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What's the perfect age range/body type, /jp/?

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Thousand year old lolis.
they have the widsom, and the sexy body.

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Anywhere from six to eight hours after death
Even though it's illegal, the feeling is indescribable.

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9 to 12 where they're just hardly starting to develop.

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16-30 with a perfectly flat chest and petite loli-like body and face but with good hips and a butt.

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Probably around Humbert Humbert's 9-14, leaning toward the 9 side though.

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8 to early 13.

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Creepy thread.

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What's creepy about it? No one's going to ostracize you if you like 45yo milfs with giant titties.

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I like 20-30 year old females. I draw the line at 50. Anything above that is yucky.

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make that 40

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The ideal age is the peak growth right before puberty kicks in and a little after it.

So for the sake of simplification, what he said.

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13 - 24. BMI of 17 or lower. Flat chests, black hair and dark eyes.

It would be best if she could grow up with me at her side, but I'd need some time traveling skills for that...

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5-11 year old girl are very pretty, but I only sexualize them if they are 2D.

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As close to Midna's bodytype as possible for girls older than 13.
For the rest, pic related.

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You seem to be lost
>>>/real life/
>>>/women's magazine/

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Epic fucking win, /b/ro! You sure showed him! /jp/ is legion XD

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Well if you were going to add 2D in to the equation then you would have to add 14-17. Because 2D girls can still look good past their prime, preadolescence age. I thought we were just talking about real girls.

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Pretty sure thats the janitor shitposting.

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...Seriously though, get out.

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The strongest kind.

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Also Grisaia is something like 4mb of text

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11-14 is my favourite.

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4-10yo girls. I may well be a monster.

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JK age. 155cm tall at most. Fitting weight. Black hair and skirt is a must.

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Up to around 20 if they're still short and flat.

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For girls, around 9 or 10. I find it especially arousing if they have a completely flat chest or small buds.
For guys, around 9-14, or maybe late 30s or a little older. What? I have an shota and oyaji fetish. ;_;

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16 to 30.

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7-15 for girls
7-13 for boys

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anything on here

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You'd fuck a toddler?

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Why wouldn't you? It's awwright.

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About 9-12 or 10-14 depending on the girl's development. It's less about age and more about the swelling hips and budding chest.

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>It's less about age and more about the swelling hips and budding chest.
No shit Sherlock. Thats common sense.

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>25 lewd_tits hag

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Dat tummy

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For me its 14-20 ish, petite with some subtle curves.

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/jp/ has good taste.

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10-20 flat chest

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Picture Unrelated. I'm no criminal, after all. Ha ha.

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15 and under for young and BBA for older, no in between

As for body types (rather I am just naming traits off the top of my head):
Pale skin

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Short and slender but not skeletal or anything like that
aa or a cup breasts

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20-30 and voluptuous

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12-16 or 12-25 if they are asian

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C-DD cup breasts
Slightly chubby
Athletic wanted, but not needed
Pale to light tan skin
Black hair
Neatly trimmed but unshaven underarms and pubes
East Asian, west European, or north African/near Middle East in descent, not necessarily nationality

Hey, you said perfect! Though I guess you did only ask for age and body type...

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my nigga.
although I'm more of a brown hair guy, but what does that matter.
>descent, nationality
2D has that?

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Something like this.