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My parents had relatives over last night without telling me, so I ended up having to eat dinner while awkwardly pretending to be normal to them. When they finally shifted the conversation to me, my mom went in and pretty much said "Oh, anon doesn't really have any interests or friends Come to think of it, the only thing he does is sit on his computer all day and watch those... Japanese cartoons? I don't remember what they were called."

It was then that I realized how much of a pathetic loser I've become. Even my own mother knows. I ended up excusing myself and telling everyone I wasn't hungry so I could go shut myself in my room.

I always knew I was weird, but I didn't want to find out how far I've fallen this late. Weren't we supposed to be better than all the normals? Aren't we superior to them?

Not like this, /jp/. Not like this.

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The real question is, what are you going to do about it?

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If you don't see the superiority of not being a wageslave dinging away their healthiest and most mentally sound years in a shitty job and avoiding the emotional drama of the 3d world, then you are just as the pathetic as you imagine.

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If you don't see the superiority of not being a wageslave dinging away their healthiest and most mentally sound years in a shitty job or avoiding the emotional drama of the 3d world, then you are just as pathetic as you imagine.

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>Weren't we supposed to be better than all the normals? Aren't we superior to them?

People like these is why /jp/ gets blamed as elitist.

We're ''different'', not ''better''. We only _prefer_ living this way.

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Time to revive your dreams.

Go be an astronaut.

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I don't much care about your blog, but I do like Alice.

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>Weren't we supposed to be better than all the normals? Aren't we superior to them?

Maybe you should stop throwing around the term "normals" and put some thought into what you're saying.

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Alice is far too lewd for my tastes. There is no elegance in her.

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"Make me taste my own ass" - Alice Margatroid

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When you stop being a teenager, you'll get over it, OP.


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It's just a fanmade trait made by disgusting secondaries.

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No, he is acting like /a/, we were far more elitist for better reasons then "oh why am i so pathetic, my life choice is so wrong"

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/r9k/ is back? Holy shit.

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Yes. You can lament yourself all you want, maybe get into some kind of pseudo-intellectual discussion about nihilism or hedonistic moral values.

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Should have told your relative to b-b-back that ass up.

That surely would have shown them who was a loser.

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If you had to run away like that instead of proudly justify your position, then yes, you're inferior

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>hedonistic moral values
That sounds like more of a /jp/ thing.

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We don't really discuss it an such a horribly smug manner as they do. Instead, here there's an atmosphere of apathy and melancholy, which is vastly preferable.

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come back in 10 years when you have real problems

you should enjoy being able to be a worthless shut-in while getting free cooked meals and a roof over your head, you realize the vast majority of the world would kill to be in your position

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Must be nice.

I had my mom leave to walk the dogs when she was drunk one night and return with a nigger, obviously for the slut to fuck. I've got something of a legend in this neighborhood for being a hermit so he was obviously curious about what was upstairs and why he couldn't go up there.
She ended up telling him that I play video games and am great at them (which he assumed was gears of war for some reason, which I have never touched). So I lock my door and mute my anime music for the next ten minutes as I've got this guy knocking on my door. My mom tried to get him to stop and said that I'm "weirdie" and he should give up. Then he asked if I was violent. People think I'm a goddamn retard now apparently.

I never responded but he slipped a gamestop discount card thing under my door telling me it could save money on games. No idea what that was about but it was weird, this was a couple weeks ago and I haven't heard him since.

Wish I was making this up, I wish I had a different mother.

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It sounds like you live in some kind grimdark Roald Dahl fanfiction.

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I let my family into my room once to look at my figures, I was more worried about being judged for the mess of paperwork on my desk than any figures. I wasn't around when they went in, but when I saw them next they brought it up and said they were "different but neat".
I don't know if it was indifference or sympathy,, but it ended fairly well.

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What a kindhearted nigger.

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I remember having one of my neighbors ask if I lived in my house once when I was taking the garbage out. That was awkward.

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If you live doing what you like and doesn't have any doubts about it while accepting that there are other people that do the same thing no matter what interests they have then yes you are better then most (can't say that this describes me very well).

