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What is the most depressing thing you can think of that could happen to a specific touhou character?

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That someone from /jp/ would hang around and try to woo them.

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Reimu demoted to a midboss.

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That's too general.

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The inevitable fate of the immortals.

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Why did you make this horrible thread OP?

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I feel bad for many of the pc98s. Their only crime was being born too early

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Without them we would not have the Gensokyo we have today.

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The only known one really was Mima.

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Is that a skunk talking or something?

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That they're in a computer game.

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They learn that they're in a computer game.

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Ah. Nostalgia.

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The best touhou.

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Oh, I got this.

The worst possible thing that could possibly happen to Eirin Yagokoro: to be rendered immaterial.

She used to be the Mind of the Moon, one of the founders and linchpins of the greatest civilization known. What she's been doing for the past millennium and a half?

Paid vacation with some light babysitting duty.

That's bad enough, but what would happen, were the civilization of the moon to ever fall? She'd just be some smartassed town doctor.

She'd be like the former United States Secretary of the Interior after some third-world shit-tier country nuked the US into oblivion.

That is the worst thing that could ever happen to Eirin Yagokoro.

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Once, I browsed the "Soul-crushingly depressing"-pool on Danbooru for an hour, and cried for five minutes when I came across that image.

In hindsight it feels really stupid and shameful.

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She already kind of is the smartassed town doctor.

Plus, she seems to care more about Kaguya than she does about the moon.

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A squirrel, apparently.
Marvel is kind of like that.

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Mokou meeting some of those hundreds of kids she orphaned in her homicidal rage.

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How long has she actually been on Earth? Kaguya has been stuck here for a lot longer, right? Also, I thought she didn't actually take the elixir to become immortal, and just has long-life because she's from the Moon.

Anyway, from the looks of things in SSiB, she still is the Brain of the Moon, and it was with her help that the Lunarians almost thwarted Yukari. Her first invasion a long while prior was ruined with the help of Eirin, didn't it? Or am I mis-remembering?

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it would be really depressing if i didn't hate alice so much

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That's stupid, there are at least two Touhous that are inmortal, most of them have lived for hundreds of years, others have lived for so long that it's age is only stated as "lived for a long time", and if that isn't enough, there are several wandering spirits too that per definition, can't die.

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Story of my life.

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Just wanted to surprise someone...

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Marisa will almost certainly end up turning herself into a youkai with her reckless magic research.

...right guys?


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Now that I think of it, some of the worst things happen to her.

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Kogasa abuse is the worst...

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There's some appreciation to be had that people are a bit more creative than "hurr abuse" around here.

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Abuse is physical, we're looking for emotional pain here.

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Reminds me of a sunflower I grew to 7 feet only to have it get snapped by a windy day.

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Just send Yuuka to any major city in the world and watch her scream in horror.

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They aren't meant to be grown alone, they protect each other from the wind by distributing the load.

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The best abuse is something you can see.

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This will cheer you up


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You can't trick me that easily, anonymous.

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At least the immortals don't really have any responsibility in the end.

Someone's going to have to stay and clean things up when the party is over.

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Someone please post that page of the manga, doujin or whatever that is where Reimu tells Cirno how shitty and mediocre her spell cards are.

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>Someone's going to have to stay and clean things up when the party is over.

grumble grumble.

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Orin? Orin?

Wake up!

Ya gotta wake up!

Please wake up?

If you don't wake up Ms. Satorin is going to be so sad.

Please don't make Ms. Satorin cry again, I don't think she can take it anymore.

Why don't you wake up?

Don't you want to play with me anymore?

I thought you promised that we would always be friends...

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Too childish, not the real Okuu.

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If Orin died, wouldn't she just revive/turn into a spirit on the spot? I mean she is in Hell afterall

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How can you even think this?

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Every being that dies (and isn't immortal) gets its soul sent to the Yama for judgement, the spirit is then sent to wherever the Yama sends it (there are way too many places) and resides there for eternity like one of those spit-looking ghosts. Yuyuko is an exception because something about her death powers.

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I'm sorry.

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It'll be ok, Okuu. Youkai don't die easily, even from something like that. Orin will be ok.

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>resides there for eternity
Wrong. Reincarnation.

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If that were the case then there would be no point for souls to be sent to these places. Reincarnation only works for a few beings who are related to it somehow (Buddhism and other things) I think.

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There is. Souls "serve some time," so to speak, in their earned afterlife. Or maybe that's just for hell? I'm not entirely sure.
Regardless, it's not permanent.

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Or wilt pitifully.

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Or start, you know, tearing the place apart?

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Can you show me then?

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You can't tear something apart if you have no body.

Also get your Yuuka fanonshit out of here.

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Fuck you.

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She seems pretty defeated to me, plus something tells me she gets her powers from the plant life around her.

