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Have you visited your doctor yet this season? Winter is coming and you wouldn't want to catch the flu, right?

Eirin thread

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I'm much more afraid of shots than I am of getting a flu.

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Just when i was about to sleep

Posting butt in a butt thread

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Does she prefer rectal or oral thermometers

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I'm immune to the flu or something. I never get it.

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I haven't been to a doctor for 6 years.

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Needles don't hurt that much. I give blood once every two months.

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The breast touhou.

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If you have no human contact then of course you never get it.

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Not yet.

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I haven't gotten sick in a few years. Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm sick and lay in bed and eat soup all day.

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That's actually the best part about being sick. It's the only valid excuse a person can have to be lazy and just sit in bed all day eating warm food.

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I should try that.

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It's less because of pain and more because of the fact that a sharp object is being jammed into my arm. I know, I'm a wimp, but I just can't stand it.

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That's not wimpy at all.

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Guys shouldn't be near crying and begging just to avoid shots.

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It's not jammed in there. Also, the pain only lasts for like a second or two and it's not even minor pain.

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Who cares what "guys" shouldn't do? You're you.

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I got one and it hurt a lot.

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Yes, it is quite an over-exaggeration I'm making I admit, it's an irrational fear I have. I'd be wary of a shot even from Eirin.

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Oh, no it didn't. You just winced maybe and got up and went out the door. Then on the drive home you laughed to yourself for getting so worked up over getting the shot to begin with.

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Don't push yourself too hard anon.

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Actually i'd say the fear of not wanting to be pricked by a sharp object to be pretty rational.

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That's image is terrifying.

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Last few times I had a shot/blood drawn I passed out before the blood was even drawn. It's rather unfortunate.

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Uh, but there is a positive thing about it. It's for your health. Sounds like you are comparing it to being stabbed and mugged.

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It is when you never used to be afraid of shots. Really strange how that happened. While I don't freak out anymore, I still close my eyes and turn my head away.

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It's simple, just don't look at the needle if you are that afraid of it. It really does help a lot and it's not just "parent-say" for getting their kid to relax.

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I haven't been to a doctor in like 10 years.

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I wasn't even looking at it though. And it's not like I was afraid of it or anything, I really don't mind it much. But then I just lose consciousness.

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How old were you? Just curious.

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A few years ago when I had to get some blood tests, they had a very hard time finding my veins due to fatty arms. One nurse called in another, and that nurse called in another before they found the vein. When I last went to get some more blood tests they had no problem at all because my veins were bulging out of my arms and you could easily see them through my pale skin. As I watched the blood fill the small tube, I was asked if I was alright because apparently a lot of people faint from seeing blood or blood being drawn. I just thought it was neat as hell.

I also had to do a urine sample and I couldn't urinate at all (I could hear people in the room next to me where the urine would be analyzed). I told one of the nurses and she told me I could take the cup home and bring it back before the end of the day. When I got back home, I realized I didn't have to pee. I went almost the whole day without urinating once, and I eventually forced myself so that I wouldn't be a hindrance to my doctor. The urine that came out was way darker than normal and smelled very strongly. My urine is never that dark and never smells that strong. Not ever. I got a call the next day telling me that I needed to drink 8 cups of water by the end of the day and that there was blood in my urine and that I needed to provide another sample. Thankfully I was able to urinate at the office when I went next. Nothing was said of the blood so I'm assuming it was some kind of fluke.

I felt like an idiot for my urine being so dark and smelly.

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Is it wrong to fap?

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Did they still give you the shot or whatever when you were passed out?

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Eh, I had that happen to me once. The nurse had trouble finding the vein but it wasn't painful at all, it was more like frustrating because it was the day the PSP launched in 2005 and I was in a rush to get it.

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>I felt like an idiot for my urine being so dark and smelly.

Don't sweat it, that happens once in a while, especially when you're just woken up.

I'm the opposite though, my urine never gets any color unless I cease drinking water for a day. I've been almost constantly thirsty since I was fourteen or so and I have no clue why, I've had myself checked for diabetes insipidus but apparently that's not it.

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What if Eirin was your mother.
Would you have sex with your mother?

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Eirin is too young to be my mother.

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Even though Eirin is a very attractive lady, I couldn't do it in that case.

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she's a 7,000 year old virgin.

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Did somebody say mazacon? I think I heard mazacon.

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I assure you, it was nothing. Nothing at all.

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But that's still too young.

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If she's a 7,000 year old virgin, how can she be my mother?

Oh shit, I'm Lunar Jesus.

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>"Come on little bunny, it's time for bed. Brush your teeth so mommy can give you a good night cuddle."

tell me you aren't feeling just a little bit of mazacon right now

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The only thing I felt was an urge to cuddle with Eirin.

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I only like Eirin when she's uncharacteristically submissive. Or at least not so dominating...but it's got to be very believable in that case.

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I think she's attractive, but don't know much about her otherwise. I suppose it's time to read up on her.

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You'll like this doujin then.

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The perfect mother.

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21. Sorry, I went to sleep for a while.

Nah, I passed out after the shot, it was the blood draw that I went out before on. And I sorta convulsed a bit (nothing too bad, just some leg movement) right as I went out, so she removed the needle and held back for a bit, it'd be too dangerous to do it then. It went okay the second time.

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No wait, actually it was 20. Close enough though really.

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Good thing she's using the correct hand.

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Yeah, that was good. So were it's sequels.

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This scene really needed to be longer.

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My imouto already got the flu and I didn't catch it from her.

Feels good to be a baka.

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I want Eirin's as my dentist, for some reason I really like going to the dentist, maybe too much, is this bad?

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All that radiation might be bad for you.

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when i was younger, i accidentally bit my first dentist's hand, and every dentist/orthodontist i ever had from that point on (i had to get jaw surgery, so i met a lot of them) would ask me to not bite their hand before i even did anything. it's like i was living an episode of seinfeld for that period

just thought you all should know

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Being "worked on" is my fetish. Hair cuts, dental work, having blood drawn, chiropractic work, massages, etc., and if I was a little bit more stone cold, I'd probably enjoy invasive surgery.