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Ever thought about servicing at a gloryhole?

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Ever thought about going back to /soc/?

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I keep hearing about deluxe glory holes in these threads but I can't find information about them anywhere, where can I find these "deluxe" glory holes?

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self service

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Ever thought about not engaging in sexual activities?

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you mean the ones you rent out for a night to just suck dicks?

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I'll even make sure to clean the scissors off afterwards

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So this is what /jp/ has come up with to fight the faggotry that once destroyed /b/ and /v/?
What happened to you people.

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What the fuck, dude

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i've never heard of those outside of /jp/, honestly you are the one sucking a dick i would assume that the ones wanting their dick suck would pay not the other way around

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whats going on there?

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I assume you can switch roles at any time, the stall is the important part

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Fertilizing eggs with sperm.

Not sure how I know this.

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- Fish is /jp/
- 2 men are faggotry
- White stuff is epicness leaking out.

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>glory hole doujins
name some so i can also download them

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I am too socially inept to actually go out and suck a dick... now excuse me, I will fap to some glory hole doujins and then I will cry myself to sleep for being such a coward... ;_;

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Fuck off back to /v/.

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Fucking really?

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I still find it a little difficult to believe that getting your dick is in higher demand than sucking dicks. Whenever I see someone talk about gloryholes, they talk about going there to suck dick.

Is it just the places I visit that are the minority in finding it more satisfying to suck cock than to get sucked, or is it just that guys who want to get their cock sucked just do it and never talk about it, since it doesn't require as much courage?

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Get out of /jp/.

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are there seriously so many gays on /jp/? or is it always the same shit head posting these kind of threads.

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This is /jp/ where people wish to be little girls and you wonder why people want to suck dicks.

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Have you forgotten that /jp/ is all little girls? Oh wait, you are probably not from around here.

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Half shitposting and half immigrants still clinging onto 3D.

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Hold on a sec kids.

You're CONDONING someone trying to get outside to initiate sexual activities?

Oh boy.

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We are all Polish little girls here.

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It's the next step from wanting to be a little girl.

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He knows that. You're being had.

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little girls != gloryholes. This is just the recent shitposting fad.

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>I've just arrived on /jp/ this summer and this can't be happening, this is not possible, this is not what /jp/ is about, fucking shitposters where is meido?? ARRRGHH

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now now troll-kun, that's not how it works.

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No it isn't. Tea parties are the correct answer.

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You know, a simple read of the archive just puts your campaign in to the mud

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If you want I can put on a maid costume and suck all your cocks closet friends.

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Funny you say that since some of the best dick sucking threads are from 2008 and before.

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you'd get way more cocks in /soc/ though!

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Link me.

shitstorm gloryhole thread overnight, deleted come morning

the cycle continues.

until the current shitposting fad changes.

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You probably don't even know how to use the search function.

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Are you stupid? The best glory hole threads are from before 2010

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You mean back when they were nothing but during regular porn discussions?

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On the note of "deluxe" glory hole rooms.

Here is what a simple one looks like, you can rent one of these small rooms to suck dick in for a night if that is your wish.

The hole is on the other side of the wall so no one can see you enter or leave the room.

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This is true, the new ones just seem to be spammed with others calling each other gay.

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So, how do I find a gloryhole where I can get my dick sucked for free? It has to be by cute young men, though. No old/ugly ones.

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Why would that matter? The entire point of a gloryhole is that you cannot see who is sucking your dick.

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Who said cocksucking isn't for elegant little girls.

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Back then they were more focused aneros / prostate massager's, but glory hole culture was still very active.

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Not that guy but why not just search it yourself?

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Now I can finally be a perfect ojou-sama while sucking some delicious cocks.

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I said link one to me, not give me some summary.

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Like you'd be able to tell.

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Searching "gloryhole" or "glory hole" doesn;t give many results pertaining to what he's talking about. I only see it mentioned in reference to porn, not to mention there's barely 2 pages worth.

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I don't want to sound shallow, but it would make me uncomfortable if it was an old man sucking it. Even if all mouths feel pretty much the same, the psychological pleasure would be MUCH greater if the guy was attractive.

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Jesus Christ, just search for aneros or prostate massager's, it's not that hard to find them.

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You can't simply search like that, you sound like a robot, try using the "*" wildcard.

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You're missing the point-- you'll never know.