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Hmm... Lets play with the idea of cirno. She's always seen as somewhat of a nuisance as well as stupid.
Now what if after such a long time people have finally become fed up with her?
All her friends and people she would constantly challenge to fights would now just shun and ignore her, telling her what a nuisance she is.
After some time as passed and unable to take it, cirno would then cause some sort of small incident as a cry for attention thus Reimu is forced to come onto the scene.. Utterly pissed off, would just beat cirno to a pulp untill she couldn't move and just spit on her and then leave her there for any passing youkai to do what they will with her beaten body.

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The hell are you two talking about?

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Nope, fairies regenerate. Reimu also isn't that cruel.

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Fairies don't just lay there broken you know. So long as the element of nature they represent is around, they just regenerate

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Don't do that.

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Unfortunately not. I'm positive I read this on the wiki somewhere, but I can't find it again. I blame the new layout.

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I thought he was at least courteous enough to make it thumb

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I wonder how well she would hold up having the one thing she's relied on her whole life being suddenly taken away.

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Well... we could steal Reimu's donation box... (as if there's anything in there)...

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I feel bad for Remilia already.

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That'd just get you put on a hitlist on her next warpath, not a good idea.

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Well, that's her HEART, so she'd die.
Or it'd grow back or something.

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>she's relied on

She doesn't rely on it, in fact, that thing is the reason she was despised along with her sister. Originally it later allowed her to speak to animals but now everyone can morph into a semi-human form so it isn't worth anything right now, except gimmicks in doujins.

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Maybe she just wouldn't care since there's nothing in there.

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You sure about that? What about her pets besides Okuu and Orin?
Besides, it's a very important part of her regardless of if she uses it a lot or not. You don't really need to smell, can I have your nose?

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where on earth does it say it her heart? Some guess that its a reference to that mexican picture doesn't mean its her heart.

Besides, what does a heart matter to youkai anyways

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So basically it's Uncle Mugen vs Reimu locked in Mortal Kombat... Fine... I'll draw it... it's been three weeks since the last Touhou I draw... I'll put it in my blog...

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Sure she does, it would probably be just the same going blind or deaf to suddenly not be able to sense what is in other people's minds.

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Nowhere does it say that it's her heart.

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No it doesn't, it doesn't even say that's the thing she uses to read other's mind, it's only speculation often done in fanon. Satoris as a species don't even have a third eye, it's only for showy design.

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>Mortal Kombat

Don't, use spellcard battle instead. I'd like to see what kind of spellcards would uncle Mugen use.

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I cannot believe you're arguing this.

Yes it does, and "Satori as a species" are big hairy ape things.

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How much would it suck to not even be able to eat the very thing you are supposed to live on?

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It's implied. Koishi seals her heart so she can't read minds, and 3rd eyes are what Satori use to read minds, so...
The Two Fridas reference reinforces this.

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Show me a piece of text that proves that then.

And yes, I was saying that Satoris don't have that third eye.

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Profile (Game's booklet written by ZUN):
"Her usual routine is to find faults of the deceased and decide where they will be sent to: Hell, Heaven, or somewhere else"

Main page (Not sure who writes this):
Shikieiki is one of the Yama who judge the dead to decide whether they go to Heaven, Hell, Hakugyokurou, or get reincarnated.

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>3rd eyes are what Satori use to read minds, so...

You mean satori as a species? They don't even have a 3rd eye, they're just ugly monkeys.

And the picture is only speculation from the wiki, the only thing in common is that they have a vein-thing running around their body.

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It's also said that it's unknown whether some souls will reincarnate or not. Some will find ''enlightment'' instead, and others will do neither like the Netherworld ones.

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Pretty sure the eye's connection to the hard is just as symbolic as the regular symbolic connection between the heart and emotion/thought.

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connection to the heart*

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>My third eye will tell me whatever you're thinking, no matter how badly you wish it otherwise.
>Hm, I can see it. My mind-reading third eye will show me your very heart!
>I can tell everything you're thinking. My third eye shows me ... Miss Marisa.

And that they're sisters, and that one of them has sealed/severed her heart. This is a fairly well-known painting. If it's a coincidence that, it's a pretty damn impressive one.

They're clearly NOT ugly monkeys in Touhou.

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I really fail to see how this means that the eye is their physical heart.

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Well, it's only implied, not out-right stated. Probably open to interpretation; ZUN loves doing that.

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If a force of nature, that is to say, the manifestation of flowers, were to die, you can kiss Life itself goodbye.

All that image makes me think is that she is protecting the last flower on Earth. Cue Fallout-esque intro.

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I still think its just some symbolic thing, hence their existance in the first place as opposed to the classical Satori.

I kind of want to see a Nukekubi Touhou now.