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Plot armor aside, how strong is Reimu really?

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Strong enough.

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Mary Sue

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Considering she can float away and take no damage forever, pretty powerful.

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Reimu is hardly a Mary Sue.

She's lazy, short tempered, and impious. Not exactly outstanding qualities for a Miko.

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how is she impious

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But she can't do damage on the level of the other high end Touhous.

It's like having Avalon: you can never die as long as you hide behind it, but you aren't winning the fight either.

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Obviously, she's secretly an imp.

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While she can't do high damage, she can still do damage. Being able to do damage plus invulnerability for an unlimited time is still winning any fight.

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She never goes all out, who know's but she has some good battling experience and something more, pic related.

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Well she doesn't treat deities such like Yama or Kanako with much respect does she.

And how much of her time is spent in prayer and meditation?

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Yama isn't a deity. Reimu is not obligated to Kanako because Yukari is the Hakurei god.

She spends time in prayer when she needs to: SSiB

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>unlimited time

Full baka.

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Why would tripcode user use this image of dying Reimu?

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too lewd

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>Yukari is the Hakurei god.
I seriously wish you were like, submerged in a vat of acid or something. Fuck. Jesus christ. God damn.
Holy shit.

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I interpret it as Reimu deciding to listen to the ground.

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She throws paper amulets with enough force to shatter huge boulders and pierce tank armor. She's likely the strongest human that ever lived, and that's without even taking her magic powers into account.

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>Yama isn't a deity.

Yes she is.

A Yama is a god, both to Buddhists and Hindus.

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Those in glass houses

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The purpose of the Hakurei Shrine is to uphold the Hakurei border.

Yukari is the border god, and cares very much for the well-being of Gensokyo. She's also fond of Reimu.



Nobody prays to Yama. Japanese Buddhists don't pray to deities other than ascended Buddhas.

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Yukari isn't a god..... And Yama's are considered deities.... Hakurei doesn't have a god it's devoted to or it has never been shown at the least.

Plot armor aside, she's probably around the high end level in terms of feats. While she isn't as destructive as say Suika, her ability to float away from reality and MAINTAIN IT AS LONG AS SHE PLEASES, basically makes her hacks.

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I was thinking about bitching at the secure tripfag for posting nonsense, but damn sonny, you make poopslimer look good.

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Pretty sure those talismans only do the damage they do because they are magic; it's not like she can throw normal pieces of paper hard enough to crack skulls.

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To be fair, there are far fewer restrictions on what can be considered a shinto god than in most other religions; basically anything with a soul is eligible.

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>Japanese Buddhists don't pray to deities other than ascended Buddhas.

Careful buddy, Buddhism is so decentralized there's no way you can make a statement like that.

Also, take a look at Japanese Buddhist icons. You'll see a lot of Buddhists deities depicted other than Buddhas.

Oh, and Yukari is a fucking youkai, she isn't a god.

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she is a teenage girl

meaning if you are a man you can brutally rape her

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If the Enma is a deity, Yukari is also a god damned deity.

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right, it's an animistic faith and everything has a soul: rocks, trees, rivers

so to Shintos there are basically an unlimited number of gods

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I've always wondered if Yukari could use some sort of prepared move to counter that move.

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That doesn't even begin to make sense.
Even if you're using a power level is higher so she's also a god argument, which I hope you aren't.

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Youkai are demons, not deities.

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NO! That's fucking stupid. You're fucking stupid. Youkai are not deities. Get it through your thick skull.

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Alice became a youkai because she increased her powerlevel. She attained immortality through ascension.

Same applies to god ascension. I'm going to ask my professor for material to support this fact.

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plot armor aside, how strong is Marisa?

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That's fucking retarded. Please stop it.

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Reimu never had plot armour, Goddamn, you sound like TVTropes.

If anything, she beat up gods before the spellcard rules were made, IN also says she has a bunch of other abilities besides warping away from reality that she doesn't want to use because she dislikes showoffs (that includes Fantasy Heaven).

Basically you can't say a 100% certain verdict about her or most other Touhous due to the spe~llcard rules and lack of in-canon power comparison.

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yeah too bad youkai aren't necessarily immortal

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Youkai are not deities, Yukari is the maintainer of the border along with Reimu because the former was the one who created the barrier with the first Hakurei miko. If Yukari were the deity then she'd be nothing but a non-physical entity capable of only transmiting its current mood, which we know she's not. There's also the fact that the ACTUAL Hakurei deity has been mentioned a bunch of times, like in Reimu C's good MoF ending, Reimu B's (or was it A?) UFO ending and CoLA.