If not then you are just the same.

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My brothers apparently receives a lot of questions about "Where Anon disappeared to". I wonder what they tell them.

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He just wanted to be your vidya bro. Also blacks love anime. You could have watched your moe with him all night instead of letting him fuck your slutty mom.

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This nigga is a nice guy.
Call him to play Blazblue with you.

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I had no intent on becoming friends with this "playa," I just want to be left alone. Especially since the place 2 doors down was robbed recently.
Whenever I step outside and there are people there I get crazy stares. Especially from children.
Then again I got them even when I go into a place I go to often like when I worked.

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>Guy wants to be your bro
>You ignore him
You are a fucking faggot.

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I wouldn't have let him in either

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My family has friends over from out of state. They always want me to go out with them, and when I'm out there, I just end up sitting there not saying anything.

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Asking if he was violent just means he was treating him as a stereotype. The card was most likely an attempt to win favor in case his fuck buddy relationship went anywhere.

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> Especially since the place 2 doors down was robbed recently.

B-but... he gave you a Gamestop discount card.

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You are a fucking faggot for bringing your /v/ posting habits here.

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What strange places are you folks living in that has such intimate knowledge of their neighbors?

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ITT: People who don't understand that /jp/ doesn't deal too well in the social dance

Normalfag rules don't apply here

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Did you really have to post that twice?

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Cool blog post.

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What, he has to talk to him just because he wants to be his bro, knowing nothing about him?

Friendship nigger should realize the kindest thing to do for him is to leave him alone. He probably just wanted to feel better about fucking his're mom anyway.

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Me again
There are 2 cops in my house right now
Apparently my mom took all her pills and went walking around the neighborhood and someone said she tried to go into their house.

My mom opened the door and the cop came in and shined the flashlight on my face and my mom turned the light on. He wouldn't stop glancing at my dakimakura. Said if she leaves anymore tonight he'll take her to jail.

It's ironic that this would happen just for this thread, I swear to god.

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How is that ironic?

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/jp/ - 8041060(8041170)'s mom and her adventures

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I would probably ask if he wanted to cuddle it if I was in the same situation.
Fuck inhibitions.

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That's amazing. I imagine him barging in and you sit there, filthy and crazy like that guy in The Aviator.

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I'm weird as fuck and I don't give a shit. I live off-campus in some sort of pseudo-dorm and the faggot RAs will unlock my door and walk right in without me even knowing. I can't count how many times I've been sitting at my computer in my underwear just to look to my side and see them standing in my doorway.

Them's the breaks for wearing closed headphones, I suppose. At least I keep my cave pitch black so they probably don't see much.

I'm not sure if there's a rumor going on about me but for some reason they all know my name even though I never leave my room.

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What the fuck man?

This is what you should do, get your mom a life insurance so when she kill herself or something you have something you live with for a few years.

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Life insurance doesn't do suicide
In fact a lot of the time they'll take legit cases and try to pin them on suicide

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Insurance people are such dicks.

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>What a kindhearted nigger.

I was left thinking this, fucker tried helping being nice - even gave you something that was almost useful as opposed to some horrible normalfag thing.

He sounds a lot better than most normals.

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Is it bad that I'm almost jealous of the people who have some sort of a reputation as a crazy hermit?

I don't think anyone even knows I exist. I've lived in the same tiny village for about 10 years and still don't know the layout or anyone else who lives here.

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How the hell do you guys let your family find out about your anime and other habits? In my 5 years of being a neet my parents still don't know what I do all day. They think I'm just playing games.

Buy a lock for your room and keep it locked, and ask them not to go into your room. I have my dakimakura on my bed, figures on my shelf, and sometimes onaholes/lube out in the open.

They still don't know about my hobbies, do you tell your mom about the latest anime your watching or something?

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The amount of sympathy for a black person that was trying to / actually was fucking his drug addict alcoholic mother is astounding. So the freak slid a coupon through the door? All of the sudden he's a great guy? Fuck that.

