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What have you done today to please your cute loli frog goddess? You have faith in her do you not? You must worship regularly!

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I fucking kicked you out before and I will do it again, remeber why is this Shrine here and who moved it with a fucking lake incorporated you egg laying little amphibian shit.

This is now a Kanako thread.

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I took her hat. In order to take it back, she showed me her panties. It was a good deal, I know she liked it too.

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Indeed it is, every day I open the window and let the wind blow in my face, it reminds me of her.

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She's cute?

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I still say Moriya or Yakumo house would make the best sitcoms.

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Are you amused with this androgynous creature that dares to call herself a woman?
Shame on you, this is what a true woman looks like.

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>you are now aware that the Hat is the real head.

You sick bastard, of course she was willing to do anything to get it back. You are lucky this is the internet and not some back ally.

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Have you people forgot how beauty is the concept of devoting yourself to something?
Specially when that something is something gorgeous such as her?

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Better than that report you have there.

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Perfection is sometimes hard to maintain, memory is not perfect and the human soul less, if you don't pray, don't give something of you to her she will disapear, dissolved in our memories and we won't notice what we had until we lose it.

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this is what a true woman looks like.

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No one forces you to read.

If you people can devote themselves to selfish Gods such as Yahveh that will takes as much as they can from you, why don't devote yourself to her, she only ask for your faith, your belief in her, your company and love, no one in this world desires it more than her.

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I don't have much more to say, for plain images theres danbooru, but just remember, you can belive or not in Gods, it all depend of your criteria and mood, but if you are going to devote to something devote to her, she is wonderfully charming, loving and warm to the ones that venerate her.

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I know someone who desires and actually NEEDS it more than her.