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Are there phones in Gensokyo?

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Yes. And pure maho makes them work.

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Advanced Gensokyoan technology beats the shit out of outside world.

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Get out Droid Razr devs.

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Yukari and Ran have them.

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"Others are the clock that somehow tells time correctly, and a device capable of talking to people over great distances."

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Infinite recursion loop, time and space have been severed due to searching for a female on /jp/'s contact list.
I hope you're proud of yourself.

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I don't even have a phone, I think I just got married to the concept of nothingness.

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I would think any of us who do own a cellphone would only have very few contacts, such as mom, sister, dad. So if he means third as third on the list, it'd be easy. If third as in third female, you are in for some trouble.
I haven't charged mine in forever, don't know why I even carry it around.

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I have 2 so I guess that makes the space infinitum matter disperse in an magnifying way causing solar bursts to make human neuro receptors to overload.

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i wonder.........

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I have two females on my contacts list, and the first is Miku ;_;

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Doesn't Yukari own a phone that she got from the outside world?

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That is what Touhou Wiki says: http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Yukari_Yakumo

But remember also that she may in fact be the same "person" as Maribel Hearn, or at least they share a conciousness

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There is a very high chance Kanako owns a cellphone, she's from outside and very fond of technology. Sanae is a school girl so she may have one.

The kappas made Hatate's cellphone so they might have some other phones.

Also, the thing they used to contact Reimu and Marisa in SA was a modified phone.

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The real question is, who is the service provider for telecommunications in Gensokyo?

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Gensokyo Telephone and Telegraph, a Shine Maiden granted and regulated monopoly.

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Most likely the kappas, since they can make phones.

But we ain't gotta explain shit, it's magic

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Yukari. She's the only one who's capable of making that shit work.

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Unless... radio waves can safely make it into Gensokyo.

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>the thing they used to contact Reimu and Marisa in SA was a modified phone

Doesn't really look like one.

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I am curious how the heck she carries those things in her sleeves.

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Pockets in the lining.

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She just gapped them there.

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