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ITT: Pro 2D > 3DPD propoganda.

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Well to each their own.
If normalfags prefer 3D I'd say that we should leave them alone

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That "pro" was redundant and weird.

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Why don't you have a girlfriend that looks like this?

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That is a man right?

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Is there 3D>2D propaganda besides that star wars thing about "she isn't your waifu" or whatever

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These days even 2D are a bunch of sluts. You can't even properly escape reality anymore.

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Suck my cock, princess.

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Mai waifu is not a slut! How dare you.

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Who is your waifu then?

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You do realize that I only have daughters and not any waifu right?

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Pretty sure the pic was related...

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In that case, nope nope nope nope nope.

She's a slut.

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Is that a Ben Ten watch?

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Touches herself late at night in 7/11s

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Fools around with guys and fucks that THUG as fuck nigga from the arcade.

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Goddamnit, I remember those album covers vaguely from my childhood. Can't for the life of me remember whose they are, though.

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She likes (British) Punk Rock, so that might help you.

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A short stint in google tells me they're Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Tarkus album.
Apparently she also likes Prog rock.