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Old one autosaging

Version 1.02
Wiki: http://swr.mizuumi.net

Remember Europeans, tournament on 28/06/08
info here: http://koti.mbnet.fi/diablosk/swrtour.txt

Hosting: EU

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Not working. Either you're with someone already and it's not in a spectating mood or something's screwed up.

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correct, was hosting on different port.
Try now

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Working now.

Remi, girl, you gotta work on rolling when you get up.

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>>805932 here
gg and rehosted

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806050 West Coast US (California)

Taking a break from Iku, I wish to tango with my waifu~

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Hosting EU

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Lag and no weather manners. Lame.

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Weather manners?
And it wasn't laggy at all for me.

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Weather manners as in you don't attack when it's typhoon and possibly spring haze. I stood there and didn't attack hoping you'd get the message. Typhoon is absolutely ridiculous, particularly when you're playing SUIKA of all characters, who does literally three times as much damage per hit as Sakuya.

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More than likely, he means Typhoon etiquette. Some people tend to sit Typhoon weather out. A Player's Choice rule.

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Then ask for a game with no weather. It's as simple as that.

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dumbass. There are no rules like these.
if you absoulutely can't stand the weather, pick the no-weather client from the wiki and request no-weather matches only.

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Not the same anon but either: A) Run no weather or B) Tough that shit out, because no one can tell what you're doing. There are no "weather manners" because there's no way you can coordinate that here.

It's different if you're talking to the person and you both agree to it.

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HURR HURR, CAUSE IT'S REALLY FUCKIN EASY TO FIND PEOPLE TO PLAY NO WEATHER WITH, AMIRITE? Plus, there's only one fuckin weather that's really bad, and that's mostly because of the enormous fuckin differences in damage outputs, as well as a complete inability to come back if you're behind, even by 10% life, unless you're playing Suika or have a good spell card.

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Uh. Yeah, it's pretty easy. You go, "hosting no weather game" or ask someone to turn it on. I've never had problems with it.

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Anyway, hosting again. You better be careful, I have no weather manners.

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that's just fucking retarded

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Host with no weather, go to IRC, or just deal with it. So what if super armor comes on? I've lost games I would have otherwise won because of it, and I don't mind. In 10 seconds you'll be in a brand new one.

And it IS possible to come back if you're behind on health. Just don't HURR DURR 5AAAAAAAAA and actually try to avoid the other player while throwing shit at him.

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I play no weather mainly, no melee weather and magnet fog weather are just as annoying as superarmor imo.

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When people do that to me I like to attack at full force and hope they get the message that they're an idiot.

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>>806040 here


Did my point about your Reimu go through? :B

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If you see someone standing still and not attacking during a typhoon, it's pretty obvious what they're doing. Shit, I always stop attacking someone when I notice they're not doing anything, regardless of weather or game. Maybe the phone just rang or something. Who beats up on someone who isn't fighting back?

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Hey, I'm still a complete newbie.
Didn't even choose my main yet and I don't have much time to train.
GGs though, your Youmu is fucking scary.

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Well played. Gotta take a break, though, someone just left me a voicemail.

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if you stand there doing nothing and they beat you up, its obvious they dont approve your "boohooo let's cease the game for this bad weather and wait it out" shit.
Like Armando said, Typhoon is not the only shitstorm - if you can't stand the weather, play without noweather client.

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Standing there doing nothing for 30 seconds is stupid, play no weather.

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Anybody hosting?

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The funny thing is that the tourneyfags are the ones who actually have weather manners, even though the casualfags are the ones who play for fun.

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don't worry you were alright, just your reimu is a liiiiiittle too dependant on 421B

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Yeah, that guy's retarded for crying about it. You don't stop fighting so you can cry when the guy hits you, that isn't the point.

But it's even more stupid to act like there's no way to figure out what's going on like that other guy said.

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>If you see someone standing still and not attacking during a typhoon, it's pretty obvious what they're doing.