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Well it's not plot armor per say, but any victory she's had over a stronger opponent say Yukari or Shinki is usually cause they aren't actually fighting seriously.
And most like yes, Yukari could do something about Fantasy Heaven. Border between Reality and insert phrase here or something.

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We need to create a powerlevel chart of all the Touhous.

With Lunarians at the top, and Yuuka and Yukari coming in on second tier.

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Yama is at the top.

Then Yukari, Eirin, Yuka, and the oni.

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Plot armor? Nope, you can die in the game on any of the touhou games I'm aware of. I mean, you'd have to be trying, but still.

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>but any victory she's had over a stronger opponent say Yukari or Shinki is usually cause they aren't actually fighting seriously.

What? Where did you get that from? Her powers were explicitly said by ZUN in HRtP that they could damage gods themselves, which Shinki is and there's no reason for her to not fight seriously since she said she was going to kill Reimu and therefore implode Gensokyo and its inhabitants into nothingness. Anything post-MS cannot be considered as any display of real powers since the spellcard rules were implemented and they make everyone have a fair chance against everyone else so you can't say that Yukari was ''fighting seriously'' or not, because she couldn't have done either way, although she does tease often in spellcard battles.

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We cannot do that, nothing has been specified or compared by ZUN.

All of those charts that have been made before are fanwank.

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get the stick out of your ass anon, fanwank is fun

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Why is Eirin up there. IN is easy as fuck.


>Allow me to interject, but if you were to closely examine appendices A and B, you would know for FACT, that Yukari was not indeed acting in such a manner. This is canonically accepted, therefore your opinion is objectively wrong and you should refrain from projecting your false opinions and shoving it down our collective throats which does indeed infuriate Gensokyo scholars such as me.

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That's impossible, danmaku can't kill.

And ''plot armor'' is when the weakling character (usually the main) manages to beat an entity much more stronger than itself _without explanation for its powers or how he/she managed to beat _. In this case, Reimu is not a weakling and she DOES have an explanation, her orbs and ofuda (I'm guessing her needles too) have been said to have the power to fight on par with gods, which is kind of what a shrine maiden is supposed to be related to (that'd be communicating instead of fighting, although Reimu can trance too).

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Secondary detected.

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Playing touhou and not reading supplementary sources is now secondary?

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>Why is Eirin up there. IN is easy as fuck.

in game difficulty has no bearing on a character's power level

and Eirin is easily the most powerful magic user in touhou

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>Why is Eirin up there.

He probably put her up there because he thinks being really old is power.

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That's not supplementary, that's in-game info.

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>in game difficulty has no bearing on a character's power level


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>and Eirin is easily the most powerful magic user in touhou

Where did you get that from? She's not even a magician, she's just highly knowledgeable in the field of medicine and science.

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>and Eirin is easily the most powerful magic user in touhou

Yeah a source would be nice. Where does it say that Eirin is even good at danmaku.

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Not the same guy but uh, you can't treat how hard a character is in-game as proof of power.

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>She's not even a magician

lunarians invented magic (or at least they claim so)

and if she isn't a magician, how did she put the entire planet inside of a magic pot

which wasn't even one of her strongest spells

no one ever gives poor Eirin any credit power level wise

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I'll just answer this with one word.


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If Eirin is so strong how come a human like Mokou is the extra


Eirin using the rice cooker Dragon Ball seal is canon.

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How is using an artifact a proof of one's superior magic skills?

How can you get her exact ''power level''? How can you compare it to others'?

You can't, ZUN never stated anything about them and the spellcard rules made everyone be able to beat everyone else, hopefully that would have stopped powerlevel discussions but it didn't because people are hungry for these useless facts.

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seriously people, enclosing the entire planet in a big space jar is one of Eirin's B spells

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That's a spellcard, not something that really happened you know, every Touhou's spellcard's danmaku is a reflection of one's abilities made into a beautiful nigh-harmless (because they scratch clothes) pattern. It's like thinking Utsuho's suns in-battle are real suns.

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uh, IN for starters

>Ah, you're talking about the moon?
>That's my master Eirin's strongest charm.
>It makes the Earth one giant, sealed chamber.
>Do you understand?

>But about that moon-sealing charm.
>I DO have stronger ones.

the thing about lunarians inventing magic comes from one of ZUN's books, let me look it up

as I just said, in game difficulty has no bearing on power level

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>That's a spellcard, not something that really happened

haven't you played IN

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>the thing about lunarians inventing magic comes from one of ZUN's books, let me look it up

What if Eirin is not even a Lunarian

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she came from the moon (where lunarians live)

she's immortal, or at least extremely long lived (just like lunarians)

oh and the thing about lunarians inventing magic is something kaguya said, it's not in one of the books

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the fuck


>> No.8059310


Are you gaijin by any chance?