You should feel ashamed for relating more to him than the anon posting the stories.

Anon, I wish you all the best. I live with my alcoholic father and can barely keep it together every day because I want out so bad. I can't imagine what you're going through, because I'll fully admit it sounds worse than my situation.

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I made the mistake of telling a family member I watch anime once, when they think all I do is play games. The reaction was horrible, I quickly glossed that over by stressing the games again and I think it's faded from memory.

I don't have anything that can be linked to VNs, anime, touhou or anything of the sort in my room, except what's on my hard drive.

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My mother's not an overly judgmental bitch.
I think that may be one of the few good things about her.
She was even a bit concerned when I said I broke one of my figures and needed to go buy glue.
I honestly think being ashamed of your hobbies is extremely petty.

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My Dad has been into my room and I know he has seen my Dakimakura and some of my loli posters.

He doesn't care in the least.

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Presumably because they don't treat it like some secret shame?

My parents used to by me manga volumes for birthdays when they still bought presents. Beat getting the 'I don't know what you like, enjoy this unwanted gift' I'd have gotten others.

Keeping dakimakura and whatnot out of sight is one thing, but hiding the fact that you like foreign cartoons is another. Should I hide my Dostoevsky collection too?

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I once told my parents about the basic idea of /jp/ and what we do (NEET general, posting pictures etc.)

They refer to it as cult as now.

>> No.8041305

I don't think you should be ashamed of watching anime, reading manga or playing games.
/jp/ on the other hand is something you should shut up about.

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It's not as bad now as it was when I was a kid. Now I'm bigger than her and have an understanding of the situation. When I was a kid shit would regularly hit the fan and I'd be tossed around between my stepdad and my grandmother for a while until they get bored and my mom got a new place. Everyone always gave me a "good luck" and the speech about believing in me as a kid, but never actually gave a fuck.
And now they act surprised at how I turned out to be a misanthropic shutin.

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>your mom invites people without telling you
>she embarrasses you in front of said people
>not killing her

>living with your mom

>> No.8041374

>spaghetti falls out of your pocket

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Do you hate being THAT guy /jp/?

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This just happened to me tonight. Some relatives showed up out of nowhere while I was on my weekly manga reading marathon. I just greeted them and proceeded no not give a fuck.

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His mother is a whore, and niggers are known to fuck anything moving. Niggers enjoy anime and video games, and who knows, maybe anon-kun finally found his first friend. That fucks his mom.

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What character is on your dakimakura?

>> No.8042054

I rather enjoy it.

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Speak for yourself. I can deal with people if necessary, but most of the time stay away from that.

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The real question here is: is his mom hot?

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those are some poor parents ITT.

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It feels really bad to have caring parents that you don't care about.

I saw The Road, and it made me realize that I selfishly abandoned my father on a whim.

>> No.8042188

Not seeing the problem. 'Caring' parents are way more intrusive than indifferent ones.

>> No.8042205

But they took care of me for so long, and then I fled far away and could as well have gone to Mars as far as they are concerned. It's decadent, really.

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I know that feel OP. Once my mom asked her foreign students to have dinner at our place and stay overnight. I didn't know any of this and when I came home from school, I found my mother kindly introducing them to my room (which is full of figures, eroge posters and a computer with Touhou hentai slideshow screensaver on).

Guests: Yeah, Anon... You have NICE hobbies. So you like cartoons, huh?
And then they acted the whole evening like I was some kind of retard.

Just one more year of school until moving out...

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Think about it. Who do you care more about yourself, of them?

>> No.8042238

I cringed just thinking about that.

>> No.8042241

Always lock your door. Then again, you might not have a lock.

>> No.8042244

Look at it this way-- you ceased being any sort of burden.
I never saw the point in being submissive to people who cared for you in your youth. It's their job, and there's no contract to reciprocate.

>> No.8042245

Why didn't you beat your mom for letting strangers into your room?

Or just ask her why she would do something so inconsiderate. Manipulate her by making her feel guilty.

