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These bitches are rude as HELL.

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Not a single one of them is cute. Why would you post this?

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Thats what makes them so good. Rude tits are the best.

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I want to stick my hands in Lady Kanako's hair.

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Afraid of real women?

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I feel sorry for the one kid in the old hag convention

Captcha: reerse $1.25

yes, you're right, they should give her her money back

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Old hags, all of them.

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Wow, that picture gave me a weird feel.
My balls felt a rush.

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Real women thread? I like it.

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What's with all the yellow spots on her clothes? Did someone pee on them?

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Go back to /a/.

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Her smell is just that strong.

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I'd snuggle up in Yukari's bosom, while she gently strokes me and reads me bedtime stories

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I want this so bad.
I just started crying thinking about how nice this is.
Why can't I have this? Why is this world so fucking shitty?

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That artist is only able to draw women with massive tits or midgets.

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Hag thread?
Hag thread

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I'm perfectly fine with this.

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"You can have it, anon! Come here!"

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>Real women thread
>Posted Anime women

Even if this is /jp/ i still lol'd at the irony.

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How could you not get what I was implying?

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Lolifriends should make their own threads and not intefere with other people's.

Any good examples for the moonbitches by any chance?

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Touhou already has many overpowered lolis though.

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That is very nice of you, but I want to really be held in motherly arms.
I don't want any hag, I want a 2D woman to hold me. I wish the human brain were mapped out, so I could simply inject electronic signals where they need to go for me to experience body warmth, smell, and touch, from visual contact with a two dimensional image. It can't be that difficult to rewire or redesign the human eye. Medical professionals should just be less lazy.

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i fucking hate this artist, his hags look like bill watterson art plus tits

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Funny, they're one of my favorites.

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Best touhous.

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"Hello Anonymous-kun. Would you like to join us in the bath? Don't be shy, this place allows mixed bathing."

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No thanks, I don't feel like suffocating to death.

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Is that why Yukari is trying to push you out?

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Don't be silly. Now that you've inadvertently stumbled upon them while changing, Yukari is reaching to grab you and pull you in so you can join them.

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It's hard to say no when Kanako is there.

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Yukari seems to be enjoying it a little. Or the artist can't draw good surprised faces.

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There's just something wonderful about a mature body.

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She is. The four of them are going to sit in the bath and casually comment on your body and size of your penis while you uncomfortably endure it, waiting until they decide to ask you whose breasts you like best and leaving you in a no win situation.

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In before someone on here finds this idea very arousing.

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Imagine Yukari, with big puppy dog eyes, pushing her breasts up in your face to convince you that hers are the best

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No matter who wins, you lose.

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Sounds tempting, but I couldn't pick her no matter how much she tempted me.

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Thats impossible. I found it arousing while I was writing it

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Only good Lunarian.

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Still want to see one of the bad Lunarians in this thread though.


What luck, we have this picture.

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that's very fitting

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Wondering if I should make a short story about this scenario.

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this is totally the best hag group shot, the titties are under control and yuugi looks loaded as hell

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That picture was my desktop background for a few months.

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I don't like my Yukarin being too rude. She's more of slender beautiful lady. Leave the really rude titties to Ran or Yuugi or Byakuren or something.

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/jp/ can you tell me what sets apart truely rude titties apart from a normal set of large breasts?

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If I am insulted by her breasts, I usually point them out as rude breasts.

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But we're talking about rude titties. Titties that cholos and tr00 gangstas have done dimes to secure and defend for they own pleasures

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lol this thread is for HELLa mature people such as myself xD

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I bet those aren't even natural.

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Sanae is just a little overgrown for her age.

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She is such a healthy young girl.
I'd love to treat her to a nice evening and make her feel like a proper lady.

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That's disgusting man.

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Just draw in some scar tissue, that picture is begging for it.

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No deal.

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100 hours in GIMP

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>confirmed for JELLY flat as HELL chested anons

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How is that possible? Everyone posting here has boobs.

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Try making them a little lower, and a little more pinkish.

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I should become a plastic surgeon.

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Yuugi isn't "a" real woman.

She's more like four or five.

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thelastthingyousee.jpg, more like it.

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I imagine even more than that. I don't think 5 average girls could crush every bone in your body in one go.

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Actually, you are about to see something absolutely incredible.

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I prefer shy, morning after Yuugi instead of violent Yuugi.

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If Yuugi is the last thing i ever see i would die a very happy man.

Yuugi is my husbando.
..I mean its not like i am manly enough to be the man in this relationship.

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I believe very few people would qualify.

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Yuugi would be so fun to be with.
Just going on adventures in the wild, running into hi jinks, and not to mention her overpowering and violating me.

