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Who are your top 3 prettiest Touhous?
Mine are: Byakuren, Yuuka, and Yuyuko.

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I only know of touhou from my abyuse philia so I guess alice, reimu and sanae

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I sure hope we don't ever meet in person OP. You might be my doppelganger.

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Reisen, Sanae, Reimu. and yukari.

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Yukari, Yuuka and Kaguya.

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Yukari, Yuuka, and Suwako.

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Yukari, Yuuka, Yuyuko.

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Yakumos and yuyuko

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Tenshi, Byakuren, and Yukari.

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patchy, flan, and armpits

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Alice, Yukari, Patchouli

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Seiga, Hina, and...Remilia, I guess.

I don't usually think "pretty" and "Touhou" in the same thought, but those first two for some reason have gotten some really pretty fanart.

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Crino's feet is the prettiest.

Runners up, Rumilia and Fran.

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Sakuya, Alice, Kaguya

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A vampire with the power to darken the sun?

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A nigh unstoppable force

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Yuuka, Yuuka and Yuugi.

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Yuuka Sakuya Keine

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Rin, Kanako and Satori.

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Kogasa, Byakuren, Eirin

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Eirin, Alice and yuuka with Long hair

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Keine, Reisen and Aya.

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Meiling aya and iku

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Alice, yuyuko, and Reisen

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Youmu, Sakuya, and Rin

Only one of those is in my top 10 favorite Touhous though. They are pretty, no doubt.

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Yuuka, Yukari and Kana

Oh god the spell checks.

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Tojiko, Kaguya, Hina.
BTW, OP's picture is awesome.
Anyone know the name of the artist?

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Shou, Okuu, and Yuugi.
I like tall girls for some reason. Lunarians aren't here because 1/6th gravity is cheating.

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As far as beauty is concerned, mine goes like this:

1. Marisa
2. Reimu
3. Alice

Mind you that's just beauty; cuteness, elegance, sexiness, and overall charm have their own very different ranking for me.

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1. Youmu
2. Youmu
3. Youmu

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Yukari and Yuuka and Flandre are shitty characters for shitty people who like shit.

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Yukari, Sanae, Kasen

Everyone seems to favor the old ladies..

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Suika, Suwako, Cirno

Drunken jumping in the snow.

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suika, youmu, and orin

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so do you.

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Ran, Eirin, Alice.

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Only one out of three and I nearly said Marisa instead.

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More like 2 our out of the 2 and Kasen is borderline.

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More like 2 out of the three and even Kasen is borderline.

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oh yeah, forgot that Yukari is 17.

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Reimu, Yukari, and Patchy.

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Byakuren, Shinki, Kogasa. In no particular order.

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Yukari, Ran and Flandre

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Okuu. Followed up by Tenshi and Hina.

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Yuyuko, Reimu, Utsuho.

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Reisen, Miko, Koakuma

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Kaguya, Yuyuko, Seiga, Byakuren.
No bias.

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Sakuya, Byakuren, Eirin

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awww how cute, Baby's first troll attempt

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You fucking pedophile!

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Yuuka, Kanako, Yukari

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Marisa, Yukari, Remilia, Ran, Suwako

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His name is Takatora on deviantart. All of his stuff is beautiful.

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Keine, Sakuya, and Hina

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But in reality I like nearly most of the cast to choose any that I think are the prettiest.

It would have been easier if OP would have asked who were the ugliests instead: Wriggle, That one spider Youkai, and the mouse Youkai.

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I don't think you and I would get along very well

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...shit this girl is a monster. the level of attention needed to do something like her stuff is unimaginable for me. she managed to put picasso references in touhou fanart...the gap between us isn't in skill, is in mental processes. I feel deeply defeated by her wonderful work.

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Why not?
I'm a pretty cool guy.
And if I had any friends they would tell you how great it is to be friends with me.

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Sakuya,Reisen,Yuyuko or Youmu

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wow, 16 votes for yukari

suwako, yuyuko, ran-yukari

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I don't know, the one's I find the "cutest" at least are Cirno, Suika and Youmu.

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Tenshi, Yukari and Byakuren.

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Sakuya, Okuu and Remilia

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Tenshi, Flandre and Suwako.

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Tenshi, Reimu and Remilia.

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Yuyuko, Remilia and Tenshi.

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Tenshi was a good candidate before my post, but... well.

Anyway, that pic. She loses all of her charm without the colorful things and her skirt.

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Yuuka, Yuuka, and Yuuka

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Remilia, Remilia and Remilia.

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Rumia, Parsee, Minoriko

Cause minor plot characters need love, too

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Tewi, Suika, Suwako

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Stopped reading there.

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Tenshi, Yukari and Sanae

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Yuuka, Kanako, Mokou
captcha - xtenchen Cheeeeeeen!

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Sakuya, Flandre and Patchouli

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Alice? Are you guys kidding me?

No where do any of the canon sources refer to Alice as pretty. You guys are just projecting.

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You got some thing for blond haired young girls you sick fuck?

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kanako, yuka and meiling

2 milfs and an onee-chan

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Princesses are always pretty, so Kaguya.
The most powerful should be the prettiest, so Yukarin.
And Yuuka because Youkai moe.

Pic unrelated.

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It is not physically possible to fap to source Mokou

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Yuyuko, Yukari, Seiga

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ctrl+f nitori
phrase not found
what is this

nitori, cirno, yuyuko

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Why do you guys keep saying Cirno? Isn't she more like babycon.

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Nitori is everyone's bro. Hard to think of your bro as "pretty"

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It is not phisicaly possible to fap to any source touhou.

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I've fapped to Okuu's triangles before.

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She's a bit too dumb for me.

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Wriggle, Mokou, and Marisa.
No touhou can compare with their beauty.

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I think that Suika, Cirno, and Youmu are all very pretty, but as usual, it depends much on the artist.

I also like Medicine's outfit and think that it is very cute.

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Gotta love that Ran, Cirno, and Yoshika.

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Hinaichigo, Shinku, and Nori.

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I'm having trouble choosing in all honesty. I guess for now I'd have to go for Eirin, Kanako and Remilia.

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Yukari, Meiling, Yuka.
Meiling isn't one of my favourites touhous, but she is really sexy from my viewpoint

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Indeed, Medicine's outfit is really adorable. But I don't think she's pretty herself.


Although I didn't vote on her, I was surprised by the lack of Nitori too.

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nue, satori, remilia

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Yukari, Yuuka, and Yuyuko got a lot of attention.

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>all these Yuukas

Yuuka, um. Maybe Youmu and Kaguya too, although the latter only by default.

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Y's are supreme. First or last name.

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Suika, Yukari, Youmu

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I'm bored

yuuka 15
Flan 4
Remilia 8
yukari 20
yuyuko 13
okuu 5
Byakuren 7
Suwako 6
Ran 8