>> No.8042278

I'm an outsider, so /jp/ is being ironic with posts like this, right?

>> No.8042283

We're all genuine. Welcome to /jp/.

>> No.8042291

I don't believe it. It's got to be an act, some kind of inside-joke. No one is this stupid.

>> No.8042294

Get out.

>> No.8042298

How is living only to fulfill your own desires stupid? We can let the overachievers and workaholics take up the slack.

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This is why /jp/ has fallen. Yes, NEET are superior. The issue is you're just a loser normalfag who doesn't have a job. You don't have the NEET samurai spirit.

>But, but! NEET only means you don't have a job or attend school! I'm a NEET just like you!

While the text book definition of a NEET is someone who is just jobless it's evolved in our sub-culture to mean more. The fact of the matter is most of the kids on /jp/ aren't even NEET. They're just college flunkies who don't attend regularly. You're out of school for a summer and suddenly you pretend like you aren't going to be working once your mom forces you, or going back to school.

There is so few non-normals on /jp/ it's sickening when I think about it. If you work, you attend school, or go outside you're normal. Don't insult normals since the only thing you could be is a loser normal who lacks certain qualities they have. Saying no to 3D doesn't make you a non-normal, sorry, friend.

>> No.8042304

What you say is correct, however who really can choose to be TRUE NEET if they aren't rich or getting autism money?

>> No.8042306

blah blah

>> No.8042307

>this board is for people still living with their parents or getting gubmint money. Everyone else is normal.

>> No.8042305

I'm not even a NEET. Still in the final year of high school.

>> No.8042313

NEET is not some kind of status symbol. You remind me of the people who label themselves Hikki or Otaku.

>> No.8042310

>high school
Seriously get out.

>> No.8042315

High schoolers aren't underage in Finland, you know?

>> No.8042316

Is 「ロリアキ」 the new White Ren#frigid?

>> No.8042319

There is a 「ロリアキ」, but I think people have begun to use his name.

>> No.8042325

I wasn't even concerned about your specific age, really. Young is young.

>> No.8042326

You're a normal. Deal with it and move on. I didn't say normals aren't allowed did I? I said you aren't apart of the elitist non-normals who look down on normals. You're apart of the normals group.

You aren't one of us so stop pretending like you are. Just visiting /jp/ doesn't give you the non-normal VIP card, and there is plenty of non-normals who don't visit /jp/.

>> No.8042330

>you aren't apart

>> No.8042335

I'd say about 99.9% are me. Most imitators can be weeded out by the use of sage without a capital S, but there's only like 3 or 4 imitator posts in the last few days.

>> No.8042338

Kindly disregard this post, it was made in error.

>> No.8042341

If you're a hikikomori then you are one. If you don't go outside for 2 years then that word simplifies the questions instead of having to explain the duration of the time you've spent inside for the past years.

Being a NEET or hikikomori is a status symbol, normal. If someone tells me they're a NEET on autism bucks then I know we'll get along. If some fucking faggot starts yapping about his bitchen job and all the girls he fucks he obviously isn't of the same nature as you'd find on /jp/.

People saying NEET isn't a status symbol are jealous pieces of crap who are upset others are living an easier life without working. Normal = 99% chance they're just unlikeable trash. NEET/Hikki who likes otaku stuff = 99% chance they're 100% better than the above normals.

>> No.8042342

Why don't you just start using a tripcode, it's not like theres any difference.

>> No.8042347

This guy is serious isn't he

>> No.8042346

Being a manchild does not make you special.
Normals are those who still cling to 3d, in my opinion. Not that you care.

>> No.8042349

Seems so, unfortunately.

>> No.8042356

What's really, really important for you to walk away with today, /jp/, is that you are a not special. Being proud about being inept is like being proud about being autistic - ultimately pathetic. You are a flash in the pan: you are only of certain ages because nobody grows up to be NEET. Darwin takes care of that.

Arguing about which touhou has the most erotic shaped scat doesn't make a "culture". It doesn't even make interesting conversation.

But if it did, it'd be Reimu.

