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We often blame meido for being so shitty but it's really a tough job. What would you do if you were meido?

I would masturbate to the clicks of deleting shitposts.

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I would delete off topic threads, spam, and shitposts. Seems pretty simple.

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I wonder why meido can't do this.

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Because they only choose shitposters, the mentally unstable, and autists to be the janitor.

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Do janitors get paid?
I'd love to get paid for browsing 4chan 16 hours per day

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I would only delete the most awful threads beyond saving. If there is even the slightest amount of legitimate discussion going on I would leave it alone.

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I think I heard otherwise.

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Post "which 2hu fuck" threads and delete non-shitposting ones.
So, pretty much what current janitor is doing.

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>Seems pretty simple.
It isn't. It's a real tricky problem to solve, and you'd all be absolute shit as a janitor and lose your spot in a week with that dictator attitude.

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I would sleep all day and check the report queue when I woke up.

Then I would delete threads that violate the rules.

Also shit threads that have been reported enough times which are also active clusterfucks.

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Delete everything.

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So... what do you all have against the current meido again?

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I think most people are pretty content with the current janitor(s).

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I dont mind the current janitor.
He/she/it lets us shitpost for a good amount of hours before the mass deletion comes around.

Most shitposting threads have died out by the time the janitor comes around.

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He arbitrarily deletes random stuff throughout the day while leaving massive shit threads around for hours on end.

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i would request a ban for anyone making "meido" threads. you're worse than the shitposters since at least their off-topic threads can amount to something more than circle jerking like grade schoolers.

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This is probably as good as it can get, a mass deletion once a day or so and the rest of the time posters are left to deal with the garbage threads. Up to the users how they respond to the shitposting and spam really.

The only issue I have with the current moderation is how blind they seem at times of the spam patterns. Or perhaps they're just leaving hornet's nests alone and a few ignored threads are not that big of a threat.

Anyway, that's just my opinion.

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I'd give Shinji a buckshot enema, iykwim

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As long as threads with fair amounts of redeeming value don't mysteriously disappear and we don't have pages of shit lying around (ie, people actually respond to the report queue when spam season starts), I don't really pay any attention.

As an alternative, >>8093852 knows what's up.

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That picture still doesn't make an ounce of sense.

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Do your fucking job.

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Looks from the thumbnail like it's from /b/int/pol/... so, um, what did you expect?

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I'd only delete CP and /b/ invasion threads (usually pictures of nuclear explosions).

Everything else is OK.

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zun!bar for president. let's email moot and get this man the janitor position.

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I'd delete all posts by Zunbar.

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The best.

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Zun !bar 4 president!

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I mean stuff like this, how can you be so blind as to ignore threads like these:

On the bright side, it is certainly a lot less than I'm used to encounter, so let's just say they're a pile of little mistakes. Better to assume innocent incompetence rather than maliciousness.

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This. Fucking this, this is how the janitor should act.

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Not a bad idea.

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I don't think he's actively going through all 15 pages.

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Those are all good threads though.

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The current janitor must think he is a God or something, we don't need you fag.

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Emailing moot about this faggot deleting non-rulebreaking posts.

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If only there was a report button!
...that worked.

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If I were janitor here, I'd arbitrarily delete posts and threads without regard to global rules, board rules, or post and thread quality.

The transition would be seamless.

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Indeed, lets delete any and all fun threads on /jp/.

Lets make sure this place has nothing at all but X-Touhou character image dumps and one idol thread.

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Yo meido, is it true that your job is easier now that Squiddy isn't active?

I mean you only delete 2-3 pages now compared to the daily 5-8 pages of the past.

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You need to wait a while before reporting another post.
You've reported enough posts already.

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Global rule 6, nerd.

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Take that stick out of your ass. Those are all fun threads.

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Very funny.
Personally I think he's just been taking it easier after he realized off topic threads don't hurt anything.

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How new are you?

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That feeling when he's really doing it.

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If your thread was deleted, chances are it was shit. Don't get butthurt just because your `EPIC TROLL' thread was removed.

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Install 4watch.

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I agree that some level of off-topic must be allowed so the board can grow and find a place. That's why that list doesn't include the many, many gray area threads I found. You have to agree with me that these are all contentless threads that have been posted in one form or another repeatedly for the past year.

I don't see how could anyone stand for letting those threads live without going "Saten and meat and spaghetti on pockets should be allowed because I want them to be allowed", but I'm willing to hear your view.

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Yeah you're right, most of those only had 2 or 3 replies and were undeniably shit.

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...What makes you think squiddy isn't active?

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He isn't logging in on steam anymore.

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this is why a /jp/sie mongoloid shouldn't ever be allowed power. their lives are sad they need to be praised constantly. no other board has threads about deleting threads or where they seriously discuss a janitor. your existent must be fucking awful if you need to allow these threads.

they directly contradict you being good at all. moot has such a pacifist approach about moderation so why is /jp/ plagued with attentionwhoring mongoloids?

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That doesn't mean we aren't still getting the same shitty threads every day.

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We aren't though.

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There aren't as many as there once were, and the ones that exist have less posting in them.

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There should be no moderation at all on /jp/, just like /pol/

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4watch conflicts with another extension.

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That place looks like heaven, they can talk about what they want and moot himself told the assmad mods to back off.

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To be fair, most other boards don't have dedicated janitors (or at least mods that regularly care about the board). I generally lurk around 8 boards each day, and I would much prefer this than the shit some of them get.

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moot is actually a pretty cool guy, I don't know why /jp/ hates him.

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Why don't you stay there, then.

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Only the servants of Lord Autismo hate him.

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there isn't until the normal gets home from school and is allowed to gratify his tiny ego. moot get your shit together, dude. don't let little kids who are still in school become janitors or moderation. college student = high student.

