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Which 2hu is the least likely to destroy you?

My vote would probably have to be Kanako as long as you worship her or Meliling since she's a bro.

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Unless you're a yukkuri

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She is appartently my Touhou wife so i'm sure she wouldn't destroy me.

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Kanako is the most dangerous person in Gensokyo, she's the cause of 4 incidents (the latter 3 indirectly).

Meiling hasn't shown any kind of ''bro'' attitude at all, she's not cold or anything but not much is known about her or what she's done anyway, only that fists and chinese fighting styles are the solution to problems, she's not like in your fanon doujins.

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What 4?

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Yuuka would tear your ass in two and think nothing of it

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What if I become a Touhou and become the great manly Touhou? What then?

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MoF, SA, UFO and TD.

More specifically, if it weren't for her, none of the above would've happened.

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Stop it.

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>Kanako is the most dangerous person in Touhou

That's a weird way to spell Yukari

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You would be the victim of many touhou futa on male doujins.

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Mima will always live on in your heart

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Well, yeah, but I meant in terms of actually causing disasters instead of just being able to do hijinks with the boundaries of things.

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If that's the case, disregard my post.

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I'd bitch-slap every Touhou UFC style

That bitch Yuugi comes up to me and I'll lay her out

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Why would anyone want to live in Gensoyko? I still cannot phantom this question unless you were on the same level as everyone else or had enough power to hold your ground.

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I guess. I think Suwako's more of a schemer/troublemaker, though.

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She's said to really not care what you do and is amiable for the most part if you don't interfere with her job. Namely trying to get into the SDM.

She wouldn't do it for no reason. If you walked past her, she would just impale you out of the blue. Like Meiling if you don't do anything to bother her, she wouldn't give less of a damn about you.

Personally I imagine most humans namely Reimu , Sanae and Marisa would be the safest to be around. Sanae would probably be the easiest to interact with though.

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Mokou is pretty nice to humans and tends to help them out. I wouldn't mind running in to her in a forest, it'd be sad to part from her though.

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ZUN should make a male Touhou that does this just for all the delicious tears of the fans seeing their favorite 2hu get beaten down UFC style.

I can already taste them in my mouth now and I must say it feels pretty good.

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>Which 2hu is the least likely to destroy you?

Come on, that's easy.



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Even with all the incidents that started because of her, I doubt that if you saw her that she'd pummel your head into a pile of paste or destroy you in some other manner.


I'd like to live there if I got some power to go along with it. If not, it'd at least be nice to see what kind of magic they could pull off.

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>ZUN should make a male Touhou that does this just for all the delicious tears of the fans seeing their favorite 2hu get beaten down UFC style.

Oh man. Oh man, you have NO FUCKING IDEA.

Delicious doesn't quite cover it.

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>She's said to really not care what you do and is amiable for the most part

Where does it say that?

And you can't interfere with her in any way OTHER than her job, she must be always guarding the gate and you getting nearby would mean using violence to shoo you away.

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It's probably the fact that she's mischievious and would use you for some plan like she's done with Utsuho and the Kappa, not that it would be of any particularly evil intent but it'd still lead to trouble of some kind.

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Oh look, it's the paranoid guardian from the human village, the irony is that I consider her one of the most dangerous ones.

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Akyuu, she can't do shit and has the body of a 10 year old girl, her memory is also fading and cannot remeber properly the events of previous generations (every 100 year period).

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>one of the most dangerous ones.

Dangerous... to the youkai.

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Are you forgetting what happened in IN?

What's she doing as a ''village guardian'' if she can't differenciate youkai from human?

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Well, REAL humans don't go wandering around outside of the village at night.

In fact, real humans don't even know what 'outside' is.

That's Keine's take on it. So it must be true. You can trust Keine, right? Keine is your friend.

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I've never known a fairy to Hurt anyone.

At least not enough.

Hopefully there would be wacky adventures as well

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So Keine is like those extreme motherly-instinct type of woman who won't let her children walk outside of the house?

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Not exactly what I was going for, no.

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Actually she'd rather avoid meeting or talking to humans (hence why she stays in the forest), she only helps them get out of the forest and then goes away.

This thread is also about ''least likely to destroy you'', if Kaguya were around at the time of your visit then I'd imagine you'd get caught in the forest-fire-causing crossfire as shown in BAiJR.

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I remember hearing about a fairy prank causing a traveler to fall off a cliff to his death.

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>I've never known a fairy to Hurt anyone.

Gee I wonder why.

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It was dark, humans usually don't fly around shooting up the place, and the fake moon was probably screwing with her or something.

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Is there any team that doesn't include a youkai though? Even if one is human, if there's a youkai with them, its enough to arouse suspicion.

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Well first of all, make your post into one instead of making 2 unnecessary posts.

It's not a matter of what the circumstances were, the fact is that she confused the human partner for a youkai. That's what jobs are for, if the person in charge of one is incompetent (not saying she is) then it wouldn't be worth having such job. If she's the protector then it should be expected of her to be able to recognize humans at all times, otherwise, she fits the criteria for ''dangerous'' due to confusion.

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Reimu because I'm rich

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Your samefag detector is in need of repairs.

What are you talking about? Circumstance always matters.

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We are all doomed

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>Circumstance always matters.

Not in this case (and not that it matters since the ones submitted here are vague), read the post.

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I'm a good boy and too emotionally dead to be afraid of her yokai followers.

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I'm not sure the lesser fairies could seriously hurt an adult in the first place...

Then you have some like Reimu and Keine that are at least somewhat nice to humans, and others like Suika that I can't picture ever intentionally hurting someone (though unintentionally is always a possibility with that much alcohol).

Patchy seems pretty cool too. It would be a pain in the ass for her to cast a spell just for a plain human, and if you were smart enough to hold an intelligent conversation, she would probably like you. Nitori kind of fits for the same reason, though it's questionable whether you'd get your ass raped in the middle of the night.

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I did read your post, and yes it does.
Nobody does their job with a 100% success rate.

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Her followers wouldn't do anything to you. That would go against everything their leader preaches about.

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I wouldn't go to Gensokyo even if I was guaranteed a safe life with love of the Touhou of my choosing because then I'd have to leave /jp/. And I absowutley lubbbbbb /jp/.

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But that's not the point here, the point is, due to her taking a misstep at her job, it may make her _dangerous_, which is the topic of the thread, don't get carried away thinking I'm saying something else.

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You could get the Kappa to set you up with Internet.

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Well, in that case, who ISN'T dangerous?

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I don't think you understand how the internet works

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The Kappa don't know about that, or computers, or anything electronic other than actual cameras and ZUN-attempts to make modern-look-alikes with XX century materials. The lack of internet is also the reason ZUN said he'd rather not go to Gensokyo.

WaHH shows.

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It's a system of tubes. Trust me, I went to college for a week.

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Note that what I said is based on the fact that she actually made a mistake, a conflict-making mistake at that.

Notice the topic of the thread is ''least likely'', in which case it'd most definetely be Akyuu, even Maribel and Renko are bound to be more physically dangerous than her.

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Good choice.

Wait, the conflict was non-lethal danmaku. What's to be worried about?

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this guy

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Perfect Memento.
She is unusually human-like for a youkai, and if you talk to her while she is on the job, she will idly chat or complain.

She may threaten you with words, but as long as you don't try to destroy the gate she almost never attacks.

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What if I try to penetrate her gates? If you know what I mean.