>> No.8042358

>nobody grows up to be NEET. Darwin takes care of that.

I'm pretty sure when NEETs get to be 30 they don't die.

>> No.8042362

>browse /jp/
>play Touhou
>own Touhou H works
>have parents who care about me enough, but don't smother me
>have a couple of understanding friends
>have small job

Fulfilling "/jp/'s" conditions for entry is overrated.

>> No.8042364

>because nobody grows up to be NEET

>> No.8042365

Aspelling mistake is the best you've got? Wipe your tears away.

Who are you calling a manchild? You're some loser who bounces between jail and being homeless. You aren't an adult at all. I don't live with my parents, kid. Most of the people who "reject" 3D are just lying fucks who can't get it. They don't make a conscious, real, choice about rejecting 3D at all. Regardless, rejecting 3D doesn't give you any inherent qualities. In most cases it's simply because they're manchild who can't function at all.

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>> No.8042371


u mad?

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This is too good to pass up.

>> No.8042378

EPIC screencap, /b/ro. Fucking NEET scum. Man the fuck up and go get a job.

>> No.8042380

That hardly "deserves" a screencap. It's just the average delusions we get every day.

Besides. Nobody fucking screencaps text, especially not in a disgusting layout, font and colour.

>> No.8042382

I can taste the butthurt from here.

>> No.8042394

>some loser
And? I freely admit I'm a manchild, I don't have a problem with it.
>I don't live with my parents
Not really relevant. It only leaves the other option, collecting disability funds for manchild-itis.
Why you take offense to this, I can't say.
>rejecting 3D doesn't give you any inherent qualities
well, it implies a certain strangeness to the average Joe.
My differences don't make me special, but they do make me rather off.
Seems I touched a nerve. Perhaps you should take it easy more often.

>> No.8042391

You thought you weren't a normal didn't you?

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What's wrong with having some generic topics memorized to talk with normalfags if it's required and having something you like to do and get paid for it, these things are not hard find with some dedication and would improve most of your lifes.
Trust me I'm not a furry.

Pic realted is someone who fulfilled his jp related dreams.

>> No.8042399

I am, in fact not working or going to school.
I have never associated with the female kind.
Guess that kinda makes me NEET.

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File: 136 KB, 450x450, 1309738069677.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ahh, makes me feel better about myself

of course, I know op's just making shit up trying to make people on this board react, but still

>> No.8042409

How do you guys manage to stay inside for so long?

After a few months I started getting headaches practically everyday from my screwed up sleeping patterns and looking at a monitor for 14 hours straight.

>> No.8042412

Hey guys, should I work at telemarketing as a temporary job to cure my NEET ways?

>> No.8042414

Ibuprofen. Acetaminophen.

>> No.8042416

Just keep lying and maybe when you wake up it'll become true.

Not really. You just remind me of this guy from above who like to say bullshit claims like he never had any association with females. A person like him just pretends to reject what he can't have and lies about it. Most people who say they reject 3D are like that.

There is a difference between a person who gets free money from the government so they don't need to work and a manchild who is too inept to do basic functions.

>> No.8042426

But it is true, I'm completely NEET!
I have taken a solemn oath to never work or educate myself in an academic setting ever again.

>> No.8042439

Are you going to tell us something we haven't heard before at some point?

>> No.8042444

>Don't you miss doing non-social stuff, like seeing nature, the ocean, cycling, etc. There's people who isolate themselves from other people but live in really nice natural landscape and grow their own plants, animals, etc. One of my cousins did this for years. He didn't have SAD but just got fed up with civilization and moved in a place which was very isolated in the mountains.

I will definitely try this if all else fails.
I could not stay inside for hours, even though I'm pretty lazy.

>> No.8042446

>Why you take offense to this, I can't say.

He's likely a wage slave and pays for those government checks for the people he loathes.

>> No.8042451

food bought with fair earned money tastes infinitely better than the daily goulash mommy serves you.

>> No.8042456

Food bought with your sweat and tears has a divine quality.

>> No.8042453

It really doesn't.

