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How much would Reimu charge for anal sex?

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Irrelevant when my kind of H manga doesn't involve prostitution. Stupid question OP.

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I think you're supposed to use food and drink

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You could ask her. Hey, what do I have to give to have sex with you? Like that.

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That's pretty smooth. I like that

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Reimu is a pure hearted girl and the best and strongest Touhou.

You're allowed to make fun of the other second rate Touhous but leave Reimu out of it.

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Is it possible to shoot danmaku inside the anus?

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She says that asking for money would ruin the shrine's reputation.

She's too pure to do something like prostitution.

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Penniless waki miko. She has only scorn for all of us.

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Yukari would like to have a word with you.

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AN2A, such a good artist.

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Yukari doesn't do shit for Reimu. Lazy gapbitch.

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SaBND 23, she donates to the Hakurei shrine.

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Posting Godliest of Godly arranges.