Indeed. They're basically saying "Super armor sucks, lets just wait it out."
Doesn't mean one has to agree with him though. Smacking him in the face regardless is also a simple awnser to figure out: "I don't care about super armor, quit crying over weather if you're playing with weather on."

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Some of us find typhoons fun. Keep the drama whoring in irc where it belongs.

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Adding on to that, sitting out Typhoons create sort of an unfair advantage for characters that have attacks that reach the opposite side of the screen quickly:

Reimu (421B)
Marisa (6C)
Sakuya (236B/C)
Patchi (214C, 66C)
Yukari (421C 6)
Iku (6C)

Yuyuko and Suika have attacks that can reach the opposite side, but are sorta laggy in startups. Aya and Alice, I'm unsure of; at a certain distance, 5C could connect or whiff easily, and I'm not sure the full distance Alice's 6B can reach. Again, it's Player's Choice if this etiquette is followed or not.

Side-note - Sakuya's just as effective in Typhoon as Suika thanks to Perfect Maid.

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Dump that horrible rabbit and embrace your true love Kilgam_aya_n. You know you want to.


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Actually, it says something else entirely, something derogatory only to the one doing the attacking.

But whatever. Most people who stop fighting in the typhoon don't do it for the sake of causing drama in the netplay thread.

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Everyone plays this game casually - some just are better than the others. don't go dividing people into "casualfags" and "tourneyfags" in this game.

I'm one of the better players but I surely don't agree with any "let's sit this out" bs if we choose to play with the weather on.

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Never! I mained Meiling in the limited time I spent with IaMP, I'm maining Reisen in this.

Aruhori will come through for me eventually! Hopefully he'll find Reisen an air game that she sorely lacks.

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I don't know why you'd want to wait it out anyway. 100 seconds of standing there doing jack shit? Just smash each other, get the round over, start a new one. Run no weather if it bothers you that much. It's not like anyone runs to tell their friends they won a match over it anyway.

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Projectiles don't give any unfair advantage during typhoon, you can still graze just fine.

The real annoyances are spellcards that cant be grazed and have huge hitbox, like youmu's blue sword.

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>Actually, it says something else entirely, something derogatory only to the one doing the attacking.

Please explain, because I can't think of anything derogatory to the attacker that can be conveyed through that.

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>>Some of us find typhoons fun.

>>Side-note - Sakuya's just as effective in Typhoon as Suika thanks to Perfect Maid.
Not everyone uses the same alt. skill cards. I personally think a counter move is ass because it doesn't work on decent people who actually try not to do the same shit over and over.

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Talking about RAISIN


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BRB, netdecking!

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There hasn't been any drama in #swr ever, why do you make up this shit?

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There hasn't, because the drama happens on jp, it just is sometimes caused by something someone on SWR said.

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so who are the dramafags *rollseyes*

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on second though, ignore my comment.

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It's a pain in the ass to do no-weather.
I divide between tourneyfags and casualfags depending on whether they actively try to get better through any means possible as well as their opinions on the game, since people tend to be highly polarized on most issues such as whether a change that completely changes the flow of the game and makes virtually everything that was effective before pointless is "fun" or "fuckin stupid". It's a sort of colloquial definition rather than the original meaning that literally meant someone who goes to tourneys.

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Shut up and post some IPs for fucks sake.

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I'm aware. It's a shame that alt skill is totally useless otherwise and pulling that off would be nigh impossible playing against someone with half a brain.

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No need to be so negative. Also, somebody host, please?

>> No.806368 EU
Still hosting. I'm the no weather manners guy.

>> No.806372

I'd host, but due to heavy storms, power is out for a few days, borrowing someone's connection atm, and I can't mess with his router.

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I am negative because I WANT REISEN TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT IN PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS IT WOULD HELP SO FUCKING MUCH but it's just a pipe dream that has left a bitter taste in my mouth by taunting me so :(

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806401 (Cen US)
All-Around Amateur
Weather ON
Today's Special: Win 1 match, win a 2nd half-off!

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Sorry for so few games, but my battery's running out.
Thanks for the rounds though.

