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I kinda hoped /jp/ wold be better this year in time for Christmas, but nope, its gonna be one shitty fucking Christmas on /jp/... Unless we make a deal with the shitposters to just leave us alone for the holidays.

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Fucking shut up already. Go fuck your face with a rake.

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You think its one person?
/jp/ is so bad that it makes sense that there are meta threads everywhere.

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>I kinda hoped /jp/ wold be better this year in time for Christmas
>/jp/ get better on the weekish holiday where summer comes full force 24/7 instead of just after school to bedtime.

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Let's make meta threads bitching about how horrible /jp/ is without contributing good content ourselves!

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Now people will reply seriously to you, and thus perpetuate this thread until it reaches a billion replies.

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Lets create more shit threads to whine about shit threads!
Bloody genious OP!

Instead of creating good threads you are part of the cancer.
Get out of /jp/

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I should do just that. Until the frontpage is nothing but my threads.
That way, either the janitor actually does something, moot deletes /jp/ because it's a lost cause, or the board will be my autistic playground.
And if it's the latter, would anything of value really be losy?

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as long as they don't bump the thread in doing so there's no problem with that.

It'll be like the good 'ol days where active conversations happen in threads on page 5+

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Go to easymodo. I just can't take any more lame griping tonight.

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What happened to you /jp/?

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And now we're being raided by fucking cats, thank God a mod showed up, because we can't rely on our janitor.

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It's not too late. You and all your shitposter friends could leave before Christmas and we could have a good time.

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- Same shitty grammar
- Same subject
- Always posts with a touhou hag or big titted /m/ girl
- Talks about how "elite" /jp/ was

It's the same person.

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Shitty autistic metathreads about shitposting are worse than the shitposting.

Just don't do anything until this whole thing blows over.
Like everything else in your life, nerd.

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Who are you calling a shitposter? OP is genuinely bothered with the state of /jp/ and you barge in screaming and spitting everywhere.

I think you are the shitposter.

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>big titted /m/ girl
where? where?

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>shitposters shitposting stop ruining my perfect 2hu boaaaard ;____;

>Who am I quoting?

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You only think like that because these threads remind you of the time your parents used to scold you.

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The thread with the Marimo image he just made.

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>/m/ girl


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I blame it on nanomachines.

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I can't find it because of the retarded /b/ raid, link me to it

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You guys look like 5 year old kids, we don't need a "responsible adult" to moderate us, we can do that job perfectly fine by ourselves.

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This, I don't need anybody to fucking wipe my ass.

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that would be nice

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Well it dose not look like we are very fucking responsible shitposter.

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Simple... because of power tripping Meido's who impose their own set of rules and deletes contents on a whim and biased decision. Unfortunately, the very posts this Meido deletes are what makes /jp/ great... Think about it, why would I waste effort like I do in the past on a board that is currently maintained by a power-tripping maid who probably compensates for his failure in life by playing with his god-like meido powers here at the expense of the board... Until, this meido's policy changes or he's gone... then shitposting is the only thing this board will get while I bring some of my creative endeavors somewhere else where it will be much more appreciated and not subject to some loser meido discretion... Now excuse me while I continue to win in life, please enjoy your limited virtual domain where you can play god all day long...

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It's fucking pathetic when I create a thread and my mom get all proud of me just for it to get deleted a few seconds later and my mom ask me "where did your thread go son?"

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This place has always been filled with shitposting for as long as I can remember. It simply goes from one flavor to another, and then people look back and tend to either magically forget about the previous forms of shitposting, or think it was humorous back then and therefore acceptable.

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The problem is not the "shitposts" and "shitposters", it's the ineffective moderation team that is leading /jp/.

I don't give a fuck it there are 5 or 6 unrelated threads roaming around the board, but when a related thread get deleted you can be sure I will be mad.

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You are like some autistic Batman.

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No you assholes, the shitposting is on a whole new level, before it was /b/, now its the fucking userbase.

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That does looks like the same guy, but that thread died pretty fast so I don't know if it counts.

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OP was that kid we knew in the 3rd grade, the one who would run and "tell teacher!" the moment he didn't get his way. He was affectionately known on the schoolyard as "the little bitch".

