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ITT: We give faith to our lovely Kanako to keep her alive. Suwako is also acceptable.

;_; Oh Kanako, I treasure you. You to Suwako

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Kanako's pubes are a miracle of the universe

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Anything Kanako does is a miracle of the universe

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Time to receive a blessing for your loyal service.

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Censoring? Nope.

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Oh no! It's a pleasure of mine!

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Stop putting porn in spoilers.

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I'd take her holy rod.

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Does anybody have that picture of lots of middle aged men asking Kanako to have a omiai with her?

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Why not?

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I wish I could go on a road trip with Kanako and the MoF gang. It would be the best summer ever.

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Seriously, OP here, fuck sex with her if she doesn't want, but I'd love to go on a roadtrip with all of them. I'd give anything to skip out on my life to do that.

>That feel when it will never come true

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That snake tail is cute.

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There isn't much that depresses me about the CANNOT HAVE of it all anymore, but goddamn if that image didn't hit where it hurts.

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It felt like a punch to the kidneys for me...

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Cheer up, /jp/!
Surely your wishes will come true one day!
You just need to have faith. And none of that pussy-ass Christian 'you just have to believe' bull. We're talking sacrificial rituals here.

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What do you wish for us to do Lady Kanako?

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> And none of that pussy-ass Christian 'you just have to believe' bull. We're talking sacrificial rituals here.
Sounds honestly legit

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My blood or others? I can also do both

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please, stop posing lewd images.

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Lots and lots of Alcohol.
Other stuff is cool too, just don't forget the alcohol.

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truly if you keep posting lewd images you will offend the lady

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We have secured the booze , ma'dam~

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It would be lovely if I was the one being looked at in that picture. After a long day of working hard for my goddesses, I'd come home to a nicely cooked meal I prepared for them all and we'd all have a nice sit down night and just chillout.

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Stop making me depressed/wanting to create a portal to Gensokyo

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N-no, /jp/, I don't like Kanako!
S-s-stop making me like her!

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Why would you be upset about us giving you some good taste?

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If Kanako exists, then why does evil happen?

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She is a weak god.

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Other gods

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Ah, humans. Always avoiding responsibilities.

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She's a poor excuse for a god, I mean, she was defeated by a lazy drunk human miko, so go figure.

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>implying reimu isn't plot armor

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She doesn't have plot armor, go back to TVTropes and your Danbooru.

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Using her hair thingy like that really suits her.

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Fucking hot!!!!!!!

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Is it strange that I imagine Lady Kanako as seven feet tall and able to punch through mountains? I don't know why, she gives off that sort of vibe to me.

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Oh, /jp/...you can be so nice sometimes.
Keep the faith alive!

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She's a god, so effectively, I bet she could figure out a way to do that no problem. So nope, you are not strange one bit.

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Well, I suppose so. But I can't imagine Kanako as anything but tall, tough, cool, and those sorts of things.

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Also I think she's pretty attractive but that's not really important.

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All hail Kanako!

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I just beat Kanako with reimu C, She's a lovable and charming bitch Once you beat the shit out of her

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I always imagined Kanako to have quite the disciplinary attitude, yet a kind and loving heart that shines through at times.

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We assume Kanako gains A amount of power from B amount of people with C amount of faith.

We also assume that B includes only people at an age where they are mentally capable of believing in a deity, and that this number is at a constant increase with the current living conditions on Earth.

Lastly, we also, for the purpose of this question, assume that every person on earth is giving the maximum amount of faith possible.

With this in mind, would Kanako become powerful enough to solve the problems of overpopulation before the problems of overpopulation stifles the population growth, and by extension creating an upper limit for B, and therefore also A?

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Suck my witch cunt and shut the fuck up

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Keep lewd behaviour away from the Lady's presence, please.

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Does that mean that if she ever becomes omniscient, we can never be lewd again?

I need to reconsider my faith.

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I'm sure your nipples could pop out my eyes if I stared at them close enough for some time.

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I don't think you need to worry about that. Even if it did happen I'd stay.

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I'm sure the Lady could pop your eyes out without resorting to such lewd displays.

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No she can't, I'm a wizard nipples or nothing.

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Well, if there's no other way...
It can't be helped, I guess.

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You know, for some reason I kind of wonder how Kanako would play like in a Touhou fighting game. All she got to do was help Sanae out a bit.

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Worth it

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I'm thinking a lack of mobility coupled with Mid-High tier danmaku and use of Onibashira for physical attacks with a slight range advantage.

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I see, kind of works, sounds a bit Utsuho to me as well though. I imagine her to be some sort of powerhouse though, especially considering Sanae's default 623 ability.

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Yanno /jp/, Kanako may have one of the top feet in Touhou. She nevver really wears shoes or socks, just those sandal's. Imagine how sweet, fresh and warm Kanako's feet must smell after a long day of hauling goddess ass. They have to be soft, tender and warm to the touch of my tounge.

Oh god, my fucking dick.

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You've got a point. Maybe a stance system would work?
Using the Onibashiras freely in one stance, for a focus on physical attacks, while attaching them, guncannon-style, for a focus on danmaku.

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Perhaps that might work, but I'm not exactly sure how. Would her moveset change based on stance or not? That's the only thing I'm wondering. The only thing I can come up with is a Kanako based around fast, weak danmaku barrages mixed with high power, long range physical attacks. Add in a couple high power onbashira danmaku as well.

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Yeah, a changeable moveset is what I was thinking, with Danmaku/Onibashira based specials, depending on the stance. Both stances together allowing her to deal with both ranges effectively, but with the drawback that both stances are very vulnerable at the range they're not specialized for, and stance switching leaving her too vulnerable for it to be done anywhere, anytime.

I really like the idea of Onibashira used as danmaku with physical properties, but it seems like something that would be ridicilously hard to balance.

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So delicious...

would love to have a lick

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Testing and bumping. I think I got IP range banned.

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I doubt it, you just wanted to bump this.

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I like bare feet, I like socks, and all that stuff, but for some reason I find sandals disgusting.

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Because it reminds you of hippies. And hippies are filthy, disgusting, drug addicted hobos who complain about society but are unwilling to do anything to change it.

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Nah, I just despise them enormously.