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US West - moderately high

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still hostan..

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GG, Kyon. Your Aya's still giving me problems.

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Ah, GGs there. I must admit I have no idea what am I doing, except with Aya.

Also I think I saw Reisen's panties.

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US East


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GGs, whoever that was.

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Sorry I had to go, phone kept ringing. GG

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GGs, I was just going to drop out too.

I cannot fight Alice at all, I'm like a deer in headlights. I just jump around and attempt to dodge everything.

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hosting,, US

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807218 West Coast
Remi Remi Remi, I love you!

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Desync? That was a really good game we had going on too.

>> No.807266 EU noob
trying to learn a new character so ill be even worse than usual

>> No.807272

Remi's movement is TERRIBLE against an Alice. I figured you kept disconnecting.

>> No.807271

Hosting ON, Canada. Yukari/Reisen/Random - intermediate/low-intermediate

>> No.807289 Canada ON


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GG, too laggy.

>> No.807312

Hosting, EC

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still waiting

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What's the total health in this game? I know it's not a flat 10,000. 92-95k?

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No Youmu
No Marisa
No Sakuya
Alice only. ec

>> No.807448

9.2, 9.5

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Fun games.

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i dont like reisen, her melee hits before mine

>> No.807519 Canada ON

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Argh, sorry sorry, really sorry about that last one! I really didn't mean to do that! Please accept this as an apology!

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GGs Magister. Any advice on what to use as Chiquita while trapped in a blockstring? I can find openings, but I'll be damned if Tenshi has anything fast enough to capitalize on it.

>> No.807539

waiting patiently

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That's the one thing I don't like about her. She doesn't have anything at all. At least, not on default. Her alt623 sword combo serves as a reversal, but you'll lose the LOLWHOLESCREENGRAZE fun of the default 623.

Please take this as well to make up for my stupidity.

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Wow patchy's ultimate spell card is so over the top. It's like instant victory if the enemy drops below 3 spirit orbs.

>> No.807549

What did you do? I was afk and missed it.

>> No.807570

It disconnected again. Was the game running slower than usual?

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If you just block it, it only drains three orbs. Grazing on the ground for half the duration and blocking the rest takes two. If you fly, it'll take all of them, and you'll still get hit, unless you fly cancel repeatedly.

I was afk also, and when I Alt+tabbed back in to check on the timer for the Typhoon, I shot some cards at you by mistake and won the match.


>> No.807585

Yep but it's not hard to deplete the enemy's spirit with patchy and the invincible start up is a bitch.

>> No.807586

Got about 20 minutes or so to waste, somebody make it happen

>> No.807590

Good games, good games.
Sorry for the reconnect, my gamepad wasn't working properly.

>> No.807591
Canada West, Yuyuko practice and random

>> No.807669 EC

>> No.807674

Got to go, ggs

>> No.807692

Good games, good games.

>> No.807693

Good games lawl

>> No.807696


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hey guys i haven't gotten a chance to try the SWR netplay yet, is there a spectate option for the built-in one or no?

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ggs Magister. I just can't do it. Reimu ga taosenai.

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That winning streak you had against everyone that wasn't Reimu got me really thinking "Why is it that I have to use her? Why can't I fight well with anyone else?" I'm still reckless. I just run in there with my blockstrings and hope that they don't figure them out. It's so hard to change that. I've played fighters for quite some time. GG taught me to fight, yet MvC2 really ruined me with the AGGRESSION GOGOGOGOGOG that I learned from it.

In fact, the first time I played IaMP, I thought "This kind of reminds me of GG."


I haven't played GG in a long time. I've since degraded into a mash-happy idiot who happens to still know how to move where it counts. I should get my ass back to the basics if I really want to get better.

>> No.807962
Canada west, still hostan

>> No.807965

If you do go, take me with you! I feel like I've hit another plateau and I don't know what to do.

>> No.808030

Can people not connect or West Coasters getting terrible lag or something?