When he reached adulthood he discovered a powerful new word called "sage", a word he could use to express his dislike for the little things in life that upset him. Over time he learned that his magic word was losing power, that no matter how hard he saged a thread it would not be erased from existence.

"Running and telling teacher" was the only method of conflict resolution he knew. Despite it being somewhat taboo for people over the age of 12, OP went running to the only authority figure he could think of in his sheltered little world.

Moot probably deleted his email the moment he saw "/jp/" in the title.

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I am an experienced shitposter and I can say for sure that the current board state is not our fault.

Usually when me and my friends shitpost we just do it for a quick laugh because /jp/ reactions are just the best, we don't do this because we want to see this board burn

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Im spamming moot with emails, i just dont give a fuck anymore. If you guys really gave a shit about /jp/, you would too. But it seems only /b/ level users who only come here for a laugh are left. fuck /jp/ and fuck all assholes. this place use to be the only place where i could chill but now it nothing but a bunch of normals and hipsters.

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Meido should just quit, /jp/ is a much better place without a moderation like this one as a professional "shitposter" myself, I can tell you the reason behind my "shitposting", I do it because I like to see /jp/ reactions, not because I hate /jp/ and want to see it burn "aaarRRRGGH I HATE THIS BOARD I WILL SHIT ALL OVER IT"
HELL no! I love /jp/ and the last thing i would want is to see it go, meido should either quit or learn how to take it easy she is moderating things the wrong way. She is just a new Quality Control. ( In the sense that QC didn't cared if the thread developed into a good thread and only judged the OP of said Quality Threads.)
You have to give a chance to even the shittiest of the threads, hell even Sudo threads can become good discussions some times

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Hide and move on, this is nothing different than before.

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Do you guys think this meido is a good meido?

Well then ask yourself this question: Would you cry like you cried when AoC quit being our meido?

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Fucking get out.
Sudo threads are nothing but an idiot spamming /a/ images to himself and his retarded /m/ friend.

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>even Sudo threads can become good discussions some times
Whoa whoa, let's not get crazy over here.
I regret that I didn't apply for a janitor when the option was available. I most likely wouldn't have been picked, but at least I would have tried.

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No, this guy is a fucking normalfag highschooler. He was never one of us.

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I wouldn't give a fuck as long as we got a new one

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He probably has a wife and kids to take care off, it would be better for everyone if he quit.

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The fact that this thread fixed as the first thread on the first page shows that the OP is right. It's not shitposters ruining /jp/, it's /jp/.

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He should just off himself instead.

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HELL naw meido is doing an epic jobb xDDD let hers stay

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He should just fucking quit, he is not doing shit for /jp/ to begin with. I mean hes fucking keeping the shitposts and not doing anything like its nit his problem. I dont even think he was a /jp/ to begin with.

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This is gonna be the worst Christmas ever.

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I personally don't see how having a janitor really solves anything. I mean it (to a certain extent) solves things WHILE he's around, but as soon as he's gone, the board goes back to the way it was before. It's much like having a pipe leaking and then having someone to come in for two hours to constantly wipe the floor. As soon as they leave, everything goes back to the way it was before and doesn't solve the problem.

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Hes not a meido at all and he never was one.
Only people like aoc, who really loved this board deserve that title.

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I am seriously thinking on creating a steam account and buying a game just to join a /jp/ group or something, even going to one of the IRCs is fine with me, because I am 100% sure /jp/ will be run over by /b/tards /a/utists and normalfags making fun of us posting Christmas nukes and waifu threads everywhere, Oh God this is going to suck so badly... I might as well take the day off

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I refuse to call the new janitor meido, and most of you should do the same too, honestly the only ones that use that call the new janitor by that title are trolls trying to get on my nerves saying that everything is fine and that I am the delusional one, I AM NOT CRAZY.

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No actually once we get a REAL meido the shitposters will really stop coming. At least the outsiders/shitposting army will stop. they only do it becayse they know their thread will be there for at least an hour. once they start getting deleted every minute they will just go back to /b/.

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OP is still asspained that the janitor deleted his spammed meta threads a days ago.

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>and then having someone
Meant to say 'and then getting someone'.

