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Why is Momiji the best? Why can't I take my eyes off her?

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I thought that we agreed the dumb dog gets only one thread every two months.

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Got a problem with wolves and striped thigh-highs?

Go back to your Utsuho thread, those might as well link you eachother with how frequent they are.

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I never agreed to that.

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Sounds like someone is making up stuff again.

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How about no.

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>those might as well link you eachother with how frequent they are.

Mind rephrasing that in a way that is actually coherent and doesn't sound completely retarded?

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>Go back to your Sanae thread, those might as well link you eachother with how frequent they are.


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Why would you all say such hurtful things?

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Jesus Christ people, chill down on your fanboyism meter, you remind me of Sanae apologists.

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How? We make a legit /jp/ thread and you haters hate. If you don't like it DON'T RESPOND.

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Rocky start much?

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I respect a woman who defends her country with a passion.

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>Go back to your Utsuho thread

Nobody actually likes Okuu anymore. People just keep making her threads as a joke.

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I actually made this post >>8083024

Obviously I was joking but it's hard to sometimes when /jp/ is seriously getting defensive about something. Going to delete the post in a few minutes and then you carry along without the shitstorm hopefully.

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This is almost as bad as Tewi threads.
Thread hidden in disgust.

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The reaction was indeed way over the top, but mind you, sarcasm doesn't go well in text form.

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Play nice.

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Most of /jp/ really does dislike Okuu.

Me personally, I can't wait for C81. Hope we'll be seeing some NTR and mindbreak of her in the near future.

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Could have fooled me.

Also, god damn, we get it already.

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You don't like Utsuho, we get it.

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You're not fooling anybody, are you getting bothered by her popularity?

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There's enough love for everyone.

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