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Do what he said >>8041820

Threads upon threads on anal masturbation and sucking dicks at glory holes.

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Also here is a picture of a higher quality glory hole room that i rented.

Glory hole is on the right hand wall next to the bed.
These rooms you can either rent to suck dick or have sex with other peoples wifes.

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I don't get it.

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That looks amazing.

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Some straightfags are getting owned pretty hard in this thread.

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What the hell are these rooms called?

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Usually just "Darkrooms"

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Wow, the way I see glory holes has changed a bit now, some can be pretty luxurious.

I always thought of them as homosexual shit infested love nests, guess I was wrong.

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Aren't those just general masturbation threads?

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this >>8041840
most high class gay saunas and nightclubs have them in my country.

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Things usually got pretty hot in them, so the main subject tended to shift to more hardcore things

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I never knew sucking dick was so..Classy.
I thought it was always done behind a dumpster in a parking lot.

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Well then link me to one of these "hot" threads. I can't tell from just these posts on which ones do end up turning in to social level gay threads.

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That feel when the only times I got my dick sucked was in a car, and I'll probably never find a classy place like that.

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You are not very bright are you? I am not spoonfeeding you anymore.

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Have you tried doing that yourself?
There's a reason nobody has linked any threads.

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Forgot my quote >>8041857

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Eh, pretty sure none of that got to "hey lets meet up" levels.

Even if they did. This current trend is most definately the current rotation of spam. Its pretty obvious.

Not saying we've never had legitimate gay threads, but this isn't anything near legitimate

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Do they do any scat services as well?

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How about we talk about prostate massagers instead then?

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Not legitimate?

Stop being so delusional and look around you, people enjoy these threads even if it's just for the lewd stories, of course no /jp/sie would ever go out and face a real glory hole, but just reading those histories make me so hot that it can't be helped.

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Pretty sure you're just leading on. You can go back to your homuhomu threads now.

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If you want to get shit on, or shit on someone it that is probably something you need to set up yourself.

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Nobody here wants to meet up to suck cocks, most of us probably like thousands of miles afar anyways.

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Mind sharing some stories?

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I have already told my story in another thread.
..Infact i think i may be the blame of this current glory hole shitposting fad going on.

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Oh so it's you, I would not mind you posting the old ones.

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I always figured it was as a result of the "suck my cock, dude" forced meme.

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You are not >>8041831
I can tell from the way you type and use sage as a way to express your frustration.

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It was probably a bit of both.
They just kinda melted together into something bigger.

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That meme is quite fresher, comparatively.

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People who found /jp/ in 2011 shouldn't be allowed to browse it.

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These threads seem to be the evolution of the prostate/onahole threads which evolved into fucking traps or having traps suck your dick to this. That's what I remember anyway.

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I think I am being trolled, I can't believe people don't remember the trap threads

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See >>8041908

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Actually that is me.
Here have a picture.

I just decided to use a sage on those posts out of habit.

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This sounds like a dangerous progression. What's next, dating?

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My dick is so small that he would probably only be able to suck the tip from the hole. Should I still try it? I,m scared it might be a big disappointment for both of us.

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Why are you against he glory hole threads then? You even go as far as to call them shitposts when you know that isn't true.

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Out of all the posts in this thread, you saw those three as worthy of an angry post?

>> No.8041927

Looks like I am not completely insane yet, thanks.

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Trying to deny that the massive majority of the current gloryhole threads aren't mostly shitposting is some pretty heavy deluding.

>> No.8041931

I can feel the stupidity emanating from them, the stupidity from /a/b/v/ kids who shouldn't be browsing the internet at this hour.

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Oh i am not against them by any means.
Its just they are hardly /jp/ related so i call them shitposts.

I mean by all means talk about sucking dicks all you want.
I enjoy reading it.
Even if they are "shitposts"

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>that isn't true
What the fuck am I reading.jpg

>> No.8041940

Even if the OP is most of the time being ironic I can still get lots of useful information and fap material from these threads, you can't deny that they are hot, but that is just me, I am a beginner at this glory hole stuff so almost every history I hear about them gets me turned on, you look much more experienced.

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I've probably been on /jp/ longer than you.

>> No.8041952

I doubt it.

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I used to suck my friends dick while cross dressing. They were both virgins and since I was very feminine looking they always joked around for me to give them blow jobs until I finally gave in. That being said I don't think I'd enjoy sucking a dick at a gloryhole because the hole point for me was to please them. With a gloryhole it seems like you lose all intimacy.