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/jp/ has reached a critical state, we are having metathreads one after another and when this happens you know things will get ugly.

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Its not one person, the real /jp/ers have cracked and are going full force now. We are not taking any shit no more from these retards. We are gonna get our fucking board back.

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The only people calling the new janitor meido are new posters from /a/ that heard the word meido in one of their visits and now keep shouting it to try to fit in.

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Maybe there should be a /jp/ Steam group, where we could evacuate until this all ends.
And I don't mean the current ones that are run by the shitposters. One made by a normal /jp/sie.

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the fact that you'd think a /jp/ regular would have a steam account says it all

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I guess thats why a lot use oh god... can't remember the name. Its that site where you ask people questions.... can't remember....

But yeah.... If anyone wants... we could like, chat and play on steam.

Also there is that /jp/ chatroom on rizon....

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ZUN!bar chills around the shitposters steam, it can't be that bad

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Yeah, yeah, whatever you say.


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> honestly the only ones that use that call the new janitor by that title are trolls trying to get on my nerves saying that everything is fine and that I am the delusional one, I AM NOT CRAZY.
Finally a fucking person who said it, i am getting fucking tired of this shit. they can go fuck themselves with their "LOLXD IT WAS ALWAYS LIKE DIS" they havent been here for a fucking month, let alone 4 years.

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Hes the fucking shitposter king.
Fuck shitbar.

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Yeah isn't meido dead?
'N Sudo i'll fuck you.

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What does that proves? The OP may be the same, but the threads are filled with dozens of people.

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yes that.

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Everybody email moot to pick a new janitor from /jp/.
If we spam him with 100 emails he has to read at least one.

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I knew it.

>> No.8043648

What is his address?

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Be courteous and keep it short, and remember, 4chan is a free service! We should be thankful that /jp/ even exists.

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We should get a janitor that sends in ban requests for people who make threads like this.

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A lot of great people have left /jp/ in the past months. Aya shameimaru is my girlfriend, mugen (when he isn't attention hogging), ect. Maybe it is time to leave 4chan and start off somewhere else. I mean, having boards like /diy/ are just appealing to more and more normalfags. All these normalfags are just ruining everything. 4chan is just getting larger and we as a group are just getting smaller, less important to moot. We wouldn't have been able to split from /a/ and get moot to create a new board had it been today and not years back. Moot simply doesn't care about us anymore, he probably wants us gone so 4chan can appeal to a wider audience.

>> No.8043666

But where to go?

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Fuck them, we would just rip out of another shit site for ourselves and run it on some free scrap computers or on modern laptop like bunbunmaru.

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Exactly, when we get a new janitor we won't need threads like this anymore.

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Fuck I would give my right leg for /jp/ to go back to what it was.... Not really.

>> No.8043699

>Some extra goodies arriving in a few weeks, so look for more improvements in early November!

moot want's to delete /jp/.

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You are a fucking retard. You are a shitposter of the highest degree. You are even worse than Sudo and his one million Nichijou reaction images because at least he can keep it to one fucking thread. You are an even bigger attention whore than King of Games. Stop making these fucking threads.

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Not that I entirely disagree, but someone has to say something.

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We have to do this, we have to stand up for fucking once in our lives.

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You dont give a flying fuck about this board to begin with, if you dont care, just leave.

>> No.8043722

Yeah, lets just stand still while our home gets destroyed by the person that is supposed to protect it.

>> No.8043729

I do care. I do care that there is a retard - namely, you - defecating all over the board while pretending to be its hero. You are a fucking idiot, a literal retard, more delusional than portal guy and a bigger shitposter than King of /jp/. You need to shut the fuck up and get out.

>> No.8043734

Yeah, except that's not happening at all. Melodramatic idiots everywhere.

>> No.8043739

Yes it is, you fucking shitposter.
Do you even come here everyday?
Some things must be done, we have just let things go on for to long and im taking a stand for you guys. if you dont like it, leave.

>> No.8043745

Are you even capable of rational thought or do you just have a list of stock responses open in notepad that you copy and paste?

>> No.8043746

The only person you are taking a stand for is yourself because you are a narcissistic piece of shit and I can't wait to see yourself shit yourself after you're banned.