>> No.808053

I feel myself slowly leaving my MvC2 mindset and remember how to actually FIGHT, yet I'm annoyed with myself because it's not coming back to me fast enough. I didn't even touch GGAC for very long, and now I feel like an idiot for doing that.

>> No.808059

shut the fuck up and fight

this isn't irc

>> No.808066

GB2 #swr

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It's not like I'm the first person in this thread(or previous ones) to complain about their skill level. Everyone wants to get better, but might not know how to go about doing it. I'm just voicing my problems like plenty of others have done.

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>> No.808182



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Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Version 1.02 - Weather: ON - Spectators: OK
Intermediate+ Yukari, Intermediate- Everyone else

>> No.808315

GG Fish, but too laggy.

>> No.808318

...gg? Or did the connection drop?

>> No.808321

Sorry to cut that last game short, but good games anyways

>> No.808371

Your Alice is really hard to get close to and you trapped and corner raped me pretty well. If I kept far away I'd eat that 6b and have to evade a trillion projectiles. Good games, I had fun.

Sorry for leaving suddenly but something came up.

>> No.808486


>> No.808499

GGs Abba. I really hate fighting Alice so much, she is seriously unapproachable with some characters. But all I have to do is stop charging her and Alice is really weak at really long range.

>> No.808599

Got so pissed I think I broke something. ec

>> No.808615

Stop charging AND break her dolls! Less shit on the field, less Alice's threat becomes.

>> No.808624

u can break the dolls?!? woot!

>> No.808689

Anyone still playing?
Top-Row Amateur (Ha, title change)
Weather ON

>> No.808697

no anon, you are teh dolls

>> No.808757

US East


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Remi blah blah love blah blah rape blah blah

>> No.808822


>> No.808841

Still hosting

>> No.808913

ggs verci. If your strategy doesn't work, don't keep doing it. Annoying as fuck.


>> No.808919

Really fun games. I'll have to remember that Alice isn't quite so annoying when you're playing a ranged character, since I could never bear to play Alice with Suika or Youmu.

>> No.808934

>>ggs verci. If your strategy doesn't work, don't keep doing it.
The problem is that there REALLY aren't very many ways to approach in SWR, and all of Sakuya's are completely closed out by Alice, so I had no choice from what I could see. And how was I doing the same thing anyway? At first I was trying to use melee to stay too close for your 6A to be effective, and then later I tried projectile spam and turtling.

>> No.808953

gg's. Glad I didn't COMPLETELY fail against you until Reimu.

>> No.808966


I love how Quadruple Barrier will still pull me in during the middle of a Pillar.

>> No.809009

ggs. Did the connection drop?

>> No.809030

You have to use both to approach. One or the other by themselves won't work.

>> No.809028

GG, sorry my connection died. Your Alice is really good.

>> No.809046 east

gonna try some youmu alt moves.

>> No.809055

GGs Zakeri, do you main anyone?

>> No.809058


Well played.

I definitely still have a lot of work to do.

Man I wish Reisen had an air game. :(

>> No.809059


That fight where you played as Komachi felt thrown. where you just testing her?

>> No.809064

My Main is Yuyuko, but I've been studying Komachi a lot for some reason.

>> No.809065

GG, Kil.

>> No.809068


I was testing Komachi, I had no idea what I was doing.

>> No.809120

testing out the controller adaptor I just got, I might switch back to keyboard because I'm so used to it, though.

>> No.809133

Your controller may work, but your IP sure doesn't...

>> No.809144

you want to try host? I might have screwed up something

>> No.809152

oh, no, nevermind, I keep forgetting to update to 1.02


>> No.809162

Don't forget your coat.

>> No.809170

try now

>> No.809179

No dice...

>> No.809184

\(^_^)/ I'll play netplay later when I shut off the damn router, then, sorry.

back to story mode danmaku for me

>> No.809201


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809210 West Coast US (California)

Taking a break from Iku, I wish to tango with mai waifu~

>> No.809227
Canada west, trying to learn Yuyuko

>> No.809249


GGs Limiter.

