loves cocks.

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moot did it just to troll the hell out of /jp/, yesterday we begged him to get us a new janitor on the /g/ sticky but he just spoke incoherent babble, jesus he was saying things like Hadouken he was probably drunk and laughing his ass off at our attempts to save /jp/.

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Wait really?

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Why was he in /g/,
did that censorship law pass or not?

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Anonymous: "moot save /jp/"
Anonymous: "moot please help us"
Anonymous: "moooooot"

moot: "asdasd"

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He did it to show he was online and listening to us.

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Server stuff is /g/-related I guess.

He seems to have taken a liking to /g/ recently.

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old /jp/er: someone makes an off topic post? troll them or make two which are board related.
neo-/jp/sie: someone makes an off topic post? cry for the janitor and go make posts whining that /jp/ is full of shitposters

here's a little news flash for all you autistic mongoloids: you are the shitposter. if all your posts aren't strictly related to the board then your posts and you are shit. making 20 posts complaining with a sage doesn't make you a quality poster. i know not one of you little parasites are making /jp/ any better but you're definitely making it worse by doing nothing but making garbage posts filled with your pathetic complaints.

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Go to /c/ if you want 2hu threads.

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Makes sense since /g/ is filled with /a/ his favorite board

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Hey, it's good old days-kun. Stay crazy.

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What's the definition of shitposting? I'm away for a few months and come back seeing this term thrown around is every other thread. Is it the shitty western game threads? /All/ video game threads? The same old tired memes such as whatever that Flan thing is? Or is it just every thread period?

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Threads I don't like.

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We to get rid of this janitor.

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>fucked up and be on repair
>be on repair
Why does this, and not everything else, annoy me so greatly.

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Shitposting: shitty posting. Leave it to lazy neckbeards to make contractions, and leave it to retards to misinterpret them.

Go look at yesterday's threads, and try again.

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/b/,/v/, and /soc/ level threads.

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     ゝ、i:ノ ゝi:::::::::::::l l   l  ,x≠=x、`/ ./   /`´,x=≠=xノl  / ./::::
       ヾ、.  ゝi:::::::::::l |:、  l .lゞん:::::心  / /  イc:::::::ハ .i!.l  /| /:::::
        r、lヾ.  ゝ、;、_;ゝ;ヽ N .l .{::::::::::::}  ' ´    .{::::::::::::} ∥./ .レ::::::::,
       | Y.ヾ   i!^.l^ ^.}ヽl | ヽ弋乂ノ       弋乂ノ .//  .|~´_ゝ
      γヽ.}.ヾ ,_、i!_ノ_、_∥ .l _ -t              ' ./   !^.,´ 〃
.        ´⌒.v⌒_ . ─    ̄    .l               #  {   ヽi!_∥,
 r-  ‐‐    ̄                   l.     △      イ `  、_ `ヽ、
 l                         l` ___;.‐--‐ _.!´‐、      `丶、
 .l      5 Star            .l .ノ:::::::ヽ.x/:::::::/::`ヽ、      / ,.
  l                        l:::::ヘ:::::/-\::/:::::::::! |`:::cヽイ /
  .l                        l:::::ヘ` }-{ /::::::::::::| .|ゝ/ゝ、_ヽ_
  l         Thread        l、\l | .| /::::ゝ _´ -!/    ヾy'
  .l                        l.`> >!  /< く´   l    ./
   l         ~ ! ! ! ,イ ̄ ヽイ::ヘ /:::: > >   l   .,;==i
  ∩ィ‐、              __l´    ヘ二ヽ-‐ ' ´   l    i!__/|
.   |/   l        _  --,  ̄;:;:;:;ヽ、    .}..`.‐-┐    l   .i!ヽ i

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lets email moot to get rid of this guy.

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So this is where you guys hide from your mothers?

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You aren't alone.

I think it is better to be bothered by than rather than the tired useless meta discussion around it.

Enough of that, I'll be going now.

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If only I were the janitor. This place would be so squeaky clean. There wouldn't even be a drop of shit any where.

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You mean the OP? I agree.

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Email him a million times, we'll only get another stricter one. You bring this upon yourself.

If I were janitor, things would be different around here, and so on.

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You need go no further than this thread to see an entire series of shitposts.

Whiners are the worst thing on /jp/. Thus I label all whiners as "shitposters", yet not all shitposters are whiners.

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asda sadasa