>> No.8043750

Yes it is, Gaia level threads are now being treated as the "good posts" of /jp/ when that isn't true, originality is /jp/ driving force and it should be encouraged, not the same threads everyday.

>> No.8043752

Go back to your shitposting, we will get rid of you soon enough.

>> No.8043757

I guess that answers my question.

>> No.8043760

Not sure yet, if anyone has any great ideas I'd love to hear em. For one probably not /bun/ or pooshlmer. Maybe we could make our own chan... For now I guess we could just use a channel on the rizon irc (irc.pantsuland.net:6667). I vote for #/realjp/ because #/jp/ is already in use.

>> No.8043766

Have fun doing nothing while normals and retards who dont care about /jp/ fuck the whole board and the userbase over until everybody REALLY leaves.

>> No.8043771

I want to see how many variations on a theme you can come up with.

>> No.8043787

Okay you guys, here's what I think we should do. Join the irc server irc.pantsuland.net:6667 . After you do that join #/realjp/ (as #/jp/ is already taken). This will be our If all else fails. Before we take any real action we need a backup which would be the irc chatroom. If we take any action moot may just delete /jp/ claiming "Its not what it used to be". Then we would be scrambled and who knows what would happen then. Thats the last thing we want to happen.

>> No.8043793

I will keep doing it until /jp/ opens their fucking eyes.

>> No.8043801

Just sent this channel information to my /b/ros.

>> No.8043816

Just fucking leave.

>> No.8043820

Even if we all get banned in the process do not give up /jp/, that just means a mod is watching us and don't get angry at him, he is just doing his job, I am sure he will warn moot though, BELIEVE.

>> No.8043819

I actually fired up IRC for the first time in forever and reported your thread directly to 4chan there.

>> No.8043828

Good, maybe a mod will help our cause.

>> No.8043836

>Complaining about 4chan (its policies, moderation, etc.) on the imageboards can result in post deletion and banishment. The administrator will address your questions, comments, complaints, and concerns via e-mail.

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you can't strike a deal with shitposters, obviously they're going to do whatever they want to whether they're supposed to or not

see also: Cthulhu

>> No.8043844

Even if we get banned he will still get the message and deliver it to moot.

>> No.8043845

I will fight through them for you.
even if they kill me, i will return untill /jp/ is saved from this cruse.

>> No.8043846

Then moot can ban your entire IP. I approve.

>> No.8043853

Your just brainwashing in order to shitpost here.
We wont stand for it no longer ass.

>> No.8043855

Fuck off, I am bringing the old /jp/ back even if it costs my life.

>> No.8043858

I do sincerely hope you die in the attempt.

>> No.8043868

We will not give up until we see the light.
You are nothing but the enemy.

>> No.8043866

And I hope you get sucked in the black hole of your own stupidity if you are not just blatantly trolling.

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It's dangerous to go alone, take this

>> No.8043875

I amdone arguing with you retards, I will write my e-mail now and then I will be back later.

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you prepaired for HELL?! xD

jew better b dis christmust *tuants*

>> No.8043924

HELL jea xD

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If wtH is on the janitor side then who are the real shitposters? Think a little my friends.

>> No.8043998,1 [INTERNAL] 

I am writing my e-mail right now, and I hope the rest of you guys are doing the same.

>> No.8043998,2 [INTERNAL] 

I already wrote one telling him that the janitor is doing a great job.

>> No.8043998,3 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.8043998,4 [INTERNAL] 

I emailed moot a week or two ago asking him to allow anime on /jp/.

>> No.8043998,5 [INTERNAL] 

You're truly one of the worst people here.

>> No.8043998,6 [INTERNAL] 

Jesus Christ, we literally had a 100+ metathread 20 minutes before this one. What the fuck is wrong with some of you?

>> No.8043998,7 [INTERNAL] 

I think we had four other 100+ metathreads running on at the same time of this one.

Autism knows no limits.

>> No.8043998,8 [INTERNAL] 

The OP is literally crazy and thinks he's saving /jp/ with these threads.

>> No.8043998,9 [INTERNAL] 

I bet this is the guy who said he would start shitposting if we all didn't move to /bun/.