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Sort of. Eirin is a lunarian, but she does come from earth.

>> No.8059319

I'm saying that the spellcard itself does not do anything, not that they didn't seal Earth beforehand.

Either way, you still cannot say that she's the ''most powerful magician'' because there's nothing concrete to compare nor is it comparable.

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Eirin is a typical Japanese obasan. She even sings enka-style.


She may have a high powerlevel but she's just a mid-aged woman.

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what? no she doesn't

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Why won't you give her the respect she deserves /jp/?

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Too busy staring at her ass.

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This is not respect issue, this is nonsensical powerlevel discussion.

And by ''deserving'' that respect then so would every other Touhou, make that happen please.

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>She beat up gods before the spellcard rules were made.

Then the spellcard rules were made not to protect the Shrine Maiden, but to give Youkai a chance to defeat her?.

Because you can danmaku-rape her in IN.

>> No.8059350

>Then the spellcard rules were made not to protect the Shrine Maiden, but to give Youkai a chance to defeat her?.

I'm not sure why you're adding the question mark.

>Because you can danmaku-rape her in IN.

Danmaku doesn't kill, spellcard rules were made so that any being could beat any other regardless of power (eg: Cirno can beat Yama), it's only a matter of skill and bullet dodging prowess that matters, which Reimu is good at.

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Making super medicine doesn't really seem much when most touhous can split the planet in half by farting.

>> No.8059367

>I'm not sure why you're adding the question mark.

Because I thought it was the other way around.

>> No.8059371


Actually, she and several others of the older, higher ranking lunarians do. The lunar capital - which Eirin is a founder of - has only existed for slightly over 2000 years, and Eirin, Tsukiyomi and others are older than that.

Supposedly like Tsukiyomi, Eirin is another character from Japanese prehistory that has mistakenly been remembered as a deity, Eirin being Omohikane.

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Any other ideas for lists of S ranked touhous?

Yukari and Yuka are pretty obvious, but what about the rest?

Suika is usually up there, which I guess means the other 3 devas of the mountain are too.

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My bad, I forgot to mention both of them are correct, the youkai were scared to fight her both because a) She would beat them to a pulp and b) If she dies Gensokyo goes kerblooey.


I don't see why, she's only ''really powerful'' by Akyuu's mention, not that I think she's lying or anything by the way but there's no comparison made.

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Yuka has the "ultimate magic"

>> No.8059409

Isn't Reimu a pop-eye?
As strong as the plot needs her to be.
A snail will nearly outrun her, but she can take on a train.

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>As strong as the plot needs her to be.

Reimu does not have plot armor, get it in your head.

>> No.8059415


Strong as the plot needs her to be, and plot armor is not the same thing.

Plot armor means somebody is inexplicably strong.

>> No.8059417

I'm guessing you got carried away by people around here, or the internet.

She only gets the ''ultimate magic'' in Shuusou Gyoku, which not only is not part of Touhou canon, but her route isn't as well.

Plus, even if she did have it, you can't say she's therefore more powerful than everyone else, Utsuho has the ''Ultimate Energy'' according to the manual yet you don't see her being invincible.

>> No.8059421

She's also a player character in a video game and they tend to beat everyone as a matter of course.

>> No.8059422

pop-eye had an explenation.

>> No.8059423

>Strong as the plot needs her to be

Then it doesn't make any sense, every character in every magic battle story is as strong as the plot wants them to be, Reimu's just powerful. Or are you implying she's invincible or something? Because she's the second Touhou who has been beaten the most.

>> No.8059425

Yuuka spends half of POFV floating about and beating people to a pulp for no reason and the other half bragging about it.

>> No.8059428

Reimu does have one, her family bloodline gives her powers over time and her ying yang orb has planet-destroying abilities.

>> No.8059431

Just like Pop-Eye.
And he could blow out the sun.

>> No.8059436

And? You seem to think that this proves something.

Have you forgotten that everyone else in that game does the exact same thing?

>> No.8059439

Popeye is beyond any Touhou's reach, stop comparing them.

>> No.8059445

Let them fight.
He would beat all up.
He would fucking lasso the sun to replicate the ying tang orbs Reimu has.

>> No.8059446

I find the fan works more interesting than the official works. Heh heh. I tried playing one of the games, I couldn't really get into it to be honest.