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They don't have ZUN!bar.

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Who the fuck (besides ideological fascists) would want to moderate a shitfest like /pol/?

>FUCK MAN our 200 year old democracy experiment is over man. Let's face it, we are FUCKED. How long can we keep the Union together? How long can we keep the country together? War with Iran is emminant, and if this is true we may very well lose. Debt is destroying our economy, And communist china is ready to fuck us in 50 years. I know we never made the best decisions, just know that we tried world, we tried

>>having to ask if liberals really are retarded

>really, bro?

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This, that kid pissed me off so much.

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then you should go to /b/ ant take zunbar with you, not only is it shit, but he's not even the same, nothing left.

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It's almost like this janitor wants /jp/ to become a booru.

All he allows are shitty image dumps.

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What did they do to ZUN!bar in Afghanistan? Before he got sent there he discussed games/anime/whatever his other interests were in a rather intelligent fashion. All he do now is spam memes and feign ignorance for some undisclosed reason. What happened?

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This is what I don't understand, where are you coming up with this? Just because the janitor makes some mistakes or whatever, he's a kid?

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i'd delete all the ugly as HELL hairy molers and GAY GAY GAY threads

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Not really. Try looking past page one.

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Who the hell would want to mod 4chan in the first place? Shitposts and CP thumbnails everywhere. They'd have to DBAN their system after every moderation session. And then burn all the hardware.

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>he deletes my meat threads, waaaaaah

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or put him down. Some things just need to be let go.

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Immersed a world of instruments of death, he learned that in the big picture, what /jp/ thinks of you is irrelevant, and stopped giving a fuck.

Now he posts what he wants.

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He suffered a serious head injury.

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Myself and a few others can't find him at all anywhere on the internet.

Instead of Squiddy spamming /jp/ to heck with the usual Finnish bear memes, Japanese servers stuff, and random kopipe our theory is that he's currently addicted to an online game (maybe Starcraft 2).

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>delete saten thread
>leave this shit

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>Delete "off topic threads"
>Leave meta threads
Meido/janitor confirmed for attentionwhore.

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Immersed in a world of and surrounded by instruments of death, he learned that in the big picture, what /jp/ thinks of you is irrelevant, and stopped giving a fuck.

Now he posts what he wants.

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What is the fucking problem with this new janitor?

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I doubt that anyone will make a proper case against someone that is in charge of deleting illegal content. Mods are safe as long as they're not being stupid and saving the full CP images. And doing cache wipes. And not working in public, which is the biggest mistake they could do.
Or you know, just disable images and let the reports guide you or something. Life finds a way.

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He likes image dumps

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He deletes threads he doesn't like (raildex etc) leaves threads he likes up longer (meta threads, shit threads, other anime threads)

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The same problem everyone had with the old meido. People's pet shit threads get deleted and they become rectumblasted.

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Shut the fuck up NEET fagget, your blog threads are fucking awful.

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I think he started playing WoW again.

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>finally see non-lewd Saten thread
>try to post
>"Thread specified does not exist."

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any little college student who had a bad day and wants to flex their non-existent muscles? the first 30 minutes /pol/ was open there was some tiny dicked cunt german moderation who banned a user for making a holocaust threads. reason? it's illegal where he lives! so, moot has moderation who is probably 18 years old and lives in germany trying to set the rules for the site. luckily, moot, told the kid to get the out of /pol/.

the best part? the little faggot couldn't ban anyone who delete threads so he decided he'll make up some retard excuse to feel better. because, moot hated the threads which appeared once a blue moon so much he decided to create a new board for it and even most for HOURS in the sticky for it.

exactly what you'd expect from a child who still attends school. they're stupid as a fucking rock.

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This is kopipe but I think I know who keeps on posting it.

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Who the FUCK are you calling a NEET fagget? I will fucking destroy you, dick biter.

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Failgun and indicks is not /jp/ related.

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welcome to an imageboard.

They aren't image dump threads, don't generalize because you don't like it, people do discuss things in them too

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>delete saten thread
>leave haganai thread and metathread
>even go as far as deleting posts in metathread

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We already have boards for imagedumps you autist.

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any little college student who had a bad day and wants to flex their non-existent muscles? the first 30 minutes /pol/ was open there was some tiny german mod banning users for making a holocaust threads. reason? it's illegal where he lives! so, moot has moderation who is probably 18 years old and lives in germany trying to set the rules for the site. luckily, moot, told the kid to get the out of /pol/.

the best part? the little kid couldn't ban anyone or delete threads so he decided he'll make up some excuse to feel better. because, moot hated the threads which appeared once a blue moon so much he decided to create a new board for it and even post for hours in the sticky for it.

exactly what you'd expect from a child who still attends school.

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Being Saten-san is suffering.
..This is now a Saten thread.

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I'll say it again.

Welcome to an imageboard. You're getting pretty frustrated over images getting posted. A lot of us would rather nothing to shit.

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There is a difference between a month long thread of some autist posting images of a girl he likes, which is exactly what boards like /c/ are for, and people posting images along with discussion, which is what boards like /jp/ are for.

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I am okay with this, Saten-thread is a go.

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Did you guys see that /new/ was alive yesterday? And there was threads from January, what happened?

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You mean Rika threads? That is hardly everything.

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Saten thread or meta thread?
I know where my autism dollars are going!

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Why are all of you you copypasting old posts from the archive over and over into this thread?

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both, until it gets deleted

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saten is a miracle of the universe.

there, now is she /jp/ related?

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Love for the love goddess!

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Please, redirect your posts to the real Saten thread.


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Meido works hard! I bet Saten wouldn't mind cooking him a nice warm dinner every night.

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You expected something else on this Hindenburg of a thread?

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