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You know you've all had a dream where you went to bed weary and miserable after a bad day. Yukari, being herself, likes to use her gaps to view the mortal world. Seeing you so miserable touches her heart and she proceeds to gap into your bedroom wearing a skimpy outfit. As you rise in panic at an intruder, she puts her fingers to your lips and says "shhh" before a tender kiss. She gently makes love to you, washing away the negativity of the day, letting you fall asleep with your head resting on her bosom before getting up and returning through her gap, leaving you to wonder if it was all just a good dream.

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But I want to lick Youmu's navel.

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Call me when Satori comes to my room and pukes all over me after shitting liquid in my bed.

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But I've never had a dream like that. I have had a dream where she talked to me about...something.

I always hate where you have a dream where you can't remember their face but your head just attaches the name to it.

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drill hair yukari is an abomination

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I rarely have dreams, and it's even more infrequently that I can actually remember them at all.
It sucks.
And I only wish I could have a Touhou-related dream.

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Sounds more like Ran playing Yukari.

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My greatest fantasy is to be violated by Yukari. But for some reason even in dreams it doesn't happen.

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Can't you just imagine/day dream it?

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is this way I didn't become a wizard when I was 30?
you fucking whore....
I'll kill you!!!

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Sup Mugen.

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who's Mugen?

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The man of a thousand ellipses

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He runs a business by day and smuggles onions by night.

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The black goat of the woods with a thousand young.

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I thought that was Azure.

I've never had that dream. Only that imagination.

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going to bed now, hopefully i will dream of being raped to death by yuugi

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even better
this will be the last thing i ever see~

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That's presuming a lot to think that Yukari would want to touch your disgusting body, and wouldn't instead gap spiders into your sheets and look for someone more interesting.

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Will a girl become a witch if she lasts til 30? Yukari is straight so she wouldn't ruin this right?

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Dreams tend not to be real and thus not bound by these limitations.

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No, I like to dream about Yukari taking me into the back of an alley, then turning her back on be, slowly pulling down her knickers around her ankles, then hiking up the back of her dress. She then plants her hands on the wall in front of her and bends over, beckoning me to come closer. I then pull out my dick and stuff it into her lewd ass.

I start furiously fucking her plump bottom, watching Yukari moan feverishly as I plunge deeper inside of her. Suddenly she has a earth-shattering orgasm and shits all over my dick and stomach, I keep coming before shortly letting out all of my cum inside of her shitty anus. I then step back slowly as she catches her breath.

She looks back and smiles at me as she squats gently, letting out a gentle gasp as her ass erupts shit out all over the pavement. She then stands and blows a shy kiss at me before departing, leaving me in the alley covered in her shit.

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It was nice before it got to the shit.

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Imagine Yukari going to the bathroom really badly because she had some spicy tacos the other night. She sits on your face with your mouth eagerly awaiting your delicious meal she is making for you. She squirms and strains and struggles as her cute little pink anus is flexing and twitching open and close. she lets out tiny little farts that are quite strong and smelly as she giggles and apologizes for them sinking so much. But this only gets your mouth watering for what is to come. she give one more good push and lets out a little cute brown bud that slowly emerges into a thick long and delicious poop log. As she is getting more aroused from the sensation of someone serving as her loyal toilet she says in a lustful yet gingerly manner "itedekimasu unko-san~" As your long awaited meal that has been slow roasted inside her you began to eat gingerly. You can hear Yukari breathing heavier as she is about to cum from this ecstasy of pooping in someones mouth. As you chew on the warm delicious product of Yukari more comes from her cute butt and plops on your chest. She steps off of the seating apparatus and looks at you eating with lustful eyes. "Mmm that looks tasty~" She slowly encroaches on top of you and takes a deep smell of her meal and starts to slowly rub it all over you while taking the remaining pieces and eats some herself. "I-I can't take it anymore unko-san! I'm g-going to cum~" She then squirts quarts of her female cum juice and coats your entire body with it as you cum in sync to her cumming. She plops on your shit smeared body in complete exhaustion from the immense orgasm as the both of you bask in the afterglow of such a wonderful event. Fancy that.