"Ara ara faggot-kun, how do you like my sweaty crotch in your face? Lick it clean!"

Afterwards she would ride me like a bull, while I run my hands all over her smooth thighs, grope her soft behind, and up her smooth sexy toned abdominals. When she's about to cum, she'd squeeze me tight, stick her tounge down my mouth, and just go crazy. I'd let my hands wander her strong back as her juicy breasts are placed against my small frame, and then I'd let loose multiple thick, bursts of semen into her insanely tight vagina. Her loud orgasmic moans from receiving my seed would get me hard again, and ready for a second round.

Man, why are touhou's so damn erotic?

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>Afterwards she would ride me like a bull
She would crush you and break every bone in your body?

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Just pray she is not a violent drunk person.
I dont think you would survive one day of domestic abuse.

"No Reimu i did not kill him! he just fell down the stairs!"
"..He has no head..Infact the only thing left at the bottom of the stairs is this one leg!"

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Just because she's strong doesn't mean gravity acts harder on her.

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Only in terms of volume. In every other aspect, she doesn't even compare to the whole of humanity.

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I just thought she might be forcefull.
Never mind, it's your erotic daydream, I won't nitpick at details.

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I think you're giving me a femdom fetish here.

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It was mine, not his.

You can thank me later.

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Sorry friend, just assuming the originally quoted poster was the one that replied.

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No, just NO.

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I posted that, and we are all entitled our opinions I guess.
Posting rude Byakuren in a rude thread in order to compensate for my not so rude Yukari comment.

I really love a rude, soft and pudgy Byakuren. I want to lick her perfect hairless skin and snuggle against her ;_;

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I love this one. Her breasts look so soft.

>> No.8090243

Her skin looks soft as well. A good thing to have pressing against you as you sleep.

or as a fashionable flesh coat.

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I'm not the biggest fan of Byakuren, but when I saw this picture, I admit I was very impressed with her butt. I just want to rub it so much.

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I will just assume that a living being has a higher entertainment value.

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I have to agree I'm not the biggest fan of her either. But daym she can be attractive. So pretty and sexy at the same time.

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Her cheeks would flap if she farted. Build for high decibel output at lower frequencies.
The bass ass.

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I should not have laughed as hard as I did.

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Girls don't fart! Neither do refined ladies like Byakuren. I'm sure she'd hold it. Or at least only fart when she was 100% certain no-one in the entire world would hear.

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yukari can be rude and elegant/refined at the same time.

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The keyword was slender, but oh well

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Rude Rude

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Got to wonder if Ran prepares Yukari's food similarly to how Sakuya prepares for the Scarlet sisters.

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I have to agree, I didn't realize it until more recently. Although I'm still more of a Kanako guy for reasons I can't understand. She doesn't have elegant long hair and she's not the most refined of the ladies that she's grouped with, but I like her the most, and I find her to be the most attractive.

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awesome thread,yeeeesss

>> No.8090309

I want Ran to chew my food and feed it to me.

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I don't follow...
Are you referring to the Soylent Green properties?

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God is great

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A proper lady like Yukari can't have someone stare at her in an unsightly way when she's eating, can she?

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"Hmmm how about some lotion?"
"Ah~! Cold, what a frisky boy you are~"

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I love Kanako too, really. But I think I like her more as a character, and I find her more unique and "interesting", I guess.

And while I do find her attractive, I like her mostly for her bro, laid back, but rough around the edges attitude. She's like the best dad one could ever imagine, except she's a pretty lady.

>> No.8090338

You make her sound like a dumb slut.

>> No.8090344

I think what I like best about this pic is that she's making the ZUNface.

>> No.8090342

All touhous just want your cock, dude.

I think the image by itself made her enough of a slut anyhow.

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I suppose not.

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Kanako filling out a bikini

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Is Mamizou a member of the club too?

>> No.8090368
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I dunno, she seems like one of those "it depends" cases like Ran.

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With all the motherly treatment that Seiga gets, I wouldn't be suprised if she became a new member.

As for Mamizou, she'll probably just go down in the tittymonster zone along with Hong and Komachi.

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Well, I know why I like her. I've always found her to be cool, tough, yet still caring. Ever since I fought her I liked her quite a bit, when she destroyed me effortlessly when I was sure I could win I liked her more, when I defeated her and saw the ending I liked her even more. Perhaps those memories contribute to that attraction I feel.

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What, but Ran is usually seen with big breasts? Unless you are talking about old maid alliance.

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She might be a sort of "honourary hag" alongside Ran. Or maybe alongside Yuugi, depending on your definition of the old maids.
Fate loves its irony.

