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/jp/ should form a Sentai Team to fight all of the horrors and injustices of the world.

I will be /jp/ RED.

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You can't just decide to become a ranger unfortunately. You need morphers for one thing.

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/jp/ Pinku

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Screw you anon, I want to be red.

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I will be /jp/ WHITE! The cool, mysterious, and powerful ally who only shows up when we need to sell more merchandise!

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I have always been /jp/ BRAKKU.

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I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of being the actual /jp/ white.

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I guess I'll be Burichan.

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Fuck off Tokufags, we're not letting you shit up the place like you did with /m/.

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Ciel would be the obvious candidate for /jp/ buru, right?

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More like /jp/ brown.

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I'm callin' /jp/urple.

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I'm wondering how do they tuck in their dicks, though. Their crotches are so flat it's unbelievable.

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Are you sure?

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But /jp/ have the autism rangers.

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Who says you get to be Red?

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Red is used tampon. Yellow is piss. Pink is faggot. Green is treehugger.

I would be blue ranger. Me and Aoko would form alpha blue force.

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Meido for blue ranger

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> Power Rangers
I think the prepubescent boy board is >>>/m/.

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Too late, pic related.

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I'll be /jp/ gray.

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That show was CLASSIC. Also the part where he jumps out of his car and RUNS to the monster of the week instead of just driving there.

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White Ranger of course.

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Will you play your skin flute for us?

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You can play with my flute, dude.

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/jp/ Tokusentai

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To be fair, we almost kept Kamen Rider for ourselves.

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tokusatsu will never have a proper home on 4chan. Half of /m/ hates it, and I'm sure if /jp/ became the place for toku there would be just as much backlash.

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Too true...
It does require a certain taste for camp.
There's a backlash for EVERYTHING on /jp/. It's like we're rife with schizophrenics and MPD/DID.

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Just find a clever way to integrate it with the existing culture of either board and you are set.

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It actually pops up fairly often in /co/. They seem to be the most tolerant of it.

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Of all places...
I've never gotten over the pre-split /a/ enmity for /co/. Fucking Teen Titans/Avatar spammers.

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let go of your hate

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Fuck, next you'll be telling me to forgive /a/.

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forgive /a/.

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