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>MechWarrior Online

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>dat /m/ dream

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You will never know what it feels like to fire twin PPCs in anger

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>dat /jp/ dream

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>That feel when you load your mech with large lasers and PPCs and fire them all at once to overheat your mech in one volley.

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There's no other reason to even play.

I can't remember if it was Mechwarrior or Earth Siege that I also use to have a shitton of missiles.

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what's her name again?

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Shit loads of PPCs on Mecha play multiplayer. Overheats but destroys enemies mech in one hit.

that new mech game going to come out still or legal stuff still on going?

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This is the Inner Sphere.
Thousands of planets colonized by humankind.
Once it was united under the Star League, but for the last three hundred years it has been consumed by savage wars.
Until, a new enemy appered.
Mysterious invaders known as, "the Clans."
Powerful and ruthless, they struck like lightning, attacking every sector at once.
But they made one big mistake.
They attacked MY home planet.
Now, in the spirit of the Star League, ancient enemies have re-united.
And, we're gonna take back our galaxy.

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This IS that ``new mech game.''

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They made it into an online game?

Also It better not be like that eve-style mech game. Perpentuum or whatever

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You don't like spreadsheets?

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Ironically I used spreadsheets just hours ago to make an assignment incredibly easier. I'd fuck spreadsheets right now.

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no clans, wouldn't play

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