>> No.8042455

And food bought with money you haven't earned tastes infinitely better still.

>> No.8042457

I'll never be a wizard, but that won't stop me from trying. After a futilely wasted youth, there's nothing that can top 2D. I almost wish I never gave 3D a shot, but then how could one know for sure the inferiority?

>> No.8042458

After my parents stopped feeding me, food got tastier because I was hungrier while eating it.

>> No.8042463

I moved out because I'm a normalfag.

>> No.8042461

That's a scary thought.
At what point did they stop feeding you, and why?

>> No.8042462

Food you've grown yourself is unbeatable.

>> No.8042464

Untrue, I tried that once and it all tasted like shit.

Except the carrots, but I always liked carrots.

>> No.8042466

My condolences.

>> No.8042469

>food got tastier because I was hungrier while eating it.
Eating while starving because the rent takes all your cash is seriously better than orgasms. No joke, I prefer meat over cumming.

>> No.8042470

It's not that you are better than them, it's the fact the most of them think they are better than you. What right do they have to say that you're a worse human being then they are, because you enjoy things in seclusion? Do you hurt anyone with your hobbies? Do you really need to care about the opinion of other people when you know you're not doing anything wrong? By thinking something puts you above their level makes you no better than they are.

>> No.8042474

Birds a feather flock together. I don't care what normals do, but I'm tired of seeing them pretend to be something they're not. You get people who are normals spamming /jp/ with "get out normalfag" it's disgusting.

>> No.8042475

I actually cook the meals in this household.

A few years ago when I was thinking of stopping my NEET life I was actually thinking of going to culinary school to polish my cooking skills and enter the industry as a pastry chef. In the end I didn't go throught with it. Skills you've had your whole life don't just disappear though. I can and still do make nice meals both for myself and my family. The best is when my parents go on vacation and leave me money to feed myself. I usually end up eating very well those few days due to not having to worry about picky eaters. My baking and confectionery skills are still way better than my other cooking skills though.

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File: 25 KB, 288x215, 1300320647223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You still have a long way to go. Once you hit absolute rock-bottom, scratch around in the darkness until you find a trap door.

Open it, and say hello to /jp/.

>> No.8042481

All I can say is you're doing It wrong.

>> No.8042479


Your problem was to think that you're superior than anyone, while you have to hide in your own basement because you feel insecure otherwishe.

Try to overcome your own insecurities and become a normal person. You don't even have to leave your hobbies, just live a normal life. Then you will become strong.

Another normal anon.

>> No.8042483

Die heathen scum.

>> No.8042485

Of course I am, my potatos got blighted (good thing I'm not irish) for one.

>> No.8042486
File: 30 KB, 512x332, 14733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do you hurt anyone with your hobbies?
being a waste of air is always harmful

>> No.8042493

My misanthropy says wasting air must be good, because literally everyone is doing it.

>> No.8042495

I always thought like maybe 50% of /jp/ers watched anime, seems to be a bit more?

>> No.8042496

The guys going about in their cars and clogging the air with shit are more harmful than low-metabolism/activity bodies that never go anywhere, bub.

>> No.8042500

Just the usual /a/ being more vocal than /jp/.

>> No.8042511

Then why don't they post this shit over there.

>> No.8042515

Who gives a shit.

>> No.8042521

because we feel sorry for you (bump)

>> No.8042529

Like any thread on /jp/ the time has come for normals to get together and shout at /a/ and call them normalfags in an attempt to blend in. Stop trying so hard and fuck off. This thread isn't about anime shitheads.

>> No.8042531

tru neet

>> No.8042568

Threads like these remind me of how great it is that this board is a quarantine for all of the most autistic people in the world so they don't infect other boards or websites.

>> No.8042573

Am I the only one on /jp/ who lives alone? This thread just fills me with horror and makes me realize that I wouldn't be able to have this "lifestyle" with my mom sleeping in the room next to me.

>> No.8042574

but look at 4chan, its a weeaboo board, you may not want to believe it, but it is.