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Then why don't you go to some website for them. /jp/ is hardly the kind of place for this.

I'm not telling you to stop enjoying them, but the people who are trying to argue their place here really need to figure it out.

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I've been here since 2004, frig off.

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Fuck you.

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Stop being so passive agressive "babby" your newness is showing.

>> No.8041959

You're obviously no example of quality either, you know.

If a dictator decided to round up all shitty posters you'd be thrown in the bunch with those people, and then shot behind a barn.

>> No.8041961

I've been here since post number one, kid.

>> No.8041966

As much as I want to, I just can't fit in in normal sites for this kind of stuff, most of the people in these sites are still normalfags with normal lifes and families and friends, its just no place for somebody like m,e.

>> No.8041967

get out of /jp/

>> No.8041972

u mad babby?

>> No.8041970

I've been here before the split, kid.

>> No.8041975

I've been here before touhou.

>> No.8041977

Really? What was it?

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Disregard Above post, I suck cock.

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O-okay then...g-guess I look elsewhere...

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Haha, fag!

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Is it normal to think of dicks when I see a train shaped like that?

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File: 2.77 MB, 4000x3000, Caltrain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I had no idea such places existed..
I..I think i may need to look up and see if i can find such a place near me..

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Reported for not /jp/ related

>> No.8042216

What took you so long?

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>Cock sucking
>Not /jp/ related
How delusional you must be, i feel sorry for you.

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The irony, it hurts

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i want /jp/ to suck my cock. put on some lipstick, baby

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Imagine having /jp/-kun tied up infront of you. You pull off his silk lace panties that obviously came from an expensive lingerie brand and start to gently rub the flaccid penis and fondle his balls, all while hes cursing you.

Once his cock involuntarily hardens, you gently peel back the foreskin, and start to gently lick the glans and foreskin while you continue to work the shaft and balls. Pretty soon, pre-cum starts oozing out despite /jp/-kun's protests.

Carefully using the pre-cum as lubricant, you switch to one hand rubbing the glans and foreskin and the other hand alternating between his shaft and balls. You can tell /jp/-kun is close to cumming now, he's stopped swearing at you and is trying to hold back his moans and his hips are twitching involuntarily.

Now for the finishing touch, you take your hand off his erect, twitching cock, put it into your mouth, clamping around it tightly with your lips and start a sucking motion as your tongue wraps around the glans and presses down on it, being careful to keep your teeth away.

With a loud, stifled moan, /jp/-kun arches back, his cock pulsing as the semen rushes out into your waiting mouth. You make sure to fully taste and savor every sweet drop as he collaspes back into the chair, panting with his still erect cock twitching in your mouth.

He probably expects you to stop for the moment now, but why would you? You continue to suck and lick on the cock in your mouth, except with the glans being incredibly sensitive after orgasm, it brings more pain than pleasure. /jp/-kun's protests reach a new height and he struggles again to break free of his bonds as you strive to milk out every last drop of semen from his cock.

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I'll suck your cock.

>> No.8042250

that is just plain disgusting

>> No.8042256

I would let that mouth suck my cock.
But only in a glory hole room, i dont want to see the rest of the 3DPD.

>> No.8042258

I have the hardest boner right now.

>> No.8042259

Oh you will soon enough, its a gateway.

Don't you see the progression? masturbation, anal stimulation, gay thoughts, attraction to gloryholes for the anonymity, soon you'll want to see them, soon you'll want more.

Soon you'll be normal.

>> No.8042261

You know, I was about to report a thread and was halfway done when I saw your post, but I actually took the effort to go all those steps back to report yours first.

>> No.8042263

>Soon you'll be normal.
Wait a minute..
Are you telling me all normalfags used to be like us?
You know..Before they evolved?

>> No.8042264

Every destination has multiple routes. So probably not.

Though I imagine its a common thing to have a "curious" stage.

>> No.8042266

Can't wait for morning when this eyesore can finally disappear.

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Last thing i see before i go to bed is a Saten glory hole thread.

And now that i wake up and go to /jp/ the first thing i see is another glory hole thread.

I am not sure how to feel about this.

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/jp/ meat up

>> No.8042269

Nightly shitposting routine, just like those "meido is dead!" every night.