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I know someone who could beat him.

>> No.8059449

Reimu can eat sweets without getting fat.

This is a god-tier power.

>> No.8059452

Nobody else is as incredibly smug about it as Yuuka. If you defeat her as Cirno, Cirno treats it as a near escape instead of a victory. When you fight Shikieiki at the end, Yuuka sees it as a way to prove who is the strongest in Gensokyo. She's also been an Extra boss. Her Akyuu profile says she's incredibly powerful but doesn't use it much.

Look, stop pretending everything in canon is lying. She's really powerful.

>> No.8059455

What would happen if a new youkai representing the power of vegetables appears? All vegetables and their nutritional value being a part/tool of hers which includes spinach?

>> No.8059457


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Don't make him do it.
It would be a galaxy destructing battle.

>> No.8059460

I'm not saying it's all a lie, I'm saying that being a smug about her victories is no proof of her being superior to everybody, she's just a bully.

>> No.8059463

>She's also been an Extra boss

Why do people keep using this as an actual in-universe argument? Christ you're stupid.

>> No.8059464

She would need to be quick.
And she probably doesn't know about his powers before it's too late.

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hey we're still talking about how Eirin is up there with Yukari and everyone in terms of power level right

>> No.8059479

Ah, good point, you got me. I guess I just wasn't thinking.

She's a bully who can back it up, is what I mean. She is so utterly unconcerned by the prospect of fighting it's hilarious.

>> No.8059480

She's not even close.

>> No.8059486


>> No.8059488

That's called being a smug, it's by no means proof at all that she's stronger than everyone else.

>> No.8059489

Power is generally correlated with the kind of boss you are. There's nothing that canonically tells us that the average stage 1 boss is weaker than the average stage 5 boss but it can probably be assumed.

>> No.8059492

Reimu is an anime Miko and youkai hunter, so if it's against youkai, there's probably few that she couldn't actually kill if she wanted to with her shrine maiden powers. She also has powers related to manipulating barriers and borders, at least able to enclose areas in a loop like in IN and SA.

She also historically doesn't like training, so she gets by on natural skill i.e. she could be so much stronger.

>> No.8059493

So, if we take all doujin works (also, obviously, factoring in the canon stuff) in existence, who's the strongest Touhou character?

>> No.8059494

Yes she is.

>> No.8059496


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I doubt that would work out well.

>> No.8059502

She trained for 10 minutes and was already able to channel the power of the gods.

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The power to eat anything you like without ever getting fat.
The power to give off a pleasant fragrance.
The power to disguise your heirloom superweapons as a cat.

So you'll keep an awesome figure, but people will be less interested in your and more interested in why your cat smells like violets.

>> No.8059514

It's still irrelevant because there's no type of boss that's only ever the top grade. Extra bosses especially are a pretty wide range.

>> No.8059565

They could have their children have the same powers if they were to mate with Reimu, that's something at least.

>> No.8059589
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True, most of the demonslaying hocus pocus is inherited. The spirit orbs are just a convenient piece of gear.

Well, most often convenient.

>> No.8059945

Yuyucow was a stage 1 boss in the last game, so the arguments behind the reasoning of Lvl5 boss > Lvl1 boss are obsolete.

>> No.8059955

That's because she's already proven her worth.

I guess I'm just so unused to having to argue that Yuuka is strong that I can't think of a way to do it.

>> No.8059978

why plot armor aside?

Reimu's as strong as ZUN wants her to be, unless you subscribe to the theory that fans all have their own conception of characters blah blah blah

in either case power level debates based on canon are worthless. If plot counts, she's invincible. If it doesn't, no point arguing with evidence.

>> No.8059990

Well, then let's determine how powerful a character is by how they are positioned in the fandom scale.

Just kidding, please don't kill me.

>> No.8059993

Yuuka is strong because she was playable and all playable characters are the strongest.

>> No.8060080

It makes no sense stating that then, because then it's the same as saying that all characters are as strong as ZUN wants them to be, you know, what naturally happens in a magic fantasy story, the creator does whatever he wants.

>> No.8060098

No it's not, that'd be saying that Yuugi is weaker than almost half the Touhou cast.

>> No.8060106

Yuugi is an exception. Please don't tell me that you're denying the trend that early bosses are weaker than latter ones.

>> No.8060111

What about Reimu?

And Marisa?

And the times you fought the the heroines in early PoFV/IaMP/SWR stages?

Come on anon, you can't make a trend something canon.

>> No.8060117

It's true but what can you show from that when talking about a particular character?