>> No.8042581

I live alone. Eating and pooping at night to avoid family contact was hell.

>> No.8042587

Weeaboos have nothing on the refined level of human trash /jp/ers are.

>> No.8042600

We really are finely carved diamonds of shit and broken dreams, aren't we?

>> No.8042614

This won't solve your problems.

Solve them, by fighting.

>> No.8042655

Why do the shittiest threads get the most replies?

>> No.8042665

It's quite easy for me to deal with people too. It's not exactly a challenge to do so it's just horribly boring and conversation tends to go along the same direction every time. I don't enjoy it. So I try not to do it. People don't offer me much mental stimulation, I prefer creative works and it just so happens that /jp/ related creativity is so far outside of my western culture I was fascinated by it and drawn in.

>> No.8042675

Because /jp/ likes to try and prove things, to people who don't really care, but just want the attention.

>> No.8042689

This is hardly a terrible thread, though.

>> No.8042690
File: 503 KB, 976x827, laughing women.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8042697
File: 167 KB, 914x512, 1289988699715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Laughing with MAlice.

>> No.8042700

At least it's not a metathread.

>> No.8042702
File: 33 KB, 346x347, laughingtohos¨.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8044470

A+ thread, imo.

>> No.8044538
File: 446 KB, 900x636, 1319166104436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Listen up, faggots.

I'm a professor at the department of Sociology at Toudai. It makes me cringe that all of you losers think that NEET is the same thing as hikikomori.

One can be a NEET while being a normalfag who has friends and goes out drinking. NEET just means you are unemployed, not attending school, and aren't looking for employment. This doesn't imply any social retardation.

What all of you are are HIKIKOMORI. They are the ones who stay in their room all day and cease all contact with other people.

It's because you fags use the two terms interchangeable, we are not able to be progressive with policies that aim to help those with a genuine mental illness and stop discrimination against unemployed people.

Pic related, this person may or may not be a NEET. This person also may or may not be a hikikomori at all.

>> No.8044650

I'm pretty sure the original picture in the OP had a flat Alice. Somebody drew those boobs.

>> No.8044654


>> No.8044710

She's always had them, pixiv shows.

>> No.8044716


>> No.8044761

And here I thought /jp/ was a board about taking it easy.
Maybe that fad died long ago.

>> No.8044771

Taking it easy, was a meme. We never actually took it easy here.

>> No.8044790

What an utterly absurd claim

>> No.8046007

I base my life on taking it easy.

>> No.8046009

Why do these people always have messy rooms?

>> No.8046036
File: 36 KB, 698x492, 1315006758231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, you need to be proffesor of sociology to understand that, education in Japan just lost all my respect.

Also, we don't have NEET/Hikki here, just kiddos playing be adult failures and some autists.

>> No.8046046
File: 153 KB, 460x443, view_10439_1_1295169376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good news OP; I'm nothing like this and never have been. I'm happy that 1 more /jp/er has seen light and has decided to join me and the other 2 anons here ( who are here somewhere ) in hopes of achieving dreams, goals, and truth.
Your first step to make somthing of yourself to better this world has been completed.

sincerely Dissability-san

I have always maintained strong work, body, mind ext. and am talking to a recruter about joining a branch of the military after school.
I recomend you go sign up. It will work miracles OP.

>> No.8046067

>"Professor" of sociology
>Blames victims
>No general critique of capital

Shit just got causistic apologia for Capital in here.


MRDC and Selma James indicate that even Hikki are capable of strike action.

>> No.8046076

My question is why you had respect for their education system to start with...

>> No.8046096

The human attempt to learn should be always respected.

>> No.8046101

It's not all bad.

>> No.8046109

Of course.
But Japan's school system is pretty wrapped up around rote memorization rather than critical thinking, which I don't approve of. Definitely better than not learning at all, though.

>> No.8046122

All school systems teach to the test, not just Japan

>> No.8046125

>Weren't we supposed to be better than all the normals? Aren't we superior to them?
That's bullshit logic.
If you truly believe this you are not better than a normal.
Being pathetic losers is all about not thinking what people think about you.If you dont have the confidence for this then you really should become a normal

>> No.8046131

Not all places do it in a competitive fashion, though.