>> No.8042275

>I am not sure how to feel about this.
Then how about you suck my cock, dude?

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File: 194 KB, 750x791, suck dude.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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C-cant we just be friends instead?

This entire cock sucking thing is a bit to much for me at this point..I..I just aint at that level yet.

>> No.8042286

That's OK, I'll wait for you.

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Sucking cock is good for your skin and mental health!

>> No.8042292

You must be a witch if you think herpes is healthy

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>> No.8042302

How the fuck is engaging in sexual behavior against your preferences good for your mental health? Sounds extremely stressful and likely triggers self loathing.

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sorry guys, i just lost my boner. i can't take easy anymore.

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>> No.8042324

this thread is pretty shitty but I just wanted to say that someone should translate hole in love by happubo bijin

>> No.8042327

I am frustrated that you are all bringing your emotional crap to this board. That article is biased in many, many ways and very unreliable, but things are absolutely heating up, yes. Copypasted from my own post on /g/.

I happen to be well-versed on this subject, and therefore I know that Zubrin is an oft emotional figure, one which a significant fraction of experienced engineers disagrees with.

Since I can't find any other sources but his own words, I'm going to wait for official announcements.

So should you all. Don't get emotional yet, because you don't know what's happening.

Here's a more concrete article.

>> No.8042331

No surprise there, considering all our launches have been shelved already.

>> No.8042348

I also want to add that the James Webb Telescope has been a massive money sink, and it's going to cost even more to get it to work. You can actually argue that it has held down space astronomy for years by taking all the attention and dosh. A lot engineers are of this opinion. I don't like it, but you can argue for canceling it. It's just sunk costs. I find it unfair that Zubrin uses it as some punchline in his article, because people have tried to cancel it for years.

The actual space program isn't as simple as some "EXTENDING THE HUMAN REACH"-rhetoric would have you believe. It's a huge bureaucracy run like an ineffective business model. Drop the apollo idea already.

>> No.8042353

and do what? Divert the freed funds in to more military spending?

>> No.8042354

What the fuck?
Instead of doing that how about stopping the wars? Oh wait that would be too logical.

>> No.8042355

And what telescope do you suggest we use instead?

>> No.8042366

whats the source of that pic anyway?
The video pls! :P

>> No.8042372

I would prefer if they cut the military budget, since NASA's 18 billion pales in significance to the military's 650 billion. Then this wouldn't be an issue.

But they should have done a more streamlined telescope development process from the beginning. I suppose one has to keep running with Hubble, really, because if all of the USA's expenditure needs to be trimmed down there's no reason why NASA should somehow get a free "Get out of jail"-card, because then some other research program will get shut down instead to fund their mishandled telescope.

>> No.8042377 [DELETED] 

But there eventually is going to be another space telescope, so why not just suck it up and use the one that's already made.

>> No.8042381

But there eventually is going to be another space telescope, so why not just suck it up and launch the one that's already made.

>> No.8042389

Because they need money to save their country from total collapse.

I'm not in touch with the world's events outside of the various space programmes, but the states seem to be in such a bad shape that they risk losing their nation if they don't act fast. Then the stars can wait.

>> No.8042404

> the states seem to be in such a bad shape that they risk losing their nation if they don't act fast.
That's not true at all and you know it.

>> No.8042410

I don't actually. I filter out most of the world's news, only regurgitating various tidbits.

>> No.8042415

The only thing preventing NASA from setting up a base on the Moon or sending humans to Mars is politics.

>> No.8042427

It's much more complicated than that.

There's so much disagreement within NASA whether that should actually be the goal as well, since just by going there and plonking down a few habitation modules isn't going to somehow make it effective and sustainable exploration. The risk is that we'll end up with another horrible ISS, sucking up more than a fourth of the entire budget while providing little return. Also keep in mind that a large part of the people within the program is really only interested in doing science with robots, and find the other things overindulgent.

If you want to do effective settlement, the trick is to get the price of keeping people in space down, and you do that through complicated indirect means, not by sending them there and expecting it all to be fine.

>> No.8042452

I'm not saying we should send people to planets, just that it's economically possible.
Personally, I think sending more and better robots is the way to go. There's so much cool stuff out there, it's the only way to go.

>> No.8042472

Probes to the outer icy worlds, huzzah. Can't wait until Dawn reaches Ceres.