>> No.809250

thanks, wat for bearing with that youmu setup. just learning those moves is good enough.

>> No.809332

GGs, Vercingetorix, but the turtling makes it less fun to fight you. That Komachi match lasted fucking forever.

>> No.809340

Wow, Magister, that was the worst finish I've ever seen. Two people dash attack at each other. What was REALLY ridiculous, though, was seeing you kill me with a dash attack that from the animation never should have hit in slow motion. Inaccurate hitboxes ftw, eh? GGs anyway. Heavy Fog weather seems to give me an assload of lag for some reason, even though it hardly has any visual effects.

>> No.809346

Turtling, lol. I'm playing Sakuya against your characters, all of whom have great melee. There's a reason I turtle.

>> No.809379

GG, swedish. Playing with someone more impossible to beat than your Iku.

>> No.809392
File: 261 KB, 700x560, 1213247270635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
809392 West Coast US (California)

Taking a break from Iku, I wish to tango with mein waifu~

>> No.809397


GGs to you too

>> No.809454

gg, rabbit, sucks that youmu cant counters Alice's 5A, 6A

>> No.809459

GGs Limiter, I didn't even know Youmu had a counter card. I'm going to have to add it to my deck. I hope you didn't mind my Yuyuko, I'm very green with her and I'm trying to get her down.

>> No.809474

I know, as a Youmu player I faced an Alice who would rock me with that. I was only able to win by baiting it and then countering with a spell card.

>> No.809487

Youmu's counter is very hard to pull, it takes only melee exception of Alice's 5A, 6A. but in the good side, it forces youmu user not to typically rushing things.

.....what the hell can her grab move be use for(only for supers, I guess)?!?

>> No.809507

Its only useful for being unblockable. I think you're supposed to grab and bounce them off the far wall, and while they're still spinning you can combo into it.

>> No.809564

GGs, your Aya is great. I really like how you use her 22b. Had a lot of fun fighting your Iku too.

I should probably start focusing on using Reisen's default 236 instead of her alt, since it seems to get me much better results.

>> No.809570


GGs. I need to balance lovings in between Aya and Iku, since both have radically different play styles.

>> No.809582


GGs. I need to balance lovings in between Aya and Iku, since both have radically different play styles. I can get overly defensive with Aya, while trying to mash my way through with Iku.

>> No.809591

Yeah, Aya seems a lot better if you keep on the offensive. Still beat me hard though. I'm still trying to get a good handle on Tenshi's play style.

>> No.809745

newfag here for download the game where?

>> No.809758


>> No.809771

thx anon. i want to kill you.

>> No.810686

any EU up for hosting?

>> No.810701

Kill yourself

>> No.810854

Wish the fucking power company'd hurry up and fix their shit so I can host.
Also so I can play MGS4.
For being the world's biggest producer of hyrdoelectricity, Hyrdo-Quebec sucks fairly large cocks at keeping their shit together

>> No.810861

EC hostan

>> No.810947

Not working, unless you're simply done, or don't allow spectators.

>> No.810988
File: 165 KB, 500x700, 1213277195968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.811025

how do i netplay hurr durr

>> No.811044
File: 661 KB, 1147x1130, 1213278234769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.811115

based on this iam supposed to find my IP first then use my ip to host a game right?

>> No.811199

that's exactly correct

to find out your ip, use www.whatismyip.com

>> No.811229

and one more thing, when i want to Spectate or join a game i enter like this right?
sorry new at this learning now

>> No.811233


>> No.811251


>> No.811309

I can't figure this fucking game out.

I quit.

>> No.811340

oo i got a question, why i sometimes cant even connect to the ip? because the host wont allow spectators or something?

>> No.811342

don't; it's great:


>> No.811357

that could be one reason; he could be doing it wrong though

>> No.811405


I can't figure it out either, but that hasn't stopped me yet.

>> No.811414
File: 29 KB, 519x687, arcdude.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

post some IPs, preferably EU

>> No.811424


You're probably better off making a new topic since this one has hit autosage.