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Why can't I post about Touhou on the other boards without being called a pedo?

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Sick f*ck pedo. You'll find no sympathy here.

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Society, normalfags etc.

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Thats really creepy OP
you would fit right in this group here
I heard they are all pedos too

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/b/ seems fine with 2 loli threads on page 0 all hours of the day, but they freak out and call you a pedo if you post non-porn anime styled girls.

How odd of them.

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Take a wild guess.

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Balls, you saying it doesn't make it true.

Check out Okuu's triangles, drawn by ZUN himself.

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Aki Eda is a known homosexual who has a sexy woman agenda.

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You aren't helping your case when you post a pic like that.

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I don't like his drawings.

Yukari is very clearly a gaijin, and should be drawn like a gaijin.

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doesn't /g/ love loli? go bother them

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You can love lolis without being sexually attracted to them.

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My sexuality is neither here nor there; why is Touhou associated with pedophilia?

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This is why we don't associate with people. Stay away from them and keep poasting here.

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beats me, i only like touhou titty monsters

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Go back to /lounge/, RedCream.

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it's pretty weird if you don't want to fuck lolis, to be perfectly honest

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You are the worst type of person.

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>You can love lolis without being sexually attracted to them.

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I wish for all normalfags on the internet to die horribly.

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every youkai will eventually grow up to be a titty monster, deal with it

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It sounds like I'm on /b/, where's my good old /jp/?

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Hopefully in jail.

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>Only about lolis

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Yukari sounds pretty Japanese to me, anon.

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Marisa is the only blonde haired Japanese touhou.

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That's fanart. They are all lolies in the games.

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That's just ZUN being ZUN, even the official art gives Yukari breasts. See: PMiSS

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yuugi is a canon titty monster, zun's art of her has her chest obscured because he doesn't know how to draw tits and all other official art of her features BEEG TEETEES