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Come back once squidy is online.

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baka baka

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My Skyrim should finish downloading overnight.

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>buying PC games

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>not having $60 lying around
>not going to a shitty college that doesn't allow torrents
>who am I quoting?

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why are you faggots using greentext wrong in 2011?

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I thought that fad had died.

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Eye don't think that it will ever die.

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If you put your download region to Greenland you will get faster download speeds.

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>Signs of new /jp/ denizens:

>Appears constantly irritated, sometimes even enraged
>Never posts without using sage
>Feels the need to police the board
>Will spam board redirects to anyone who disagrees with or irritates them
>Complains about greentext, image macros, and other standard image board fare
>Tends to overuse the terms "summer", "shitpost(er)", "newfag", and "samefag"
>On that note, they will almost invariably call two people who disagree with them "samefag"
>All in all, treats /jp/ as if it's a secret club that only they belong to

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Using "eye" instead of "I" still classified Cirno as being mentally challenged instead of just a dumb fairy.
I vote we make Komachi use that as well, because she also uses "atai".

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Wait for post 8099999.

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Not on my school's internet I won't. Plus it's not out for another day, I have plenty of time.

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Komachi seems more like "OI".

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Eye'm the strongest...!

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you're a scrub, you didn't even make it your steam name

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Who are you calling a scrub...?!


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deal w/ it

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i win

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Eye survived.

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suck my cirno, dude

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Not Vidya

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