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File: 83 KB, 600x400, 884c32da344f41e8bcb38ba1a82e1095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, that's what I thought you were referring to.
Mamizou is definitely already in the rude category, pic unrelated.

>> No.8090392

I'm now fapping.

Just thought you should know this pic was the straw that broke the camel's back.

>> No.8090393

OH baby. Look how sloppy her arm is as it slides right off.

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I kinda wish the old maids where strictly the three 八...

Seiga doesn't fit at all, does she? She's looks like a young lady. Props for posting one of my favorite images of her though. I also think it can be discussed whether the Seiga we se in fanworks is strictly "motherly" or not...

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I'm a different anon that jumped into the conversation, but yeah. I sadly have no Mami mammaries to post. At least none that focus strictly on the breasts. Have some more Ran.

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Well she's still relatively new so the fanbase hasn't really decided on their own personality to give her.
The initial wave of art was really young lady like, then more pairing work started happening.
Now i'm seeing a lot more and more motherly Seiga popping up probably because the artists actually played the game, finally, so.. time will tell.

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Well I guess we like her for a lot of similar reasons then? Though I honestly don't have such specific memories of fighting her, I know I've always loved her theme.

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I know, but I'm not really convinced of thinking of her as very motherly quite yet, be it appearance or personality.

She might feel more like a high-functional crazy cat-lady or something.

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My first memorable experience of Yuugi was fighting her and losing horribly. Without exxagerating too much best described as her fist effortlessly embedding itself in my brain.

And then I knew.

>> No.8090516
File: 665 KB, 1600x1162, 00ea2a67a84b1bf7f222c16ecb950bed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a high-functional crazy cat-lady or something.
Alice x Seiga when

>> No.8090519
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I remember her because I fought her quite a bit just to beat her, and because MoF was the first game I managed to 1cc since I focused on it for quite a bit. I can't forget that fight. I feel like I learned a lot from her.


Perhaps that's what it takes. I remember Kanako taking out five lives with a single spellcard, good bye 1cc. Certainly a humbling experience, but it made my eventual victory so much better.

>> No.8090523


sauce for this?

I think it comes from the doujin about yukari and the comiket guy who only likes lolis, but i wasn't sure

>> No.8090531
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A different sort of crazy cat lady. The sort with only *one* overly spoiled finest pedigree show cat with maintenance costs approaching that of an F-22.

Somehow get the feeling that if necromancy was real, there'd be necromancy shows similar to pet shows.

>> No.8090532
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Oh, now what's going on in here?

>> No.8090559
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Maybe. Sometimes, sometimes not, and there are other things that make a difference anyhow. Had a similar experience going up against Yukari (although that was pretty much to be expected since Yukari is an EX boss, while Yuugi is a "mere" stage 3 boss), but I just didn't get that metaphoric fist-in-brain feeling.


You tell me. Why are you in a brook?
Did you fall in? The only times I've been dipping in a brook I've always fallen in.

>> No.8090577

With this picture I always like to imagine one of them was picking on me and the other caught them and stood up for me.

>> No.8090602
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I just enjoy Yuugi showing dominance in the animal kingdom through her breasts.

>> No.8090610
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Like two samurai in those old movies staring eachother down.. gauging whether the fight would be worth the risk, and if the other is even as strong as you are.

>> No.8090619
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They may have to draw their swords, and clash once before they can be certain of eachother's power.

>> No.8090625

G-Get your feet out of my face, Yukari...

>> No.8090627
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Then with certainty, she can move in for the finishing blow!

>> No.8090635

Yuuka's are bigger.

>> No.8090641
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Musashi says the large must know to see as the small, and the small must know to see as the large. When you fight, you must fight regardless of the constitutions of both yourself and the enemy.
Even against Yuugi.

In that context Musashi conveniently avoids an awkward situation by being dead.

>> No.8090643

Not really, they're just hovering.
Kappa-tech pushup bra?

>> No.8090681
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Perhaps her figure changes depending on the time of the year.

>> No.8090686
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Sunflowers do tend to point towards the light..

>> No.8090690
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Are we posting Yuuka now? I can go for that.

>> No.8090699
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>> No.8090704
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>> No.8090720

I would clean her with some soap and a sponge.

>> No.8090831

you have no idea how glad I am that there is a "muscle touhou" now even though she's not like that in the game at all

in fact it's a pretty ridiculous outfit for someone being drawn so big

but such is life

>> No.8090843
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Usually I prefer flat-chested lolis but when it comes to 2hus old hags are the best.

>> No.8090856

That fucking artist...