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Yo, we should just fucking all spam thouhou threads for the fuck of it. I mean they are spamming us, why do we have to be little bitches and not spam them back? we use to be stronger then this. Its sad but its come to the point were we have to fucking raid our own board.

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Okay /touhou/.

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>raid our own board
That's not how you make a board better.

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I don't think you really thought this plan though.

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Well our own fucking users are raiding us to begin with, its time we fucking kick them out by force.

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Holy shit stop posting.

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Driving out the userbase. This will end well.
Go back to /b/ raidfag.

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you can spam type moon shit and visual novels,etc. anything to fight back the spam, they have more numbers then us shitposting and we are just not fighting back at all and just taking it. If everybody spams a /jp/ related picture, we can take the board back.

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If the userbase does not care about what this board is even about,fuck them.

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Hey you.

Yeah you OP.

Go fuck yourself for using Kanako-sama for your shitposting.

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The whole board is in ruins because of these people, we have nothing really to lose.

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You do realize that doing this would not acheive anything except driving out the users that you're so desperately trying to defend?

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Everybody's got different ideas on what this board should be. If you don't see the problem with that, well, you're fucked.

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You are literally the biggest shitposter on /jp/.

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Its for a good cause, its for revolution that needs to happen, we are being controlled by some group of assholes, they have nothing to do with the board at all and only come here to shitpost for no reason.

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Dont you guys wish the userbase could go back to actually giving a shit about /jp/ and its topics? Or is everybody really normalfags these days?

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I think we should pool our money together and get this guy some therapy.