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How do you feel about waifus that are more controlling and dominating of you, but have a maternal side that shows when you have signs of weakness?
If not that, what do you like?

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I'd like a mom basically.

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Where do I sign up?

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I like waifus with strong characters but are also completely submissive to the person they like

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I slap those bitches.

Or die trying.

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Tell me when you find out.

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>implying you won't die the second after hitting any of them

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All according to plan.


You know you have about a 1 in 5 chance of that attitude hiding sever masochistic tendencies, it could be the best thing you ever did.

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I prefer having a tough waifu that I can kick lots of ass with and who sees me as an equal.

The dominant and submissive position can change depending on the situation anyway.

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You, an equal? How strong would her drugs need to be?

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Is... Is that Death from Shadowgate?

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It most certainly is.
Komachi is everywhere.

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I think its just a coincidence but stranger things have happened.

( they do have a similar pixely art thing going)

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Great, now there's semen all over.

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Hey, I kickbox in real life, so it's not like I'm a total weakling. If Gensokyo was real maybe there'd be a way learn how to hold my own against Youkai. Probably not at ex-boss level, though...

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Maybe you could give Cirno a bruise

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Have no waifu, but do have an imaginary drinking buddy who could both kick my ass and everybody else's asses and everybody else's dads' asses. And still always lend an ear.

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that's the best part about yuugi, she kicks your ass and abuses you because it's good natured fun, not because she hates you or anything.

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I always suspected Yuugi would be your waifu. Either her or Momiji.

Maybe you could fight Genji. Or whoever the weakest and most pointless Touhou is.

A strong Touhou would be perfect. Being the dominant partner in Gensokyo could be tricky, and since it's a foreign place it would be worse. I don't know if it would work with human Touhou or not.

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You can always dream


>And because the humans couldn't stay silent and do nothing, an oni extermination specialist was trained or summoned at fixed intervals to go exterminate the oni.

If you can be trained to kill an oni, that's supposed to be the strongest kind of Youkai, you should be able to deal with others decently.

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I'm not really sure. I really dislike being controlled, so there's that. Perhaps someone that's a bit more like a mentor, someone that would like to go on adventures with me every once in a while, someone calm. I guess that's the kind of waifu I'd like, if I had one.

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I have no patience for stupid women, or stupid people in general, so someone who can match me mentally and verbally would be pretty nice. I would hate for her to be constantly condescending towards me though, but some teasing is always fine.

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maternal side is unnecessary but not undesirable

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