>> No.8046141

Better than talking about how you and your 3DPD are having another baby even though you still work bagging groceries.

>> No.8046166 [DELETED] 
File: 51 KB, 331x366, 1319166104423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I posted this >>8044538.

This image is a representation of my facial expression when reacting to all of your implications that:

1) you really think I am a professor of sociology when in reality I don't even have a high school diploma;

2) I'm not translating 2ch copypasta and posting it on here;

3) There are no actual NEET or hikikomori on /jp/;

4) taking it easy is just a meme and not a rule of thumb of making conversation online;

5) American education and schooling in glorious Nippon are remotely comparable;

6) there aren't serious deficiencies in all education systems around the world;

7) >>8046067 is implying that Marxism is not a dead philosophy and arguing about class divide is like implying that social mobility is non-existent in the post-modern world;

8) >>8046109 is implying that rote memorization does not create a productive Delta-Epsilon workforce;

9) >>8046131 is implying that the Japanese schooling system is not solely responsible for widespread NEET phenomena;

10) using >mfw greentext would not be a much more efficient way to convey my message.

>> No.8046171

>Oh, anon doesn't really have any interests or friends

Your mom is quite the bitch.

>> No.8046178

>There are no actual NEET or hikikomori on /jp/
Please do not deny my existence. I'll fade away.

>> No.8046206
File: 755 KB, 1250x912, kanako sanae suwako.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hang in there kanako

>> No.8046210


If you're responding to me, I think I was quite clear on implying that I was against the notion that /jp/ doesn't consist of legitimate cases of hikikomori.

>> No.8046225


So lewd of Sanae

>> No.8046329

This thread made me realize how much of a normalfag I am.
Yet I don't fit in with other normalfags, because they think I'm weird.
My life is terrible.

>> No.8046336

Don't worry, you're still one of us.

>> No.8046341


we're a diverse bunch, it's okay bro

>> No.8046343

what are you?!

We might need to redefine "normalfag" and... "non-normalfag".

>> No.8046350

I don't like you
disappear, you eyesore!

>> No.8046356

What about it made you realize you are a normal?

Look, the normal things normalfags do is just them trying to fit in somewhere. Deep down they know they are alone, but they can distract themselves from that by being "normal" and interacting with "normal" people.

It is a similar thing here but our attitude or outlook on it is different and the obvious misanthropy, hate of society thing.

>> No.8046359

There is a reason why we have another label called TRUENEET to differentiate the pathetic jobless normalfags to the true heir of the NEET posters in /jp/.

Also, I am not a NEET. I am perfectly normal I just have questionable hobbies.

>> No.8046413

You may be the first person ever to take TRUNEET seriously.
Have you not noticed when and how it is used?

>> No.8046447

>True NEET is a joke

This is what normalfags actually believe.

>> No.8046719

This is a normalfag world.
We may be social retards with with hobbies that may seem weird to normal people, but there are normalfag things we HAVE to do in order to survive, like talking to people, studying or getting a job.
Not everyone has parents with enough money to give you the perfect NEET life, and even you do, you can't depend on their money to buy your touhou figurines.

>> No.8046783

You won't fool me. I won't even entertain you.

>> No.8046812

this song is for you /jp/

>> No.8046823

He's right though.

>> No.8047106

It was just one guy, you could tell by the way he posted. He also got a good 30+ replies every time. He's been playing this game solo player for years.

>> No.8048124

Your mother sounds like a bitch, why would she say that?

But if you don't have any interests that aren't video games and anime, that's rather troubling... why don't you play a sport?

>> No.8048138

You're 200 posts too late to troll this thread, dude.

>> No.8048146

It's never to late to do a troll.

>> No.8048358

Actually that feel is normal, assuming you're a teenager, when you realize how fucked up the 3D world is you wont regret anything it all depends that you do the things that make you happy so fuck other people's dramas/opinions about you keep it up.