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Why doesn't /jp/ have his own battlefield 3 platoon yet?

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I'd join it.

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Multiplayer games is where the fun is at.

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He has a good point.

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>giving ea money

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OP here, okay we will never be in a platoon together, side by side. ;_;

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>Squad of made up entirely of /jp/

We would ether be deadly and efficient as fuck or total aspies where everyone plays sniper and hides in the hills.

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>write something bad about a game on the forums, get banned, lose all games

If you are dumb enough to support this you deserve this shit.

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I made up an /jp/ platoon just look up "/jp/" and feel free to join.
Even though a lot of people hate EA and origin.

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Sure, why not. I applied but I haven't been playing since skyrim came out.

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No problem, let's see if people wanna join.

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I think /jp/ prefers the mortar.

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I bought BF3 from Origin and after 4 days the game disappeared from my account so I sent a support ticket and got this.


>Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.

>I would like to inform you that, your game has been disable by our higher department, because of some fraudulent activity has been found in the purchase of key code, from your account.

Funny because I got MoH and The sims 3 that same day and these are still in my account.
Never again with EA.

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It's your own fault for having such horrible taste in games.

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Not getting Origin, EA basically pulled an Ubisoft with this shit but took an extra mile just to piss of everyone.

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i heard they will change from origin to steam next year?

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Butthurt steampunk detected.

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Installing Origin right now, this thing has asked me twice now if I want to start origin everytime I turn windows on, and it's 'yes' by default.

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i'm stealing internet from my neighbour and get packet loss of like 40-50% in every online game

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I got bf3 for like 30 bucks on ebay. it is pretty fun so far. i wish 2142 was just populated again though...

i would be even happier if they don away with origin and moved everything over to steam

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[x] Free
[x] Online
[x] Good

I got to choose all three?!

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PSN is down, fuck.

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What do you mean by that?

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you say that as if they're mututally exclusive.

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what if i already bought the game and installed origin? would i need to delete everything and start from scratch?

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Of course not, you can play your game just like everyone else, except you don't have origin running in the background.

All you have to do is exchange the .exe

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Does this patch work with a backup copy I could torrent?

You see, when I came home from the Computer Shop after purchasing my legal copy of Battlefield 3, I accidentally slipped on one of the piles of my semen on the floor that had not dried yet. The game DVD went flying from my hands and crashed into my Kagiyama Hina figure from Touhou Project. Hina was unharmed (Thank Hakurei), but the DVD was cracked in two, and when I put it in my DVD-Drive it did not work!